What is TRICARE?

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Welcome to TRICARE TV,
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I’m Annemarie.
Today we’ll give new TRICARE beneficiaries an overview of
what TRICARE is and what it means to them.
TRICARE is the health care program serving active duty service members,
their families and retired military and their families worldwide.
TRICARE uses military health care as its main delivery system,
augmented by a civilian network of providers and facilities.
In our managed care system, our 9.6 million beneficiaries can
receive cutting edge health care at 59 military hospitals,
365 medical clinics and 281 dental clinics
manned by 141,000 military health care professionals.
For purchased care,
TRICARE maintains a network of more than 194,700 network providers,
with another 179,000 civilian providers accepting TRICARE
and our beneficiaries keep all those doctors and nurses busy.
In a typical week, 22,200 TRICARE beneficiaries are admitted as inpatients.
Our beneficiaries also have 754,000 professional outpatient encounters,
make 106,000 visits to the dentist,
and pick up 2.5 million prescriptions every week
and we welcome 2,300 brand new beneficiaries to our TRICARE family every week.
We also process 4 million claims.
Care is provided through four regional contractors,
providing local contact and benefit information.
The four regions, north, south, west and overseas
can respond individually to natural emergencies and local provider availability,
but all follow the same TRICARE policy guidance.
TRICARE offers three basic options for care:
TRICARE Prime, an HMO-type plan; TRICARE Extra, a preferred provider or PPO-type
plan; and TRICARE Standard, a fee for services plan.
We also offer TRICARE For Life, a Medicare wrap around coverage
available to Medicare entitled uniformed service retirees,
Medicare-entitled family members and widows.
And TRICARE Reserve Select offers health care coverage that
qualified National Guard and Reserve members may purchase.
TRICARE provides a world-class pharmacy benefit
and eligible beneficiaries can get their prescriptions filled
either at military treatment facility pharmacies,
through the TRICARE home delivery program
or at TRICARE retail network pharmacies
or even at non-network pharmacies.
The TRICARE dental program is a high-quality, cost-effective dental care benefit
for eligible family members of all active duty uniformed services personnel,
as well as members of the selected reserve and individual ready reserve
and their eligible family members.
The dental program covers a wide range of diagnostic, preventive and restorative services,
dental x-rays, examinations, cleaning, fluoride applications,
sealants, fillings, root canals, crowns and more.
It also includes general anesthesia coverage
when provided in connection with a covered benefit.
TRICARE promotes health and wellness with a host of preventive services
including immunizations and comprehensive physical examinations.
We also cover targeted exams for a number of specific kinds of cancer.
Our Healthy Choices For Life Program offers concrete ways
to make positive changes, encouragement, motivation, self-assessment tools,
examples of success, tips to avoid failure and guides for further research.
We focus particularly on three healthy behavior choices:
lose weight, quit smoking and stop binge drinking.
We’ve targeted young drinkers with our innovative "That Guy" campaign.
The entire TRICARE staff is dedicated to offering health care
of outstanding quality to those who deserve it most:
the men and women who serve or have served in our uniformed
services and their families who share in their unselfish sacrifice.
TRICARE will continue to improve access to care worldwide,
and to offer one of the most comprehensive health benefit plans in America.
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