WAI RAI FRESHY ep.7 (3/3) [eng sub]

Uploaded by peechailover on 29.01.2008

who give it to me?
auem..go to seek place for laugh better
how do you come here?
will be punished everyone
bump against
it's not fearfulness
i take candle to you , i ask from other
and today is very dark, i think you will be fear exactly
oh...it change to be food or not
we are very hungry
i carry too, here is it
food numerously
eat immediately
this night, we will sit down here with you too
but i will have a matter to tell
is...i don't do it really...for necklace
we believe you
i know that you don't do exactly
yes, but it is doubtfulness
who? put necklace in Dan's bag
you try on think that who can come in every room?
i already think out
who can do it...beside
three the fungi gang
hery...it's correct.....sure
dislike really
finally, i make a slip
this malice must be pay
don't liberate exactly
we must be revenge, don't let them do again
as chinese proverb that
10 years revenge is not late
ooy, will revenge ten years.what?
i think start do this night, how?
very good idea
before my face, how do you do it?
see or not
see tear
blessing many sound
very nice
i don't want to sing show
when i sing , guy like it every times
auem...your conspiracy is more good than expect
they don't catch it
this is the beginning
will process step by step
you give A and B already manage Big and Dan
before my face, how do you do it?
process step by step?
wait to see
take plan overlap plan
enough brave? enough brave to tell me
that who is her guy?
love you more than me
enough brave.....nice?...nice
may be listen it before
it seek to buy difficult
this album which use to tie pork stick....yes
ha...tie the pork stick
already tie, will be very sour
as will look for tell
we go to prepare welcome A and B better
o.k. let's go
enough brave? enough brave to tell me
sing again
this album has only one song?
remember one song
already unable, i go to take a bath first
very sticky
listen your voice , feel very sticky really, go to take a bath now, do you go with me?
you go to take a bath first
i ask to play another song a little more
o.k. as you do
see the stream flow whirl
see the stream flow pour
see bird fly
fly go so far
a lonely time
why dog must be howl?
and demote the mind...why dog howl?
let sing together, play guitar and dog howl too, why?
aer....sing answer....sing all the tumbol...the back too