[ENG] Reality Show E12 ZE:A Cut [1/3]

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[One day of ZE:A]
Dongjun wake your hyungs~ Quick!
Get off!
Wake up~~
Hyung~ Turn on the air-con!
Dongjun~ Turn it on!
Stand there!
So this is the air-con??
Aww.. I usually don't wake easily but why make me wake so early...
Boys let's go
You aren't leaving? Fast!
We're spraying pesticide in the house
We just have to go~
We'll have more intense training than usual
It's harder but you should get over it okay?
Use your chest!
Recently they're focusing on abs
Then it's the shoulder line which appeals more
So they can look better when they wear different kinds of clothes
Kwanghee~ Show your abs!
Oh chocolate... Oh no it's still not there!
Why laughing?
Everyone's working very hard but Kwanghee is slightly...
About this towel... When I got really tired...
I've done 30 times...
Siwan! Siwan, come here~
I always mix up you two...
Abs! Keep up your good work!
Oh so tired...
See what Kwanghee's doing~
What are you doing come here!
Our schedule is really tight but I think we can endure it with willpower
Since we have our goal...
Just do it the way you like for the rhythm~
If I'm doing the same stuff as others then it's hard to have a sense of presence
I've come to know about that~
And I always want to do something different from the others
I've chosen DJ-ing and it seems to be a really good choice
You even get the trance style in it...
He can understand what he's taught quickly so he can pick it up quite easily
He's a very talented one among my students~
I used to play jazz piano but later on I decide to focus on singing
I started learning it again but I find that there are so many things that I still don't know
Our Kevin is doing do great~ Fighting!
[Song : Lee Seung Ki - Because You're My Girl]
If we don't practise before Popping Hyun Joon comes we'll die you know?
Minwoo can do breaking~ Even if he can't do it very well it's still fine
Cause he can make it through practise
For Kwanghee it's his expression... He got the feel~
Dongjun has a very cute appearance but he also has a charismatic side
Good good good~!
Yes they are now very busy~ Having lessons in different academies~
But they've been passive in learning things...
So now we hope that they can learn things in a more active way and get better~
What are you here for today?
I'm coming to fix my teeth~
They look much better~ It's amazing~
His teeth are crooked in various direction so the part we remove from each tooth are different
It's hard to make it into a smoother appearance
We've matched front teeth and the size of the others
Now he should look even betterwhen he smiles~
So now I have to move from my #1 visual place~
I'll be the #2 and you're the #1 okay?
After the treatment you look much better!
[Is it your own teeth?] [He had them fixed today~]
Oh... I can't see yours (because they're too dark)~
He now smiles more confidently, and he becomes more handsome
The part around his lips~
He gains some confidence~
He smiles brighter and is more confident in showing his teeth~
Before he smiled like this?
He now smiles brightly~
Now my teeth look better and I gain more confidence
And to show my smile, recently I really do smile a lot more~
[Smile once~] [Hey that's awkward~]
Siwan~ It's still early
Minwoo~ How's the day?
After the lesson we're supposed to go home but Hyun Joon came
We danced together and I was quite nervous
Makes me feel that I'm going for fun to learn DJ-ing
Having fun with music~
It releases my stress~
You all slept?
Kwanghee~ What did you learn today?
Popping, B-boying
Are you all following well? [Yes~]
Tired? [Yes a little]
Dongjun how about the laundry? [Minwoo...]
It's Minwoo's turn today? He should hang them out before he sleeps...
This show is ending soon...
Time flies... What a pity...
Although there many encouragement around but we still have a long way to go
"They still need to practise more... You are still trainees"
Seeing those... We all worked hard but there are even more that we were unable to show
So I'm quite upset about that
Although it's good for us to be on here... But there are still many things that we haven't show
There are things that we didn't portray well... In reality we're not exactly like this
And we haven't show all of our ability yet
We'll show them all through our debut!
We all know that we are better than this~
Yah... Kwanghee's getting mature~
Let's film this again after we debut!
At first I think if we can really succeed?
Even if we can but for how long? I also think about that...
After a while I start to believe we can do it~
You agree with that??...
You all slept?
Good night~ [Yes~ Good night~]
Oh it's a nice ending?