Bamse's Turbo Underpants - Part 6 - On the Road

Uploaded by eetzi1 on 19.05.2012

”I hear my turbo whistling so nicely”
”The sound that makes my day every time”
”Whining like a violent wind storm”
My eyelids feel like big sausages.
I've slept about 15hours in 4days. Rest of the time I've been at the garage.
What day is it...Saturday morning. It's 5 o'clock and we're leaving in a moment.
At last. About 24 hours late.
But when you think about it, that ain't so bad because the car was in small pieces two weeks ago
But hey, this is motorsport. Let's hit the road!
What are they yelling? What?
You got the waste oil canister under the car... Would be maybe better to take it out.
Is it there?!
Everything's OK so far.
This car is made for driving. After it's done then I drive it
My ideology is that cars are ment to be driven I don't use street boost pressures or any of that shit.
I drive with the power the car produces. That's it. So we will burn many tires, I promise
It's still moist! But we've drove 100km already
About 30litres gone
This isn't a lifestyle anymore... This is somekind of sickness, which you should avoid.
Just kiddin. It's a good hobby but don't spend all your money on it and don't get yourself killed.
That's all Folks!
Tired? Oh, little bit! Starting to feel quite exhausted by now.
First test run and both control arms fell off. The bushings broke on both sides.
When the left side control arm fell off the wheel turned and ripped the other one off too.
Oh fuck.... The other rim crushed the fender a bit.
All's well that ends well. Despite all the problems we had...
What problems? Oh nothing, just some minor ones you know.
But it has been fun and everything is ok.
After the dyno it should be quite fast!
So here it is. It's not done but ready to race at least.
I'd like to thank all my friends who has been involved with this project and has been patient and have helped me with it.
Biggest thanks goes to Henkka. He has been helping with the project for 5 years. Next comes Fabi, a good friend and also a big help.
And of course everybody else. These last two weeks before the carshow have been unbelieveble.
I was amazed that my friends used so much their time for me. What can I say? I can't be anything but thankful.
Thank you all! And thanks to Eetzi for making these excellent videos, they can't get any better from this.
Swedish: I'd like to thank all my friends who has been involved with this project.
Swedish: Biggest thanks goes to Henkka. He has been helping with the project for 5 years. Next comes Fabi and all my other good friends.
Swedish: With the help we got this shit together in unbelievebly short time.
Swedish: Thanks to Eetzi for making unbelievebly good videos. I can't be anything but thankful that I have such good friends.
We were on our way to Gatebil Mantorp in Sweden and we stopped to fill up at a gas station.
Then an old man came to talk to me. He was all excited about my volvo. The man had himself a mustard colored 240 volvo.
"God dammit boy you have build a great old volvo" "How is this possible" It was funny
And when we were leaving he shouted "Do a burnout"
Let's burn some liquorice!
Actually this is my car. That guy you saw talks bullshit. Don't believe anything that he said.
He's just an actor hired to hide my identity.
Specs of the car? Well this is a pretty normal... It's a wood gasifier powered eco-volvo.
I just fill it with... Pillets? Pellets? Pallets? what are they? Pefflets!