Arcade Repair Tips - Replacing A Coin Door Lock

Uploaded by varcadegames on 20.07.2009

Hi, welcome back to the Arcade Repair Tips Video Series. Today we're going to talk about
taking out a coin lock or a lock on a game and installing a new one. Now I know that
you probably went to an auction or something and you were disappointed when you realized
you don't have a key. Well don't fret. It's not that big of a deal. If it won't open up
and you don't have a key, by all means it's easy to get into.
What you can do if you don't have a friend who is a locksmith like me then you're going
to need to take out this lock. Now a lot of times you can just take a big handled screwdriver
and pry it up in here. If you pry hard enough you can get it open. But of course that's
going to damage your door. I know a lot of you are particular about that and don't want
to do that, like on this Pole Position here.
What you can do, and you probably have heard this, is just drill out the lock. What does
that mean when they're saying that? Well, what you need to do is find a pretty good
sized bit. I guess you can see this on the camera. It's not a small one. It's not a huge
one. But you'll get right in the center of that lock, right where you put the key in.
Put it right in the center and that's where you need to start drilling. Real simple, just
like that. You're going to keep drilling through.
Eventually, it may take a couple minutes. Make sure you have a really good bit that
can drill through metal like that. In a couple minutes you'll feel it break loose. When you
do, then you can take like a flat head screwdriver or something in there and turn it. But for
those of us lucky enough to have a friend that's a locksmith, they can pick the lock
pretty easily. You open it up like this.
Now there are just a couple tools that you need. I mean, you can use a ratchet or whatever
you want. But this is my preference, I like to use this nutdriver which is a 7/16. It's
brown. The brown nutdriver. And then we have a 7/8 ratchet. These are the only two tools
that we're going to need on this particular style lock.
So all you do is take the nutdriver and take off that first nut right there. It comes off
real easily and pretty quickly. Then you slide off the cam or the shaft here. There's usually
a washer in behind that. Save these pieces because I can't tell you how many times I've
needed a nut or something that size, so you can hold onto those. Once that is off, then
you take the socket, turn it on loosen, and that's what the 7/8 socket fits that back
there. And then you just unscrew the big nut that's on there. Oh wow, I made some money
today. Quarters falling out of the sky. There it is. The lock is gone.
I usually store those extra parts and just throw the lock part of it away. I'm always
needing cams, needing those nuts and things like that.
So here's a new lock. I highly recommend that you go to Bob Roberts or you can go through
Happ or somebody. But if you're in a pinch, I actually got this one at Home Depot. So
all you'll do is take that big nut off that came on it. Ok, so you're going to stick this
in through the hole. Notice I didn't even take the key out. And then you're going to
screw the big nut on there. Take it down as far as you can by hand. Once you get it down
that far, take your 7/8" ratchet, put it on tighten and tighten it down.
Now the next part that goes on a lock is very crucial. I like to call it the Pacman piece
because it kind of looks like the shape of a Pacman. All this does is determine which
way the lock will turn. And if you're like me and kind of anal about it, I like all the
locks to turn to the right. That way when you go to work on a game or something, you
know you'll turn it right and you'll get in the habit of it. So you'll want to put that
piece on there. One way will make the lock turn to the right. If you flip it around it
will make the lock turn to the left. And you can just play with that. You'll figure it
Once that's on, then you got your long cam here. These come in different sizes. You might
need a longer or smaller one. Again, if you kept some of the cams off your old locks you'll
have some different sizes there too in case you need a longer one depending on the game
that you're putting it in. Then you just line that up. On this one, instead of a nut they
used a screw. I notice that sometimes on these. Then tighten that down and now you're good
to go. Turns to the right, locks, game is secure.
Again, thanks for watching. We hope you'll turn in to more videos coming real soon.