Get the Most from Boxee Box and DNS-323

Uploaded by DLinkTV on 24.01.2011

One of the things the Boxee Box does really well
is play back your own content. Whether its photos, music, or movies
the Boxee Box is an excellent high definition media player
To get the most form your Boxee Box
We are going to show you how well it works with a
network attached storage device, or NAS, like the DNS-323
Since we work mostly off our laptops,
the DNS-323 is a great place to store all of your media
so it doesn't take up precious space on any of the computers in your home
So let's jump right in.
Get the most from Boxee Box and DNS-323
First, let's connect our media files from the DNS-323 to the Boxee Box
We do this by clicking on "Settings" and then "File Sources"
and since we haven't defined any media sources yet,
click on "Add Sources"
If you are like us, you will have a bunch of different network devices
select the one that represents your DNS-323
We have our media separated into three categories
Movies, music, and photos
We'll add each one of these one at a time
Let's start with movies
Go to the folder that holds all your movies
And click on "Add this directory"
You can change the "Share Name", but we are going to use the default
For "Media Type", since we are adding our movies folder,
we are going to select "Video"
Because we add new content to our DNS-323 on a regular basis,
We want the Boxee Box to scan more frequently
So we are going to select "Daily" Then click "Add"
Next, we are going to add our our Music folder
So go back to your Music folder on your DNS-323
Click "Add this directory"
This time we are adding music, so select the "Media Type" as "Music"
Select "Daily" again and then "Add" Lastly, we're going to add our Photos
So go back to your DNS-323 and select your Photos folder
Click on "Add this directory"
And you guessed it, this time for "Media Type", we will select "Photos"
We will do daily scanning again, and click on "Add"
You will notice in the top right-hand corner
that the Boxee Box is scanning the folder you just added
Back on the home screen, if you click on the "Files" icon,
you will see the three folders we just added from the DNS-323
Movies, music, and photos
If you click on any one of these, you will see the media content inside
In this case we clicked on photos and
you can see all of the photos from CES 2011
The same goes for movies, if you click on the movies folder,
you will see all of your movies, as well
When we go to Music, in the top right-hand corner,
you will notice that the Boxee Box has found all of our music
And that's it!
The Boxee Box is now loaded with all off your media content
from the DNS-323