Research Tips for HM105

Uploaded by globelibrarian on 21.09.2012

Hello and welcome to this video on Research Tips for HM105. My name is Alyssa Novak and
I am the Associate Online Librarian. In this video, I will show you where you can
find peer-reviewed articles for your annotated bibliography assignment on a public health
topic. First, letís talk about what distinguishes
a peer-reviewed article from a regular journal article. An article is peer-reviewed when
itís sent first to other experts or scholars in the field or discipline to be reviewed
for quality. Once itís accepted by the other scholars, it will be published in an academic
journal as peer-reviewed research. The library has many resources for you to
find peer-reviewed research, and I suggest you get started by going to the healthcare
management research guide. To find the research guide, click on the research by topic tab.
Then scroll down the list of guides that are in alphabetical order, and select healthcare
management from the list. The healthcare management guide is a great place to start your research
because it takes all of the libraryís resources and narrows them down to just those that are
relevant to healthcare management topics. You can start by clicking on the articles
tab, and then if you want to do an overview search, you can try this multisearch box here.
Click health-sciences from the drop-down menu, and then Iím going to search for children
and obesity. So this is searching a variety of the library
databases, but it doesnít search everything, so itís a good place to start, but itís
not the most in-depth. So we have 305 results, and I want to make
sure that everything we have in this list is full-text ñ so full-length - and then
weíre also looking for those peer-reviewed journals, so here we go. Weíre gonna click
on this checkbox, and then click update. Öand now itís filtering out all the other stuff,
so that we make sure we have all full articles that are peer-reviewed.
And here we goÖso once you see an article you would like to read, click on the title.
And then to find the full-text, just click on ìretrieve itemî and it will take you
to the full article. Now if you would like to get an APA citation
for this journal article, you can click on the cite button. The cite button will generate
an APA citation for you automatically ñ just double-check it for accuracy.
Now I mentioned before that this multi-search database only does an overview search, and
I want to show you what I mean. So if you click on details over here, itíll show you
exactly how many articles it found in each of these different library databases, but
youíll notice thereís 2,171 relevant articles in Health Source Nursing/Academic database;
however multi-search only showed you the top 1 result.
So if you donít see what youíre looking for in multi-search, itís worth it to definitely
check out some of the other library databases and search in them individually.
So weíre going to go ahead and try that right now ñ so weíre going to select that same
database, health source nursing/academic, from the list. ..and I chose this because
it has ìacademicî in the title, so I think it might have more scholarly and academic
articles. So again, Iím putting my search into the
search box ñ children and obesity ñ and then Iím again going to look for that scholarly,
peer-reviewed, checkbox and the full-text checkbox, and then Iíll click search.
Öand now I have 2,171 articles related to childhood obesity, so this is a great place
to look for in-depth research. So once again, if you see something you want
to read, click on the title. Öand then thereís these tools on the right hand side, which
allow you to download a copy of the article, or you have the cite button as well, which
will generate the APA citation for you. Once you have your sources selected, you need
to format them into an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography is like an apa style
references list, but instead of just the references, youíll also include additional paragraphs
that summarize and analyze the citation. So the first paragraph will summarize the article
that you read, and then in the second paragraph, youíll explain why this article is important
to your recommendation plan. Now if you need more help creating your annotated
bibliography, I have a great resource to recommend, and that is the Purdue Online Writing Lab,
or Purdue OWL, and they have an excellent section on annotated bibliographies that explains
what they are, and how you create them. They also have a sample annotation for you, so
you can see exactly how itís done, and format your annotated bibliography in a similar way.
If you have any questions about your annotated bibliography assignment and doing research
in the library, you can always ask a librarian. And if you would like to contact the Online
Librarians specifically, you find a link to contact us right here. Once again, this is
Alyssa Novak, the Associate Online Librarian. Thanks for your time!