Let's Make Madamluna Play Shadowgate! - 04

Uploaded by Madamluna on 16.11.2008

[madamluna] Hey everybody! It's time for MORE of this GAME.
[madamluna] Are you ready?! Because I'm ready!! [DC] Let's continue playing Shadowgate!
[madamluna] Hahaaa! Nooo...
[madamluna] Okay... [DC] Let's...not move to the room in the bottom.
[DC] We'll just go back. [madamluna] Go baaaack.
[madamluna] Okaaayy. [DC] Let's go to the right.
[DC] I'm sure there won't be two ways for you to die over there.
[madamluna] Nnuuuhhhh.
[madamluna] Oh, you've gotta be kidding me! What is this?
[DC] Jaws.
[madamluna] A-and then there's a skeleton sitting upright, holding what looks like a key.
[DC] Yeah! Let's get that key!
[madamluna] Aww, but the shark is gonna eat me. [DC] No.
[madamluna] "A lime-covered skeleton." [DC] The lime's gonna eat you.
[DC] Let's make a bet: is the shark gonna eat you or the lime gonna eat you?
[madamluna] I'm betting shark, to be honest.
[DC] I put my bet on the lime.
[madamluna] Uh, should--should I just take the key, then? [DC] Yeah.
[madamluna] Wait, you--
Oh. [DC] Try it again!
[madamluna] You sure? [DC] Yeah!
[madamluna] I can't reach it from there! "Swimming in the shark-infested pool would be suicidal."
[DC] Try USING the shark-infested pool.
[madamluna] Using? Are you sure?
[DC] You know what, forget it. We'll skip the shark death. It was totally gonna eat you.
[ML] You sure?
[ML] Hey, the water quenched my thirst!
[ML] Oh no, th--th-the--torch! [DC] Yeah.
[ML] Oh god! Oh god! [DC] Switch cards.
[ML] Hey, I have nine torches. That's awesome.
[ML] Okay. [DC] That's the last time YOU drink water!
[ML] *laughing* Yeah, okay. [DC] Hahaha.
[ML] Anyway, um, I guess I'll... [DC] OPEN.
[ML] I really want that key, though. I mean... [DC] You'll get it!
[ML] You sure? [DC] You'll get it.
[DC] Take your time, don't hurry.
[ML] Do not fear. Do not worry.
[ML] Is that--did I quote it right?
[DC] Kind of. Hey, there are some pebbles.
[ML] LOOK pebbles.
"I seem to be..." Am I gonna need these pebbles for anything?
[DC] No. Yes. No.
[DC] Try a different pebble.
[ML] You've gotta be kidding me. [DC] Get the pebbles.
[ML] Wh--that one out of that five?! How would people play this game without just--
[DC] I think you can get more. Try the other ones.
[ML] How did people play this without hanging themse--
[ML] OHH. I must have been one pixel off, or something.
[DC] Try...yeah, the pointer is actually the upper-left of the stone hand, I think. Er, maybe the center of the tip.
[ML] Yeah, I--I guess so.
[DC] All right. Now, there's definitely not another exit in this room.
[ML] Um...I-I can see, well...ehhh... [DC] Like I said, no other exits.
[ML] Haa, I'm so-- Oh.
[ML] Well, what's this weird thing? It looks like you can go behind it. [DC] Yeah!
[ML] Yeah!! [DC] "Much too close for comfort."
[ML] This is really Freudian right now, actually.
[ML] What's this weird thing of? [DC] That? It's a loose rock.
[ML] I would love to take this loose rock! I'm sure I'll need for SOMETHING, SOMEHOW.
[DC] It's not that loose.
[ML] What if I hit it?
[ML] Yes!! [DC] Open the bag!
[ML] *gasp* I love jewels! Ooh, I want them all!
[DC] I would definitely take them! [ML] Blue gems are a girl's best friend.
[DC] Red gems are a girl's best friend. [ML] no u
[DC] White gems everyone's indifferent to. [ML] Mm.
[ML] Ah, okay, so. Save state. Um,
[ML] What's in here? "It's a stone wall." It doesn't look like there's anything else in here. [DC] Yeah, it's just a dead end.
[DC] I would MOVE back to the cold room.
[ML] Eh, neh-neh-neh-nuh-nuh.
[ML] Okay, I really want to get that key.
[DC] Well, you'll have to find a way around the water first!
[ML] Huuuhhh. [DC] I would definitely leave this room for now.
[ML] Yeah, if you say so!
[DC] When have I steered you wrong? [ML] Let me count the ways...
[ML] Anyway, back to the cold room, you said? [DC] Yeah.
[ML] Am I ever gonna go into that room on the-- Oh, I was just there. Durr, I'm dumb, nevermind.
[DC] Not that way! [ML] Whoooa! Ahh. [DC] That's the hot room!
[ML] Cold room! Oh, heeeeyyy!
Ahhh. I see!
Oh, this! This looks interesting.
[ML] It looks like something's supposed to be there! Maybe it's...
[ML] I said, taking a look at my...
[DC] Maybe you could put a gem in there.
[ML] Yeah, that's what I was thinking.
[ML] Or just any old stone.
[ML] White gem...I'm guessing white. [DC] Try white.
[DC] Is white cold?
[ML] Yeah.
Oh, durr! I'm doing it-- Oh wait, wait, nevermind. Let me, um...
[ML] There we go.
[DC] Oh boy!
[ML] Thank you!
[ML] ♪ Cooold as ice! ♪ ♪ Willing to sacrifice our love ♪
[ML] Hey, is there another one in the hot room then?
[DC] Um, there was no thing in the hot room. [ML] Oh. That's a shame.
[DC] You didn't see one in the walls, did you?
[ML] I don't think so...should I take another look? [DC] No.
[ML] Yeah... I'm done with that room!
[DC] Let's get that key.
[ML] It's dead to me now!
Oh, the key? [DC] Yeah!
[ML] Hiii, guysss.
[DC] There's no way around the water.
[ML] Through the water, I'm sure there is, but...
Well--does this sphere do anything?
No...I guess not. [DC] It's cold as ice.
[ML] I could throw it into the water, maybe it would freeze the water.
[DC] Or maybe you'd lose it forever. And you wouldn't be able to beat the game.
[ML] That-- *laughter*
Oh my god, I was right!
[DC] Grab that key!
[DC] Okay, now...
[ML] Can I take--I should probably take this back. [DC] You should probably save first.
[DC] All right, now you need to get it out of the water. You need to get it unfrozen. So USE the torch.
[ML] Oh. I thought I should just HIT the ice and...
[ML] HIT the ice! Haha! [DC] USE the torch on it to free it.
[DC] Oops!
[DC] Did I say the actual sphere? *hitting sounds* I meant the water around the sphere--
[ML] I--you--I--I'm-- Ngguhhh! [DC] *laughter*
[ML] I'm hitting him right now, viewers! True believers!
[ML] I'm just letting you know, I'm going to put him in the hospital!
[DC] I'm really gonna be DeceasedCrab at this rate!
[ML] That must make you--DOUBLE DEAD.
*long sigh*
[DC] All right. Just use it on the ice, maybe.
[ML] Maybe? Ya think?
[DC] I know! I'm the one looking at the FAQ over here!
[DC] Okay.
[DC] Let's get that sphere. [ML] "Not surprisingly, the lake quickly refreezes."
[ML] Aaaanyway, enough of that--that NONSENSE.
[DC] Let's go back to the mirror room.
[ML] Okay. Where was the mirror room?
[DC] It's north of here.
[ML] Umm...this way? [DC] Yeah. [ML] Yeah.
[ML] This place is confusing. [DC] This place is, uh...
[DC] Safe.
[ML] Is it really?
[DC] Safe, as I hit the save state button.
[DC] Let's see what's behind the mirrors!
[ML] Uhh...y'know, I was really sorta mad that I couldn't hit them before. Maybe I can hit them now.
[ML] That's dumb. [DC] Not with your fist!
[ML] Let's see... [DC] You could HIT SELF!
[DC] But that wouldn't solve anything. [ML] You sure?
[DC] (as Resident Evil's Tyrant) "STARS..."
[ML] This is very cathartic, actually.
Oh, hey, I know what I could do! I could use the stones on them!
[DC] Nah, it probably wouldn't have enough oomph.
[ML] Aww. That sorta sucks.
[DC] Hey, you know what else you could use? [ML] Uh, a torch?
[DC] Yes! That's exactly what I was going to say!
[ML] Uh... [DC] We probably don't need to until it's absolutely necessary, but...
[ML] Just to be on the safe side... [DC] Let's not take chances.
[ML] Um, I have a broom,
Oh, the hammer! The hammer would work!
[Both] (singing) Maxwell Edison, majoring in medicine / doot doot doot doo-doo...
[ML] Yeah, he's actually very good at that song! You guys should all bug him to sing it on camera sometime.
[DC] Which Norse god? I'll give you a hint: his name begins with a "T" and ends with an "or."
[ML] Loki!
[DC] Yeah, that's the one. [ML] Awesome!
[ML] Hey, I wonder what happens if I do the other ones.
[ML] (laughing) [DC] I didn't even have to sorta trick you into that one, you just went for it!
[DC] Try the left one. [ML] This must be Yahtzee's favorite game.
[ML] (cackling)
[DC] No, it's just the center door, I guess!
[ML] Ha ha ha...nnngghh... [DC] Okay, this is a good stopping point right here...(chuckling)
[ML] This is a good rrrruauraaarrrr...
[DC] I'm DeceasedCrab! [ML] Ahn mahnamana!
[DC] Goodnight!