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Daisuke Takahashi won Japan's first World Junior Champion title in Men's.
and gained worldwide recognition.
Then in Kurashiki, his hometown,
Maybe, there is a chance that he will
In such case you never know how much it will cost...
Olympics? There's no way such thing would happen!
There is a growing hope by people to see him going to the Olympic Games.
with such an expectation, he went up to the Senior level while he's in high school.
But it was hard to break the barrier of the Senior. He couldn't get good results.
Nevertheless, he entered Kansai University that offered skaters good supports.
He left his home and started living in his coach's house.
However, he only had frustrating results.
while he was surrounded by students enjoying their carefree school life.
He often went out playing until late.
perhaps due to lack of practice,
In Japan Nationals, he finished 6th place, his worst result.
He was frustrated with himself who can't respond to people's expectations.
I think I'm going to quit skating.
At some point he revealed his discouraged self when he came home.
At such a time, his mother said;
You can quit anytime. It was you who wanted to start it.
With this word, she pushed him away dryly.
It was one of the tactics of his mother who knows Daisuke better than anybody else.
In his book Daisuke wrote about his nature as this:
Since I'm perverse, even though I say I don't want to,
once I get told to quit, I get fueled and feel that "I'll never quit!"
He braced himself up with her word and practiced very hard.
He won his first senior title of Japan Nationals at his 5th try.
Splendidly he made to go to Torino Olympics.
Mrs Takahashi! We've made it.
Here we go! Look! We made it.
The people in his home town who have rooted for him all through the time
showed their hope for him to have a great result in the Olympic Game.
Then the time has come, February 2006.
His first Olympics.
In Kurashiki, his home, his mother was breathlessly watching him.
On his shoulders, Daisuke felt far heavier pressure than
in any other international competitions he had experienced.
And --
He fell in his first quad jump in his Free Program.
He lost his head and couldn't gather himself up. He finished in 8th place.
He couldn't even come close to a medal.
I didn't have the nerve to overcome the pressure in Olympics yet.
After that he adopted different training methods
and spent time to go over his skills from the basic.
In the Four Continents Championship in February 2008
he recorded the world highest score not broken yet to this day.
(Program aired in 2010 – note from uploader)
Now his only target becomes Vancouver Olympics.
However, the hardest trial was about to descend on him.
It was less than a year and half until the Olympics.
During his practice on a day in October 2008,
he failed the landing of a jump.
A severe pain pierced his right knee he wrenched.
I believe you have a ligament torn.
The diagnosis was 'a torn right anterior cruciate ligament'
and 'a medial meniscus injury'.
It became hard even to move his knee.
He had an operation that went successful
but what awaited Daisuke was a severe rehab.
He had it 9 hours a day and he always had a sharp pain in his knee.
Growing impatience took him nowhere.
He was gradually driven into a corner.
It was two months after he had started his rehab.
He disappeared without a word left to anybody.
From then on, I completely lost the contact with him.
Daisuke has disappeared.
Mrs Takahashi, if you get a contact from him
Please, I beg you, do not tell him "hang on" or words like that.
This sounds serious and I got worried.
I thought that something had happened in Daisuke's mind.
She had no contact at all.
The idea of the worst case had flashed into her mind.
About ten days after he disappeared
when his coach came home,
Daisuke was there in his bed.
If you want to quit, it is just all right.
I can explain and apologize to all, that's just all.
She said, "Daisuke is Daisuke skating or not skating.
If you quit I'll take care of the rest. I'll explain and apologize to all."
I felt much relieved after that.
He would no longer hide or dodge from anything.
With this determination he squarely faced his rehab sessions.
Five months after the injury, he finally started on-ice practice again.
Going through the fear of jumping, he kept practicing day in, day out.
And 5 months after he resumed his full practice,
he regain his title of Japan Nationals Champion.
He got the ticket to go to Vancouver Olympics.
The people in his home town were all delighted about Daisuke's achievement
going to his second Olympics overcoming his injury.
Now it's the time again for the Olympic Game for his revenge.
First, his short program.
"His hardball short program."
"Triple Flip, triple Toe-loop."
"THIS expression!"
With this perfect performance, he marked his personal best score.
The people of his town were excited.
You could find his mother within them.
She declined to go to the game
saying that she couldn't spend people's support money to go abroad.
She stayed in Kurashiki to watch her son's gallant and brave appearance.
And Free Program event, the game of fate.
The music was from the classic movie of life of a clown. 'La Strada', the Road.
"First off, his quad."
"The quad," "He fell."
It was just the same mistake he had 4 years before.
"Triple Axel, double Toe-loop"
you didn't see Daisuke of the past days there.
"Triple loop." "He recovered!"
He stayed calm and recovered after,
and showed his step described as the best in the world.
It was 16 years since he started figure skating.
His family, the people of his home and the people of all Japan,
putting all the cheers from them into his power,
Daisuke regenerated himself.
All the experiences have got him greater and stronger.
"All his roads lead to this place, Vancouver!"
In the history of Olympics of 102 years, He got Japan's first men's bronze medal.
It is also the moment for his family, people of his hometown and many people
who had supported all those years were connected as one with their wish.
And in March this year, he got the gold in the World Championship.
He has become the first Japanese man to be a world champion.
He reflects past years of his skating life and he says:
I always had someone just come to me at the time that very person was needed.
I have had this life really helped by others.
I truly feel that I don't live alone.
I think I am blessed being this lucky.
His mother Kiyoto also ended her letter as this.
And last but not least, I hope Daisuke appreciate the feelings of many people
who have held out their hands to him,
and in leading his life after he retires from competing
I hope he will keep warm feelings as a man and will care about people around him.
Thank you very much.
Daisuke Takahashi will keep running his way with his gratitude to many people in his heart.
What do you think about it?
It was really true that so many people helped me to be here.
I am so lucky.
The more years passed and the more results I get
the more I realize that.
And your mother is a great part of it.
What kind of a lady is she?
She would never hate people. She likes people.
I think she has no one she dislikes.
A Mrs Nice Guy? An innocent sucker.
The type who can never be rich.
we saw her letter in the video.
I got it here.
There is a part of 'P.S.' in it. It's a short one. Let me read it.
P.S. To Daisuke,
Please take some time to come home to see your grandma.
And I hope we have a nice, relaxing dinner together.
looking forward to the day it comes true, we all will keep rooting for you.
Take a good care of yourself. Value each and every day.
The staff told me to make sure you'll get this.
Thank you, I will read it.
It is great. You never know how many kids may get inspired
to feel they can do something if they try hard.
And the parents would be encouraged seeing there is a way. This story shows that.
After this Azumi will get really close to him!