The Bourne Ultimatum (2/9) Movie CLIP - Ross and Waterloo (2007) HD

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Tie your shoe. Tie your shoe right now. Tie your shoe.
l'm gonna walk by you. l want you to move along the far wall
to your left in four, three, two, one.
Stand up.
That's it.
Where the hell is he?
We cannot afford to lose this guy, people.
All right, that line you're on is good. Stay on that line. Stay on that line.
WOMAN: l've gotta go and pick up the kids. Can you go and get the shopping done?
Oh, the bin man, l think he's one of them.
The garbage man? Negative.
Oh, Jesus. Jesus! He's reaching for something.
Oh, God, he's got a gun. BOURNE: Stay on the line.
He's got a gun. He's got a gun.
Stay on the line you're on. Do not deviate.
Okay, there he is! Here he goes.
Grab Team A. Go!
He's still talking to somebody.
He's getting instructions. Jimmy, get me the conversation.
Mobile Two, l want... MAN: Come on, lock the box.
Lock the box. Move in, Grab Team C.
Hurry, Ross. We gotta move.
Okay, move through this crowd. Move through this crowd.
Get undercover right now. Move through this crowd.
Get in the store.
There's someone on your tail. Get in the store.
You're gonna proceed out the east exit.
That's to your right as you come into the store.
Head into the liquor store in front of you.
Go into the back and Iock the door.
Mobile Four is down.
This guy's got help. Tell me when the asset's in the nest.
Get me a feed in there!
l want Grab Team C in there. Tell me what's going on.
Team Four is mobile.
Jesus Christ.
That's Jason Bourne.