Atheist Flower Power

Uploaded by kiwisvegan on 04.09.2011

So you are jewish from Los Angeles?
I am not jewish.
I used to be jewish. I am jewish no more.
I used to be christian. I am christian no more.
I used to be moslim. I am moslim no more.
I dont believe in any of these sky gods.
I believe in the Earth that gave us everything.
These personal gods had been killing us for thousands of years.
These petty, childish, feeble-minded beliefs in personal gods.
Where do you think we are?
We are roling arond the milky way galaxy.
We are one animal out of the animal kingdom.
Congratulate yourself.
20 million sperm.
1 sperm joined with one egg and made you.
Congratulate yourself.
You are part of the miracle.
You make yourself less miraculous
by believing in these childish, personal gods.