Lammbock German Stoner Comedy 5/9 English Subtitles

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Is there anything left to smoke?
Mann, Mann, Mann, Achim
Sleeping bags are in the hallway. I'm going to sleep. Good night.
Did you see that look she gave me?
Honesty...true loyalty...
Jenny! Can I come in?
That thing between us never really stopped, right?
I got a headache.
Good morning
Good morning. Get out of my bed now.
"Hit him with full strength. That hurt."
"Gets the ball just like that."
You really want to take Achim to the plantation?
Well we hardly know the guy.
Are you afraid he's gonna turn us in, or what?.
That huge plantation can get us into jail.
Don't be silly. Achim smokes more than the both of us together, plus he knows about growing.
Shit! Always the same, you distracted me with your damn paranoia.
Some people just can't lose.
"Some people just can't lose."
- Want another zero-zero? - Come on one more. - One more and I kick your ass.
Did you manipulate something about the level?
Who is that now?
Damn, it's my father! Quick!
Hello Kai
Hey daddy
It smells sweet in here.
It's just this stuff, the air was bad.
So how is your stomach?
Much better already, thanks.
I see
Optimistic for your exam?
Yea, yea the stomach thing was a little problematic. But I'll be alright.
You have to work hard now. Life is not one big party.
By the way, Dr. Kollmann is coming over for dinner the night after tomorrow. He runs the biggest office in town.
Kollmann, yea I know, of course.
Maybe you can drop by? He might be able to do something for you.
A little "vitamin B", can't be bad to get some contacts...
Stefan! What the hell? What's that?
Just stomach medicine. It's really...
I started feeling sick again.
I think I drank 10 liters of water already.
- Did it work? - Apparently
Good hint with the water. I don't feel anything so far.
The cops busted Dopex with 2 grams of cocaine in his car.
What? I knew it. I knew it! Shit!
Dopex, remember? The guy I showed you at the party.
Yea I remember.
Stefan, what are you doing?
Are you nuts? Our entire supply.
You flushed 1 kg gourmet dope down the toilet.
Dopex got busted. If he tells them names they are going to search our place.
What then?
Just shut up. You messed everything up.
Of course you don't care. You get all your money from mommy.
But I'm gonna be somebody. I'll be a lawyer.
And I don't want to end up like the two retards out there in the bus!
- Nice start Bullmann! - It's nothing compared to that home delivery service.
Possible, but you have to get us evidence.
A few grams from the pocket are not enough.
Bring real bulletproof evidence.
The more the better.
- So you want to follow in your fathers footsteps? - I think so.
Well that is a challenge. Your fathers career is quite impressing.
May I introduce you to my daughter Laura?
- Hello - Good evening
Are you insane?
I'm sorry, just a nervous reflex...