Sejong 0.1 Worthy to be king? (ep 40; English sub)

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Yi Su (Sejong's former tutor)
Your Highness, why are we here?
Master, how do you judge my worth as a person?
Would you say, this much?
Is this arm enough to embrace the world?
Your Highness (Sejong's father-in-law)
It will be difficult without doubt
To win the people's heart that turned away from me (there was drought at the time)
some proposed to make a political deal
while others suggested to hold a rite to beg the heaven for rain
While you were clashing with each other roughly
I was not able to do anything but hide with fear
Yoon Hwe (Sejong's chief of staff)
Nevertheless, the world calls me wise and asks me to become the master of this nation
But I am not yet a wise man
Collective wisdom...
Would gather your wisdom together for me
so that I can be a truly wise man and benevolent king of Joseon?
Give me your collective wisdom.
How long have you been at my side?
This is the tenth year. (Jo Mal-seng - Royal Secretary)
I would like you go to the new king now.
Your Majesty
I want you to serve him as you served me...
or rather you will need to work harder than when you were serving me
They chose the king themselves
Many in the royal court are now those who selected their own king
In the next step, they will want to control the monarch as they want
Your Majesty!
That is how the world works.
I want you to become my eyes and ears.
Tell me who tries to boss the king around.
Jo Mal-seng is going to be Royal Secretary?!
It's not enough for the former king keep rein on military control,
but His Majesty wants to place his closest people at his side to watch over him?
Then tell His Majesty not to abdicate at all.
Since he said he will keep military power until His Highness becomes thirty years old, that's eight years!
The former king is saying that he will make His Highness a puppet on the throne for 8 years.
I, too, feel that this is excessive. (Yi Su - Sejong's former tutor)
How many will obey a king who is going to be a puppet for 8 years?
Today must have been a long day for you, too.
Why did you request a private audience with me in this late hour?
It is presumptuous of me to say, but your servant did not request a private audience.
As in-laws, or rather as fathers, I only hope to discuss on the future of a son, Your Majesty
A son's future?
If you do intend to abdicate,
you must transfer military authority to the new king as well, Your Majesty
It is not time yet.
You will never know when the time is right, Your Majesty.
To parents, their child is always lacking.
Isn't it natural for even a parent in his eighties to worry over a 60-year-old son?
What are you trying to say?
You must not make the new king a mere figurehead.
Did you say a figurehead?
No one will give absolute loyalty to a king who is held back by his father-king.
Does that include you?
Your Majesty
Leave me.
If you want to hand over the throne, you must allow him to lead the country in his way.
What way would that be?
Do you mean his sentimental way with no sense of reality that would forgive and embrace even the rebels?
Then, do you want him to follow Your Majesty's way of ruling with sword?
Please, believe in your son, Your Majesty.
Your faith in him rather than pressure will let the new king become stronger and greater.
Did you want to see me?
Dou! (Sejong's given name)
As your father...
I was really tight-lipped with calling your name.
It is only natural since I was not by your side for such a length of time
As I realize that I won't be able to call you by your name after today,
I come to regret it and feel sorry about it.
Thank you for growing up well.
Even though I never looked after you as your father,
You have grown up well enough to leave this country to you
Thank you, my son.
Be a good and wise king.
All evil deeds will be done by your father,
but you must be a benevolent king.