Xactware Self-Paced Training Sample: Sketching Floor Plans in Xactimate 27

Uploaded by xactware on 13.04.2012

Let's click the Sketch tab to move to the Sketch window for this estimate. The Sketch
window contains a tool bar that displays the Sketch tools we'll be using for this estimate.
The Sketch workspace by default contains an N with an arrow that shows where north is
on the sketch.
Our hand drawing from the loss site also shows north. We will begin drawing the estimate
at the top left of our workspace, which is the northwest corner of the house.
Most estimators find that it is a good practice to generally sketch from left to right and
top to bottom. This first room is bedroom 1.
We click the room button and move our cursor over the sketch workspace.
The image of a room appears under our cursor with the default inside dimensions of 12 feet
by 12 feet.
We move our cursor to the top left corner of the workspace then click and hold the left
mouse button.
Now we drag the mouse until we have a rectangle that has inside dimensions of 16 feet 4 inches
by 15 feet 6 inches and release the left mouse button.
To fine tune the dimensions, we click the wall handle and drag then click the dimension
numbers and enter the correct number.
We click on room 1 and change the default name to bedroom 1. Now let's add the closet
to this bedroom.
Our onsite drawing shows the closet has inside dimensions of 3 feet 2 inches by 7 feet 7
We could add this offset to bedroom 1 by using the room tool and attaching it, but we'll
add the closet using the square break tool.
We click the square break button then move the mouse cursor over the east wall. Dimensions
now appear on both sides of our cursor.
Our plan shows the inside dimensions of the closet are 7 feet 7 inches. The default width
of the walls in sketch and the wall width we are using on this plan is 4 inches.
So we need to add two inches to our 7 feet, 7 inch dimension and make the square break
at 7 feet 9 inches.
We move the cursor until it shows the 7 feet 9 inch dimension then click the left mouse
This gives us the inside dimension of 7 feet 7 inches shown on our inside plan.
Now we move the mouse cursor over the new wall handle located above the break.
We press and hold the control key then click and hold the left mouse button and drag the
wall to the right.
We drag the wall until our inside dimensions are 3 feet 2 inches.
We fine tune dimensions by click and dragging the wall we want to change then clicking on
the dimension numbers and typing the correct number.
Now let's change the name of this closet and attach it to bedroom 1 as a sub room.
We move the cursor over the room name and click the right mouse button.
The right click menu appears and we select properties. The room properties window appears
and we change the name to closet 1.
We make the closet a sub room by clicking the subgroup of dropdown button and selecting
bedroom 1 from the dropdown list.
When we click away from the room properties menu, notice the display for closet 1.
It contains the name of the closet with the number 1 inside of parenthesis.
This tells us the closet is a sub room and that it is the first or number 1 sub room.
Placing rooms as sub rooms help Xactimate calculate totals for you in a more logical
This will be important when we start entering estimate line items such as carpet and paint.