Yaprak Dokumu - Episode 1 Part 2 - English Subtitles

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We're going to Istanbul. To Istanbul.
Istanbul! Istanbul!
That's how the adventure of Istanbul began.
What if an earthquake happens?
No, God forbid.
Are you not asleep?
Listen, don't scare the kids by talking about earthquakes. I'm getting angry, ya!
Yeah, you have a point. I'm sorry.
Are we there, daddy?
Not yet. We'll be there in the morning. Sleep.
Fekret, don't let go of Ayshe's hand. Leyla, where is the small bag?
Look it's in my hand.
Did we forget anything?
That's enough we didn't forget anything.
Wow, there are so many trains.
Wait for me here, I'm going to get someone to help with the bags.
I wanna go too, daddy!
Stay here, you'll get lost
Hold her hand so she won't get lost. Are you sweating? Looks like you are.
He's cute!
My classes start tomorrow, I'm gonna see a lot like him.
Look Aisha, this station is the biggest station in Istanbul. And it's the last station for Anatolia trains. Behind it is a huge field.
How do you know Istanbul? This is the first time you come here
I've read about it in books.
Ehh, excuse me ma'am, how do I get to (some place)?
I don't know. You can ask over there where they sell tickets.
What kind of people are these?
That man thought we're from Istanbul!
Enough you two.
Don't get involved.
Leyla, don't make me hit you in front of everyone.
Fekret, don't make a scene!
Can't you see how she's talking to me?! She's so disrespectful.
Oh really!?
Enough! Your father is here with the helper.
Here here. Come on, put the bags on.
Dad we wanna go on the boat.
Daddy please, let us go on the boad, pleasee. Dad! Dad!
What's wrong with you?
From a small town to Istanbul.
You're also from there!
There's no boat?
It doesn't go to our house.
One day we'll try it all together. Let's go.
It's so nice
It's so big. I swear you can easily get lost here
That day, we all laughed
Istanbul... our new life
We were all very anxious to go to our house
One taxi won't fit us all. Hayriye, you can follow us in another one alone.
By myself? What are you saying!?
You have the address
Hurry let's get going!
OK Ok, we're ready
Come on
Let's go girls
Come here Ayshe
Ali, listen to me, how am I gonna go by myself
I'll go with you.
Leyla! Put your head in!
I think it's here. I'm sure this is the neighborhood.
Are we there daddy?
We're very close. I'm sure this is it here.
Huh. Why is our stuff here?
Oh my god, our house is so nice!
What are these guys doing?
What are you guys doing?!
All our things are on the ground. Look at your father he's going to get angry and flip out on them.
How could you do this without me telling you?!
Too late. He's already angry.
Didn't I tell you not to start unpacking before we arrive?
Ohhh man, you guys were late, what am I supposed to do? We also have work like you and we wanna finish and leave!
So what if you have work!? You just throw our things in front of the house!?
Ali Riza Bey, calm down.
Can't you see what they did!
They're only a couple chairs and a table, what the hell did we do?!
How can you dare say that!?
We don't know anyone in Istanbul. But there are people waiting for us on fire.
Look at how they have our things all over the place.
Mother! The neighbors are here!
What's wrong, hey, you really scared me!
The girls look like they're my age, you see?
Very good, I want you to always be happy like this.
Come on, let's go down and say hi. Come onnn, let's go!
Just wait till they're settled down, look at them, look how annoyed they seem.
Take our stuff inside, and I don't want any trouble. Fekret, open the door.
Step in with your right leg. (it's supersticious--good luck to walk in with right foot first)
Where's our money, brother?
Ah, forgive me, I forgot about you guys.
Dad! Hurry, mom fainted!
What didn't you like about the house? I swear, it's nice.
It needs a lot of work. When you used to talk about it so much, I thought you had some beautiful villa.
It was never like this, the tenant ruined it.
Ahh, enough crying already
Let's go upstairs.
The house doesn't need that much work. A little bit of paint and it's all good. Huh. But we'll need a carpenter, and everything will be solved.
It will be dad, but we're in need of a lot of money.
Of course we do. Let's spend some on the house. Most important thing is we own the house. We'll fix it slowly at our own pace. I'll get a loan.
There's no electricity upstairs!
Maybe it's from the main source (electric box thing)
There's no water dad!
I'll turn on the water meter
Ahh, enough crying Hayriye. I'll start to get angry, eh.
I thought we'd organize and clean everything before Sevket comes home. This place needs a week to be ready!
Relax, my love, it'll be ready. And he's going to come to a clean and nice home.
Don't open any luggage before we clean.
As you wish. But I want a nice dinner.
Dinner is on me, dad.
You need to buy us some groceries.
Alright, I'll take Ayshe and go shopping. I'll buy anything you need.
Hello, neighbors!
My mother was very happy with this visit. She may as well have cried on our neighbor's shoulder whom we barely know. This is (Sedef's Mom) and her daughter Sedef.
They live in the house right across from us directly. We immediately liked them and they liked us as well. Even my dad who's very formal loved them, too.