Norsewolf - Introduction

Uploaded by TheriKiNexus on 27.07.2010

Hello and good morning, afternoon, or evening, depending on the time zone that you're in
when you watch this. This is my introductory video into therianthropy.
Let me introduce myself, then I'll go into explaining why I believe what I believe about
the topic. My name is Lainn. I've done a number of videos
on Youtube. If you're smart, you can find me.
My reason for-my reason for believing that I'm what I am, a wolf therian, is religiously-based
actually. If you look up 'ulfhednar' (u-l-f-h-e-d-n-a-r)-I'll
put links down here, or somewhere, I put links, below here, to the Wikipedia that it has-you
will determine that Odin had more than one kind of warrior. While the berserkergang is
more famous, he did have wolf-shirt-wearers as well, and I firmly believe that I'm one
of them. It's not a different race; it's just what
I am. I do have mental shifts. I have what I like to call social shifts.
It effects how I interact with others socially. Sometimes I view people as members of my pack
when I shouldn't, basically. 'Cause I get those are not wolves, but when
I shift here, there's a social reaction to how I deal with people.
Sometimes there isn't the shift here, but it happens anyway, which is why I have it-this
whole little category of things. This is how I believe; I'm not necessarily
expecting anybody else to believe the way I believe, so. . . .
It's interesting-it's interesting to live the life-I think it's interesting to live
the life of a therian, simply because you're faced with a new set of challenges, you know.
In reality, we're human, and we have a limb, a-we have five sets of limbs; a head, two
arms, and two legs. Those are our limbs. We have digits on those
limbs in the forms of ten fingers and ten toes. The number of toes can be confusing.
Reptiles-some reptiles have no toes. I postulate that phantom limbs can come with
the form of, you suddenly feel no toes at all, no fingers at all.
Postulate, that being the key word. It's a matter of unverified personal gnosis
versus surviving lore, and those two things are not the same, and I get that, but that's
also a whole nother topic. When I first realized I was a therian: Ah,
okay, so that's actually a really tough question. When I first came across the word 'therian',
I was off fighting a war in the Middle East, which happens, so whatever.
When I first realized I was a wolf, that happened-that could have happened back when I was really
young, and I had a very strange dream-also another topic for another day-or it could
have happened when I was 18 and decided to move out on my own and there were some circumstances
that happened, and there was a pack that was formed.
So, either when I was 4 or when I was 18 is basically your answer. I know there's a 14-year
difference there. 14 years is a long time to come to a conclusion,
but sometimes you need to take those 14 years to make that conclusion.
So yeah, so there's my introductory video. Lainn, Lainn Goddard. I don't care about my
last name; you guys can have it, whatever. Andrew's already given his, so why the heck
can't I give mine. Yes, I've watched all the videos on this here
Youtube channel so far. I plan on watching mine and make sure mine
didn't mess up after I go through the process of putting on iMovie. 'Cause I'm OCD like
that. So yeah, there you go. And I wanna wish all
of you out there in Youtubeland a good day, morning, afternoon, evening-I'm sure it's
five o' clock somewhere; have a beer on me. Take care guys and bye.