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Ah The traffic in Egypt is a problem. Everyday I go home late.
We went around asking people for their suggestions regarding this matter.
Now we have Farouk Farouk speaking to us. Farouk, could you tell us your opinion regarding the traffic in Egypt?
The traffic problem in Egypt has become very severe. People take hours to go to and from work.
The traffic officers and security should return to the streets and like this the problem will be solved.
The minister of Transportation should also try to make seperate lanes for big trucks to use so they would not derail the rest of the street.
Thank You Farouk!
Now we have Doctor Dalia Dessouky and we will ask her for her opinion regarding the traffic problem in Egypt
The traffic problem in Egypt? As to how to Solve it?
I think I have 3 or 4 ideas to solve this problem
We'll start with the unconventional solution. The truth is, ever since a long while ago, I wanted Egypt to adopt an unconventional way of transportation.
It is actually used in several countries all over the world and namely in Europe.The method that I am referring to is that people use bicycles to get around the country.
There will be seperate lanes for the bicycle users to use.Of course this would limit pollution but it would need a mental revolution because it is very hard here for a businessman to be going to an appointment using a bicycle.
The second suggestion I have is that we are able to utilize bridges better.
The third suggestion I have is that we use tunnels more because they solve real problems regarding the traffic.
he fourth and final suggestion I have is of something I saw in Thailand in Southeast Asia. I also saw it in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.It is called the Sky Train.
Now we have Mr. Barakt who will give his opinion regarding the matter.
In my opinion, It is a matter of conscience. If every person has a conscience they will park in the right areas and won't close down streets.
The roaming sellers who park their vehicles in the middle of the street and no one from traffic control stops them contribute to the bad situation.The drivers of some cabs who also derail the other drivers are also reasons of this bad sitaution.
So it is really a matter of having a good conscience and if people abide by their conscience the streets will be ok.Because our nation really has the resources to really not have a problem but it is really a matter of conscience
Thank You Mister!