EOS 650D DSLR Camera - Power to see things differently - Capture Every Detail Tutorial

Uploaded by CanonEurope on 30.07.2012

Fine detail is something that can really set your photography apart.
Like these images on here, I want to capture all the detail that I can see
One way to do that is by using a fast shutter speed.
An everyday scene like this presents a great opportunity.
To make the most of it, turn the dial to TV, shutter priority mode.
This means you can set the shutter speed you want and the camera adjusts the aperture accordingly.
I’m going to set a fast shutter speed.
...to freeze the rain drops in the air.
1/1000th of a second should do the trick.
Ok. Let's have a go.
This is fun but once you've got a handle on it, start playing with the settings.
Try even faster shutter speeds and play around with the composition.
You may get a shot like this
Remember you're capturing a mood, as much as freezing the action
You’re not just after maximum clarity, but also an impression of a moment.
Sometimes these shots can feel the most creative.
So give it a go. Have fun and experiment.