Blue | Ep. 1 of 12 | Feat. Julia Stiles | WIGS

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That isn't me. Shit.
Sorry about that. What's your name?
You kiss? Yeah.
Yeah, we kiss. What's the criteria for kissing?
I mean how do you determine who you're gonna-- I know what criteria means.
There is no set of criteria, it's just instinct.
What do you like?
Oh, shit, I'm sorry. I thought that I turned that off.
I'm such a bad girl. I'll make it up to you.
With a discount?
In kind. In quality.
I just have to make this call. I'll give you the discount. Twenty percent.
Fifty. Oh, c'mon.
What? Ok then, come on out here. Come on.
Ok, thirty-three percent.
Hey. Hey, you're kidding me here. You can't wait for me to call you back?
Right now? Ok, what's the question?
What are the vectors?
Then, ok, the third variable's gotta be a multiple of pi, otherwise the continuum...
Mhm. Yeah, a derivative, it's called a derivative.
No, that's right, that's right. I'll call you back in an hour.
What was all that stuff about vectors?
That's none of your bee's wax.
It's on my dime. I mean, even at a thirty-three percent discount, it's still my dime.
My son. Homework.
How old is he? Thirteen.
AP Physics. Wow.
Shhhh, don't look at that.
What's his name?
Albert Einstein.
Blue, huh?
Did you pick that name on your own?
Oh, so you like to talk?
Yeah. Maybe it's your real name.
Maybe it is.
Oh. Oh God.
I knew a Blue once, from Simi valley.
Her real name was Francine.
Nice to see you again, too.
You piece of shit, you think you know me? You don't know shit about me.
I'm going up there next week, I'm going up there for my mom's sixtieth. I haven't been there in, like eleven years.
Well now you've got a story to tell.
What's the story?
Local girl makes good.
Well she's doing better than I am.
Well what do you do for a living?
I don't know yet. I spent some time...
Doing time.
You were just having sex with me, you pig.
At a discount.
Yeah, well, I don't do this full time, so, it's just to make ends meet.
Make ends meet, you make rear ends meet.
You always had that.
You were good with words.
Was I?
What else was I?
You were funny. You were a fast runner.
You did magic tricks.
You were the girl we all wanted to kiss.
Your mother's turning sixty, wow.
My old man, too.
What's up? Well did you try the primary numbers?
Ok, just try--
Josh? It's Cooper. I'm a friend of your mom's. Read me the problem.
Well try me. No, we're just friends
Read me the problem, pal.
Yeah, ok. Take a mean of the vectors and then use an algorithm to calculate the acceleration.
Then after you've done that, call me back and I'll talk you through the rest of it.
Yeah, we'll be right here. Ok, get on it then.