Ferrari F430 GT at Petit Le Mans - World's Fastest Car Show 5

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Hello, and welcome to The World's Fastest Car Show on
eBay Motors.
We've got a great show for you this week.
For the first time in four years, I go racing, and then
we take a sneak peek--

Welcome to a very special edition of The World's Fastest
Car Show on eBay Motors.
I'm standing in front of this beautiful Ferrari F430 race
car, and I'm here with AF Corse.
And yes, we are on pole position - my amazing
teammate, Rui Aguas, got pole position
in the GTE Am category.
Robert Kauffman, the owner of the car, has invited me to
race with them.
It's my return to professional racing after four years of
doing TV. And on behalf of you watching this, I'm going to
take you through the day.
I'm a little bit nervous.
Obviously this is a big race.
The speed of the Audis and the Peugeots is exceptional.
It's almost a violation as they go by.
With this car, the number 61, hopefully
we'll get to the finish.

Well, we're well and truly into the race, about an hour
and 40 minutes.
Rui just got out of the car, had a fantastic first stint.
Unfortunately, there were about four full-course
yellows, and we got a penalty for going out of the pit lane
through the red light, so it cost us one minute.
Rob Kauffman's in the car now.
He just needs a good solid stint.
We're in the top four in our class.
You know it's a lot of pressure here, the speed of
those cars--
there's a lot of contact, cars hitting each other.
You can see the team right now getting ready for the
refueling when I get in.
I might kind of focus now on getting ready for my first
time in the car.
A lot of pressure.

Rear tires got very hairy that last half an hour.
I just got out.
I think we went from sixth to fourth during my session.
Then I came in under full-course yellow.
They refueled, so I did about 70 laps.
It was a good, strong run.
I could feel like being a couch potato for
the last four years.
I'm fit, but I'm not race fit.
That was fun.
Now Rui's in the car and we'll see if third place is within
striking distance.
I think that's our goal, right?
If we can get a podium, it'd be great.
It would be awesome.
I think if you keep running like you are,
we'll be just fine.
I got in after Rob.
You had a really good run.
I mean, it was solid, right?
We were having a little bit of a misfire problem, so that
kind of took a little edge off my speed.
But it was not too bad.
We had a little disagreement over real
estate with the Rebellion.
I think he was kind of in the wrong.
But hopefully the guy's all right.
Rob's from New York, so he knows they try and get four
square feet into two.
That's what happened here.

Well, I'm well and truly knackered now, I'll tell you.
When Rob in to hand the car over to me,
he'd just hit someone.
Whether it was him or the other guy, we don't know.
He doesn't know.
But it damaged the front a lot.
I got in the car, huge downforce issue.
I literally--
guys, I couldn't hold it flat wide open on the straight.
I was scared [BLEEP].
I mean, I thought it was going to go [BLEEP].
I couldn't get full throttle without--
I guess I don't have big enough [BLEEP].
So anyway, we're lying third.
Rui's in the car with an hour to go.
I'd love to come in third on the eBay Mobile car.

Well, that's it.
It got to the end of the race.
Rui took it across the line in third place.
An amazing day here for the eBay Mobile team.
It was cool, right, Rui?
Oh, it was fantastic.
I am very pleased.
First time here, we are on the podium.
It's a great result.
Both of you also did a great job.
Yeah, it was fun, wasn't it, Rob?
It ain't easy.
This is pretty damn hard.
But I'm glad we made it.
You guys did a great job.
It certainly wasn't easy.
It reminded me--
it was probably the most painful two hours I've had in
the last four years.
So an amazing thing.
I hope you enjoyed the show.
Remember, life goes by fast, so why would you watch slow?
The World's Fastest Car Show on eBay Motors.
Thanks for watching.

So here we are at Infineon Raceway, and I
have a scoop for you.
I really wanted to take you inside one of these Indy cars,
because we get to watch these drivers out on track and it's
very impressive, but what is their office like?
What happens behind the wheel?
And I have been allowed, thanks to the Andretti racing
team, to get into Danica's car.
Many a man would like to be following in my footsteps.
But I'm doing it.
Well, I'm doing it for you, and kind of for me.
But let's get inside the car, and I'll give
you a private tour.
My first part of my tour is, how are you going to
turn the car on?
Well, I have an ignition switch here.
And then a little green button to start the engine, and a red
one to stop it.
Now, obviously, you need adjustment in the car as the
fuel gets lighter and the tires start to go off, as in
they deteriorate during your session, during the race.
You can't come in just to say, let's make a change.
You have to do it from inside here.
So they have a front and rear rollbar adjustment, which
literally does adjust the torsional stiffness at the
back or the front of the car.
It really makes a big difference.
The other quite vital control in the cockpit, which is
pretty much on every race car, is the brake
balance bias control.
Again, as these cars get lighter during the fuel run,
they're very sensitive to weight and the tires start to
deteriorate, so you can adjust it front to rear.
You just have to remember which way to do it.
So now I'm going to put Danica's wheel on.
Fast release, on it goes.
OK, the steering wheel.
First of all, it's thirsty work driving a race car, so
you have this little tube here which goes into the helmet.
And you push a button, and it delivers nice fresh water to
your helmet.
You have an HBD button here, which I've been told is for
Honda alone.
Now, behind here, you can see this.
You have these controls.
Now, this is up on the gears, down on the gears.
Then a very cool thing they have on these
cars is this one.
About 20 times a race, you're allowed, effectively, a boost
button to help you overtake, or maybe stay in front of the
car behind.
You can only use it in two places on the track, and every
time you push this button, it gives you about 300 more
Now at the top of the screen, you have another couple of the
chassis dynamic buttons called weight jackers.
Effectively, you push these up and down, depending on the
car's setup.
Very important on an oval.
It kind of goes up, goes down, affects the
balance of the car.
You have a little neutral button here, which
is the white one.
With the way the fuel stops are, it means that you can't
take off with the fuel guys still attached to the car,
because that is a bloody mess if you do that.
On the left-hand side, you've got the green
pit-lane speed control.
It's 50 miles an hour in these pit lanes, which seems
absolutely like a snail's crawl when you
come in off the track.
Well, I hope you enjoyed that, very much a bird's-eye view,
VIP tour, only brought to you on The
World's Fastest Car Show.
She's getting ready right now.
She's actually changing into her race suit.
Perhaps she wants her steering wheel back.
Maybe I should go and give it to her.
What do you think?
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