Largest child exploitation bust in U.S. history

Uploaded by wwwICEgov on 04.08.2011

[Director John Morton, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement]
There are days in this job that it's hard to separate great success from great sorrow, and today is such a day.
It's a day of great success because we've brought an end to one of the worst instances
of Internet child abuse ICE has ever investigated.
The cynically named "Dreamboard,"
in reality a sophisticated international exchange of unspeakable child abuse,
is no more.
And 72 of its members stand either indicted, arrested, or on their way to jail.
It's a day of great sorrow, because this case is ultimately a tale
of the perverse and often violent exploitation of children, very, very young children,
to satisfy the dark pleasures of a group of adult men.
[Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General] "Dreamboard's" members allegedly traded graphic images
and video of adults molesting young children,
often violently, and created a massive private library of images of child sexual abuse.
[Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security] This operation is an example of the work that DHS,
through its principal investigative arm ICE Homeland Security Investigations,
or HSI, does every year. So far, this year alone,
HSI has arrested more than 1100 suspected child predators
and has seized more than 2100 examples of sexually exploitative material.
[Morton] We've investigated this case for roughly 20 months
Using ICE agents from 19 different domestic offices, 11 of our overseas offices,
and our Cyber Crimes Center here in Washington.
To those inclined to abuse small children, know this:
There isn't a place on the Internet or the planet in which you are truly safe.
It may take us some time, it may take us some effort, but we will find you.