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And this one, is also three bedrooms, three baths, up on Del Mar.
Wait. Del Mar? No, wait sorry, this one has a view, it's not really a great-
We have a view.
Yes, you do. Yeah, it's partial view though. The property up in Del Mar had a view, view. Here's one that's better.
Four bedroom, two and a half baths- How's your mother?
My mom? She's good. She said to say hello.
Uh, they were asking 1.5, and in two weeks they had multiple offers, closed at 1.62-
She and I recently took a water aerobics class together, briefly. Did she tell you?
Is that right? No, she said you two had become reacquainted, she didn't say how.
The truth is I didn't recognize her. First the bathing cap, but well...she's half her size.
Yeah she's lost a lost of weight. I didn't know aerobics could really firm you up. When you've got that much, you know...
I wouldn't have said flab.
Oh, she'd say flab. She's very open about it. She's always the first person to call herself fat.
Well, that could be a defense mechanism, you know?
It's not that it doesn't hurt you. It's just that you want to say it about yourself before someone else says it about you first.
I guess.
Were you on marijuana?
Back then. When we were carpooling. I thought you were on marijuana, were you?
Pretty sure I was, yes. It's a safe bet.
I knew it! I took those classes they offered at the high school to teach you what to look for. Glazed eyes, dry mouth, the crunchies.
But, I didn't get to practice much with Erica.
Really? Huh.
Yes, really.
So yeah I have some more comps, you wanna take a look at that one?
Why did you say it like that? Really?
Like what?
Erica wasn't a druggie in high school.
Has she become one?
No! Of course not.
Oh, you just said it like maybe her drug use turned into a problem down the road.
What drug use?
She went to the University of Chicago. You don't go to University of Chicago if you're a drug addict.
It's a very exclusive school.
She's a landscape designer now. In San Diego.
Well you have a really nice garden. I think it will...add to the value-
Erica didn't design the garden. She can be...difficult. I didn't want to be in a business arrangement with her.
Hey, I get it. I didn't sell my parents' house.
Seriously? Well, that doesn't reflect very well on you, does it, Tom?
Mrs. Rappaport. Uh, Ruth.
Mrs. Rappaport is fine.
Sometimes, Mrs. Rappaport, it's kind of hard to be taken seriously when a client gets my number from my mom.
And does that happen often?
Anyway, I just want to make sure you're taking me seriously.
What makes you think I'm not?
Well, you don't seem too interested in the comps.
I've heard the comps.
I'll be straight with you, Tom. You're not the first broker I've met with.
Well that's good. I mean, you definitely should be talking to other people.
I spoke to Helen Yang. Do you know her? She's on a lot of bus benches.
She seemed very intent on a fast sale.
Yeah, well. Who wouldn't want that?
Me. I don't want that. I want the right sale. In fact, I'm resigned to the fact that it may take a long time to find the right buyer with the right offer.
A long time.
You don't hear that a lot.
Why should I give the listing to you as opposed to another broker?
Well, for starters, I'd work real hard for you.
Really hard.
Really hard. It'd be my biggest listing, it would get all of my...attention.
Is that Erica?
She got her braces off.
About a quarter of a century ago.
What was I saying?
Attention. Focus.
Right. Pricing is the key. The right price is an absolute necessity.
As is, of course, a good marketing plan.
Right, that.
My marketing plan. I have an excellent marketing plan.
Well you'll be glad to know...I hired a realtor today.
You're kidding me? Tommy Eberhard?