Interview with Markeloff @ Techlabs Kiev 2012 (with Eng subs)

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Sep 29, 2012

Hello everybody!
We’re on Techlabs tournament in Kiev
and now we will interview Markeloff.
We haven’t talked to you for a long time
Right now CS isn’t like it was before
and you’re already playing DOTA, as I can see.
Of course.
First of all tell us about the match with the Poles,
it was rather hard there, as it was the last tournament for the Poles
and they were victory oriented.
Were you victory oriented as well
or you came there just for fun?
Certainly we went there to gain a victory
to take the maximum from the last days of CS.
The game with the Poles reminded me the good old days.
It was really cool to feel that you’re dragging,
as it was very important match, the Poles Are the world’s top.
That was great. I’m glad we made a come back and won
so I have only the best emotions.
That’s good.
As far as I know you and ceh9 leave for Dubai tonight,
so you won’t be able to participate in the final.
What do you think of that?
That is almost 100% that we won’t be able to play in the final,
as it’s delayed for 2 hours and as I understood,
the finals will be on the stage after point blank
and bloodline championships matches.
We won’t be on time, maximum for 1 game.
But we suggested, me in particular, that we should make a deal
with the Poles and share the 1st and 2nd places,
it was like of our own accord, so they won’t be defeated in CS 1.6
and it will be good for us as me and ceh9 won’t be at the final
in any case. Playing with 2 substitutions won’t be fine.
Yes, I understand.
But we don’t know what the organizers will decide.
Certainly, we’d like to have a good final best of 3
of course I'd like it to be a sweaty final
where we win 2 to 1 on three maps, etc
but I’m not sure we will do that.
Tell me about the team’s plans tournament-wise.
You’ll participate in some tournaments by the end of the year,
if somebody doesn’t know yet. What are these tournaments?
Those which I know for sure will be the one in Dubai
and we’ll come back on October 6.
There will be a tournament in Dubai or what?
No there will be a promo for our partner Alienware.
On return back to Kiev we’re to start a bootcamp
before tournament PGS in Oporto in Portugal.
After that I think everybody will go home
and we’ll cancel our DreamHack Bucharest participation.
Is that any reason behind it like there will be CS Global Offensive or what?
No, there will be CS 1.6 and there will be an additional tournament
for CS GO, but there is a tense schedule
as ceh9 and I won’t be at home for a month because of these trips.
That’s why we took counsel and decided not to go.
In addition there’s something wrong with CS:GO,
so we’ll see what will happen after Portugal.
Have you decided something on CS GO?
No, we haven’t decided it clearly yet.
We’ll do it after the tournament in Portugal.
So you’ll get together and decide everything.
What do you think about this controversial CS:GO title?
I haven’t played it yet, but I watched some videos,
It’s not interesting game at all. It isn’t the CS at all.
Just another game.
It’s rather new and different game of all CS titles,
everything is different there and if I am to play this game,
I should start it like from the beginning.
The game itself has been being developed for 2 years
and the it has been in beta version for a year.
I talk to the developers in Valve
and soon we will release an interview with the creators of this game,
I think it will be in October.
They told me that the game is too raw and still needs to be polished.
It will be another CS.
It would be better to make another game.
Are you ready to continue playing CS but in the new game?
I do not want it, but if I have no choice
and as I understood it will be like that, I will have to.
So you’re ready to work and to kill here.
CS has become a work than pleasure for me long time ago.
Have you tried to comment DOTA or CS?
Well, no.
Or did you ever think about that?
I commented CS for a few times on some finals of Xperia Play last year,
or something like that and the final of WCG,
but I wasn’t sober there, so I don’t remember what I told there.
I don’t know, but it wasn’t bad I think. I’d like to comment DOTA.
Are you going to stream? For example streaming DOTA?
Certainly, I’ll do some streams;
maybe I’ll start from 1.6 and DOTA if spectators want.
You can write comments and vote for what
if you would like Markeloff to stream.
I promised to start streaming long ago
but as there were no tournaments and CS was dying,
there was no sense to stream CS 1.6.
That’s why I didn’t do that.
Now there are some tournaments and CS:GO as well,
so I will do that in any case.
Ok, that’s all for now.
We wish you to win the final,
to have a good rest and trip in Dubai.