How To Use Apple iDVD : Creating a Submenu in iDVD

Uploaded by expertvillage on 31.12.2007

Hey everybody! My name is Matt and I'm speaking to you on behalf of Expert Village. You can
also add submenus to your DVDs. To do this, all you have to do is come down here to the
bottom left plus, click there, and select add submenu. It's going to automatically give
you a button there. Now, you can click here and rename it whatever what you want. I'll
just leave it as my submenu for now. If you come down and click on your DVD map, it's
going to take you to your flow chart. You can see your submenu here. It's automatically
going to default to whatever theme your main menu had, but you can change the theme by
selecting it, and then choosing a theme over here on the right. I'll select just the sliding
panes theme. You can edit your submenus just like you did your main menu. If you double
click your submenu, it's going to take you to your submenu there, and you can drop pictures
into your drop zone and make adjustments accordingly just like you could with your main menu, but
it is going to have a back. It'll take you back to your main movie. I'm going to do a
preview here. You can preview your submenus independently. If I click title, it's going
to take me back to my main title. After the intro plays, it's going to give me my submenu.
If I click there, it'll take me to my submenu. That's how you create submenus and navigate
through them.