Game Program Attack! - Sir Brave Knight (Ep #7)

Uploaded by MondoMedia on 29.06.2012

[Knight:] Ha-ha! To hell with thee!
Feast upon my mighty sword!
Dost thou challengest thine to a duel?
[Beast:] I don't think you're using "thine" correct
[Knight:] Begone! [Beast:] Dick!
[Knight:] Haha! Ha HAA!
I laughest many of mine greatest chuckles
for thine deathest...ness.
What ho!
Great princess of Nonagon,
I have comest to save thine bodice.
[Princess:] Oh, thank the gods for my heroes!
But... wherest be thus other knights?
[Knight:] Oh no, minest dearest princesst
It is justeth me.
[Princess:] Ugh. The king only sent one knight?
[Knight:] My dearest maiden,
with me, you only need one knight.
In mine quarters
with mine peniseth.
[Princess:] Ha-ha. No.
[Dragon:] Raaaawr!
Ha! 'Tis thee, dragon-king himself!
Dost thou comest to meet thinest fate?
[Dragon:] You have gone too far, knight!
[Knight:] I thinkest I hathen't gone far enougheth.
[Dragon:] Please, stop!
[Knight:] Ha!
Thou can'tst thwarteth my destiny!
[Dragon:] Why do you keep killing everybody?
[Knight:] Hah! I...
Wait, what?
[Dragon:] I've been receiving daily reports of a knight destroying my kingdom!
Murdering my citizens! Women and children!
Why are you doing this?
[Knight:] Thou didst maketh "takesies" with our princess!
[Dragon:] Takesies?
She was to sign a genocidal decree,
to eradicate my people from my kingdom and take it for herself!
[Knight:] Princess, does this beast speaketh truth?
[Princess:] Yes, but in royal fairness,
his people are very gross-looking!
[Knight:] Beast,
her point is valideth.
[Dragon:] We may be ugly, but we follow protocol!
We wrote your pariament formally requesting veto of the genocidal decree.
[Knight:] Well... if thou art notest evil,
why is thine dwelling filled with evil furnishings?
[Dragon:] Like what?!
[Knight:] Molten lava?
[Dragon:] It's geo-thermal heating.
Excuse me for being green.
[Knight:] And wall spikes?
[Dragon:] It's for accoustics!
Can you not hear everything clearly?
[Knight:] And this bridge;
It's dangerous for no good reason!
[Dragon:] The bridge is cursed!
[Knight:] Look, I admit I know nothing
of government relations, or interior decorating.
I only completed this quest so I might layeth with the princess.
[Dragon:] Let me get this straight:
you killed hundreds to sleep with a fourteen-year-old princess.
[Knight:] Whaaaaaaaa-
[Princess:] I will be fifteen in almost a year.
[Knight:] Well... I can saveth you
and recieveth a hero's sum for my courageous deeds,
so as I might purchase many
of age
[Dragon:] Prostitutes?
You are a terrible, honorless knight!
[Knight:] How dare you, beast!
I am here to rescue the young princess as any -
[Dragon:] Knight...
[Knight:] - brave and noble knight, devoted to his kingdom -
[Dragon:] Knight! [Knight:] - would do.
I seek no carnal rewards
especially young ones
and only wish the sa- [Dragon:] Knight!
[Knight:] What!
[Princess:] Oh, shit. Now what?
(nom nom nom)