Clazziquai Project (클래지콰이) - Working on New Album in the Studio (subtitle)

Uploaded by fluxus on 16.02.2010

We have a new song for a female vocal
And one for a male vocal
Female could be included but mainly for a male
One for a duet and one more new song
And acoustic remake songs for rest of the album
Since it's remake, let's do the songs that are popular
How about 'Romeo and Juliet'
No, that is way too acoustic
So, originally far from acoustic song is better?
'Come to Me' could be possible like we have done on Youtube with a guitar
For this time, I would like to do such as Christina version of 'You Never Know'
Or, Chirstina version of 'After Love' with different feelings
Horan may sing Bossanova version of 'Stepping out'
CLAZZIQUAI PROJECT songs that are popular
But not like 'Gentle Rain' because acoustic version is too obvious
But stepping out could be a very surprise choice
I have an idea
Dear Youtube users
Please, leave a text comment under this video
Suggest us one of our songs
Which is suitable for acoustic remake version
We will pick the songs that DJ Clazzi can remake
Please, leave a text comment
We are waiting for participations from users all over the world
Youtube is World Wide
Say it in English