Lammbock German Stoner Comedy 8/9 English Subtitles

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So that was it?
Wanna smoke a joint?
- The crops are in the trunk? - Yea we can take that.
Alright guys. Narcotics Division.
I can remember a game where Mehmet got disqualified...
...he really provoked it. Saw a yellow card but he just didn't stop...
And when Bayern receives a goal. He just kicked down his opponent from behind and gets the red card.
And what does Mehmet do?
Mehmet calms down immediately.
He leaves the field without protest and accepts his punishment. Cause he just knows that he went too far this time.
Ok, now we got a serious problem.
- Open the trunk. - No. - That's a police officer.
Exactly, and if you let him out we go to jail. Stop it.
It's through, it's over. I can't stand this anymore!
Stefan! Don't panic, first...
Stop it! First we see what options we have, ok?
Options? What options do we have left?
You're nuts, we're not going to do this.
We agree that we can't hurt him right?
So we got only one option. We have to talk to a professional lawyer.
A judge. A judge like your father,
who would do everything to get his son out of this shit.
- Completely normal, eh? - I won't do it. I'm not going in there. We won't do that!
OK, listen.
It's the 90th minute. We're one goal down. The damn game is pretty much lost.
We have only one last chance. If we take that we might make it to overtime, ok?
Maybe we get a fucking golden goal. Then we still have only lost...
...but you just want to wait here for the whistle?
I tell you one thing: Mehmet would have tried.
Are you not getting this?
We're sitting here. Back in the trunk is....
...and you have the nerves to come up with a fucking golden goal theory?
Don't you get it that this is exactly the bullshit that got us here?
What do you mean by that?
I mean all this hanging around. Talking "stylish" nonsense, smoking pot all the time...
All that "cool" bullshit.
Listen, we're not cool. You and me are not cool.
We're two losers hanging out in a crappy pizzeria...
...dilettantes dealing dope...
...and having our lives completely messed up now.
Man, we could have killed him.'re not getting it.
You little ignorant loudmouth, you just don't get it.
You don't get it.
I just can't believe that I joined you in your bullshit for all that time.
Did I force you into anything?
You could have left at any time. No problem.
So don't blame me alone for all that shit, ok?
You're a coward.
You want to change your life? Go ahead change it.
You're always whining. Always complaining about things,...
...about Franka, about Schöngeist, and how fucked up they are.
You're right, but you know what?
They are fucked up, but with conviction.
And therefore they have a thousand times more class than you, because they believe in what they're doing.
and you?
You still sit here whining around instead of getting up off your ass.
Seems like you're not getting that. They'll put you away.
Going to jail. Picture that.
You think daddy will finally be proud of you then?
Alright boys. Tell me what happened.
The pizzeria, where we work...
Is not really about pizza...
...that is just a cover.
In fact we sell drugs from there.
...hash, marihuana... ...bioskunk...
The customers order on the phone, and we deliver to their home.
No hard drugs, only cannabis products.
We sold so far...
...20 kilo altogether. I guess.
A few weeks ago an undercover detective infiltrated our business.
- He didn't reveal his cover cause he wanted to get our sources. - You know what that means?
Wait, that's not the whole truth yet.
Yesterday we took him to the plantation.
After we harvested about 3 kilo weed...
...he tried to bust us, in flagranti.
- Wait, there is still more. - Of course, excuse me.
So when he wanted to bust us we grabbed him...
...and put him in the trunk of my BMW.
And he is still in there now. And the car is parked outside in the driveway.
That's it.
I have an old friend back from my days as public prosecutor.
And how are you planning to keep your man quiet?
I threatened him with disciplinary proceedings.
Suppression of evidence, unlawful methods...
And if he still talks nobody will believe him.
You know how many black sheep we have in our own ranks.
- Again, thank you for everything. - No problem
I have kids myself.
The 3 kilo? In the car? Good.

Dad really hauled him over the coals that night. He said if he fails his exam all hell is gonna break loose.
Since then he completely seals himself off and studies. I wonder how he is doing.
I called Gina a few days ago and told her that it's over. She got an American guy now.
That slut.
He didn't keep in touch with you?
You may now start the exam.