Annoying Orange - Kitchen-mon! (Pokemon Spoof)

Uploaded by realannoyingorange on 23.11.2012

-For the last time, I am not a grape.
-But your name is Grape-- -My name is GrapeFRUIT.
-Grapes are fruit, though. So, you're a grape. [laughs]
-Am not! -Am too!
-Are not! -Am to--
[record scratches] Whoa! What are you?
-I'm a Pokémon ball.
-Whoa! Is that a type of grape? -Not even close.
-Do you poke grapes? Is that why they call you "Poke-mon"?
-I don't even have a finger to poke with,
and my interaction with grapes is basically nil.
-Hey, I like that word! Nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil,
nil, nil, nil, nil, nil! -Is he always this annoying?
-Nil-nil-nil-nil-nil-nil-nil, nilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnil...
-Pal, you don't know the half of it.
-Hey! Hey, Mon! -It's Pokémon.
Not Mon. Pokémon. -Mon! Hey! Hey, Mon!
Hey!!! -What?!
-Knife! -Huh?
Oh, no. This isn't gonna end well!
[whack!] [triumphant chime]
-(both) Whoa!
-Well, looky what we have "hair." [laughs]
-Whoa, check it out!
I "abs-olutely" could get used to this. [chuckles]
-You look more like a grape than ever.
You have six of 'em on your stomach. [laughs]
-You know what? If you're not gonna stop calling me a grape,
Midget Apple, I choose you!
-That's Little Apple!!
-[gasps] A full-on Kitchenmon battle?
Don't you think that's a "tiny" overreaction, Grape?
[both growl]
Pear, I choose you!
-Come on! I was in the middle of reading.
-Midget Apple, use your mini-boom!
Cool. Can I get back to my book now?
-Pear, don't be such a bookworm
and use your bookworm!! [laughs]
-[groans sulkily] Fine.
-[screaming] -[chomps]
Hey, I want a meal, not a snack. [snickers, resumes chomping]
-Okay, that's just rude.
-So, it's gonna be like this, is it?
Grandpa Lemon, I choose YOU!
-Oh, w-where am I?
-Use your sleep wave.
-That's what I do best:
sleepwalk-- [snoring]
-Oh! [exhausted groan]
Boy, am I tuckered out.
-Looks like I only have one option left.
Marshmallow, I choose you!
-Yay! Puppies!
-Marshmallow, use your rainbow ray!
-That's my favorite ray!
-[muttering]: Oh, it's another flying dream.
-Well, Orange, looks like you won this round.
-Yeah. You know what else is round?
A grape. [laughs]
-[growls] -Come on, Marshmallow.
Let's catch some more Kitchenmon! Yeah!
-[singing]: Kitchenmon, gotta catch them all
-(Orange) Hey-hey, fruit lovers!
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