Commercial Break Ab Exercise | A-List Look With Valerie Waters

Uploaded by LivestrongWoman on 03.08.2012

Hi, I'm Valerie Waters, with the A-List Look. And today, I have for you what I'm calling
Commercial Break Abs. This is a fun, intense ab routine that you can do with any one of
my workouts or on a commercial break. So it's short, but it's intense. So don't think that
means it's easy. For this workout, you're gonna need your Valslides, but if you don't
have your Valslides just yet, stick around, because I'm gonna show you a variation at
the end. So, if you're ready, we're gonna go to the floor, and we're gonna get started.
So I'm gonna put my Valslides on the floor, my feet are in the middle, and I'm coming
to a push-up position. Now this is basically a Valslide Mash-Up, okay. It's gonna be intense,
but do the best you can. So we're starting with one rep of each of three exercises. So
you're gonna go Mountain Climber, so you in, in. Then you go Windshield Wipers -- you go
out, out. And then you're gonna go tap, tap. That's 1, okay. So here we go: In, in. Out,
out. Tap, tap. That's 2. In, in. Out, out. That's 3. Going to ten -- that's 4. You should
be feeling this already -- 6. Don't let your hips drop and try not to wiggle. Good. I think
that's 9. And 10 . So good. Okay, so now I'm gonna come down -- I'm doing Law Breakers,
okay. This is another Valslide Mash-Up. You're gonna be on your forearms. I stole the Law
Breaker name from Matthew McConaughey. You saw Magic Mike. Okay, so you're here -- hold
that plank, hold it tight. You're gonna start with five mini pikes. You go: 1, 2, 4 and
5. And now you crawl: 1, 2, 3 and 5. And five mini pikes: 2. And crawl back: 3 and 5. Those
are your Law Breakers. You do those two exercises back to back. And I would do the Law Breakers
-- I would do that maybe five times at most. Maybe even two or three times when you start,
because those two things back to back -- it's a lot of core work. But that was great. I
hope you liked it. Definitely add it into one of your routines. Now I'm gonna show you
what to do if don't have Valslides. So the first one, I'm gonna very much mimic what
I did. So you're gonna take that push-up position again, and you're just gonna go knee in, knee
in. Tap, tap. Tap, tap. Okay, so knee in, knee in. Tap, tap. Tap. I'm gonna show you
one more time: Knee in, knee in. Tap, tap. And tap. Okay, so you would do that ten times.
And then instead of the Law Breakers, if you wanted to, you could use towels on the wood
floor, and you could do the Law Breakers that way. Or you could just do a different exercise.
I'm gonna show you Slow Scissors. My clients are so loving these right now. I say loving
-- they love the results. Hands behind your head, you're gonna drop one leg down, you
come way up and over, so it's a lot harder than a Bicycle. Way up and over, other side.
Okay, so don't just cheat and be down here. You gotta come up and over. That is so good.
So you wanna do twenty on each leg of those. Those are really tough. So I hope you like
these new exercises. If you have your Valslides, you're gonna do the Valslide Mash-Up and the
Law Breakers. And if you don't have Valslides yet, then do the Plank Mash-Up and the Slow
Scissors. Add them into a workout or just do it just like that on a commercial break.
I'm Valerie Waters. And remember, you are just one workout away from a good mood.