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You said you wanted to come here togther, why did you come here alone?
Because I wanted to see the sea all of a sudden.
Thank you for the clothes and the shoes.
How did you know my size this well?
So you're a player, ha?
Something similar.
It's far nicer than in the picture.
this is not your first time here, is it?
It's my first time.
I decided to come here with someone in the past,
but in the end we couldn't go.
What kind of person was it?
Someone I loved.
Who is that person?
Han Jae Hee.
Does that... really matter?
Why didn't you say something?
Because I didn't want to lose you.
You should fully be aware of why I approached you?
It doesn't matter.
Because what you feel is not important but what I feel is important.
Regardless of how I do, it is okay as long as I have you.
The person I want to do it with is Han Jae Hee,
not Seo Eun Gi.
Even then, if you can't give up on me as a woman,
even then, if you think we are possible....
I thought about changing my mind.
Throwing everything away for the sake of one man
not for the poor Seo Eun Gi but
if it was Taesan Group's heir, Seo Eun Gi, then
I thought about changing my mind.
Do you want to give it a try?
Then, I...
All the behaviors you showed me during all this time....
were they all planned and calculated?
Back then,
when you got me my doll at the cliff too?
Are you a rock head?
Tell me adequately, Kang Maru.
Why did you lie?
The Kang Ma Ru that I've seen,
The Kang Ma Ru that I know,
is different from you who is standing in front of me right now. trying so hard to act bad.
That's why I came to you like a crazy woman throwing everything away in the process. Did you know that?
Let's run away!
If we can't be together here. If we can't live here then
let's run away and live in hiding.
Where you go I'll follow.
Let's go somewhere noody knows us and live there.
Because of that act of pretending to risk my life for you...
A woman like you,
who can't trust anyone and highly thinks of herself,
fell for me so easily.
You thought I couldn't do anything just to see Jaehee noona again?
[Episode 9]
I finished what you directed me to do at once.
Our Family Me, Mom, Dad, Noona.
Yes. I believe so.
Where did you go? Now you came back?
You didn't call me either.
What's up with all the scars on your face?
Where did you go and what the hell have you been doing?
Han Jae Hee!
Tae San's account fraud list.
Why do you have this?
I had a copied version just in case.
The moment to use this document..
I didn't know it would come.
In order to protect you, I.....
I sacrificed my whole life.
Ruining the life of the man I loved with all my heart...
Han Jae Hee...
How could you?
How could you do this to me?
You didn't believe me either.
You're always suspecting me. You're always observing me.
Why did you do it?
Did you do it because of the scars Eun Gi's mother left?
The person President loved....
the person who is still in your heart ....
is Eun Gi's mother.
I know that it is no one but her.
It doesn't matter to me.
Until now, me too..
I don't love you, I have always loved another man.
To Eun Seok, also,
please give the same amount as you would to Eun Gi.
If you could do that favor,
I will leave everything I have gotten from you all this time and
I will leave the house naked.
If I need to take the punishment from betraying the President,
I'll take it!
I am begging you.
Please just for this once....
Eun Seok is also your son.
President! President!
President, get back to your senses.
What are you doing?
Lawyer Ahn!
He is going to die anyway.
He just passed away a few months earlier.
During his lifetime, he had enjoyed power, and had seen things that
most people never experience in their lifetime.
I don't think he'll be too sad about leaving
You crazy bastard.
Didn't you ask for my help?
That day, you came up to me and told me that you wanted to stay here as long as you can. That you don't want to go back.
Didn't you ask me for help?
We don't have any other choice.
For now, just think about the only person you need to protect.
To me, that is you.
Only Madame and Eun Seok...
The reason for your existence.
Just think about Eun Seok only.
Lawyer Park
The Chairman has passed away. Please call back.
Please call me.
Smiling, I'm smiling like yesterday again...
I hide it, like nothing happened...
Without your permission, I've looked into your heart
Trying to have your heart...
as if it's my duty...
Now, I want to have you
Have you ever loved someone so much to death?
Just once, just once, please
look back at me.
I cry and scream out to you, but it doesn't reach to you
I cry and scream out to you, but it doesn't reach to you
I love you, I love you
Words that I keep repeating to myself...
I ..... love you
The President of Tae San passed away by a chronic disease at his house today's noon.
He is survived by his widow, Miss Han Jae Hee, and his one son and one daughter.
Here is an urgent news we've just received a moment ago. Chairman Seo's firstchild, his daughter, Seo Eungi,
has been in a car accident that occurred just an hour ago, and is in critical state.
The accident happened inside the Kangwon province tunnel,
and it is found that Miss Seo Eungi herself drove into the wrong lane and crashed into an incoming car.
Along with Miss Seo Eun Gi, the driver of the other car, Mr. Kang is in a serious condition.
Miss Seo Eun Gi who was in the car accident is the only child of the Chairman, and was mentioned to be the highly appointed heiress of Taesan.
Please, let me take you home.
Your older brother and sister-in-law are wating.
How can that be possible?
Young Master!
They must be afraid I would take away even one spoon from them
because they were so sure I would return now that Father has passed away.
I don't even need to see it.
But, I heard my brother overpassed my dad.
They say he is as twice as cruel and awful than my father.
What's wrong with him?
What kind of punishment from heaven is he waiting for?
Anyhow, you can't take all that money when you die,
Looking for this person.
Thank you.
She is pretty.
You still haven't found her yet?
I saw the news, she was lost in the hospital while having treatments.
How long has it been since she was lost?
11 months.
As the rumours say, would she be dead?
If there is no contact for about a year,
it will be alright to think that she is dead, right?
If this miss doesn't come back,
who will eat up this Taesan company?
Lawyer Park.
Joon Ha...
How is the Presidant doing?
No way.. did he pass away?
don't think the way you are going and my way are different.
Did the President pass away?
All the conversations of yours, it's recorded.
I'm taking this to the police.
Fine, go.
Go to the police now.
On your way to the police, there is one more document you need to take. Take that too.
Your father, Attorney Park Yeon Pyo,
directed the car accident of the mother of Seo Eun Gi.
Say something that makes sense.
Because you are in a danger, you talk about nonsense..!
That nonsense, your father committed,
because I was the most trusted minion, I intervened.
The big Madam threatened the President, that she will take Seo Eun Gi.
To give her Seo Eun Gi.
That's nonsense.
That's nonsense..
Weather it makes sense or not, I'll send the document to Seo Eun Gi.
That clever friend will make the decision.
If she knows that the father of Lawyer Park is the one that killed her mom,
how would Seo Eun Gi feel?
We finished yesterday about the public bidding in Seoul on the duty-free store.
Where did you say the rival companies were?
Mirae company and Jinsung company.
Representative Cho from Irae department store came to today's bazaar too.
She is the wife of Mirae Company's President Park.
Representative Cho!
Who are you?
I'm the representative of Taesan, Han Jae Hee.
Ah, Tae San!
I heard that there is a new representative. Nice to meet you.
I will request a guidance encouragement for later.
There was a rumor that Tae San's new representative was very pretty.
It wasn't just a rumor.
You're very generous with your compliments, it's an honor for me to meet you.
I heard Taesan is working hard for the public bidding of the duty-free store.
Ok then, let's have a fair competition.
Yes. Of course.
Ms. Han Jae Hee.
Not too long ago you applied for a VVIP at our hotel right?
I ordered to reject you.
Receiving a member that is low class and a low standard like you,
the existing members will be upset and will hurt their pride.
What does that suppose to mean?
After becoming Chairman Seo's 2nd wife, you walk around with so much pride.
But I think you're mistaken.
Right now, your job is to protect an empty house like a dog, not the owner of it.
What? You request the guidance?
You are being excessive.
I want to say more, but I don't want my mouth to get dirty. So I'm..
quietly restraining myself.
Someone like you a representative?
Because everybody talks bad about you, you try to show them something,
so you want the duty-free store now.
Don't fool around.
Don't do anything, just stay quiet. Like what you deserve, ok?
Seo Eun Gi
Until the owner of Tae San comes back, I hope you don't lose your sense of loyalty.
So stay quiet protecting the house. Do you understand?
Eun Gi's mom was my close friend until she died.
Okay, place your money down now!
If you choose well, ten times!
Twist your lives! The chance in..
one in a million is here!
Ok, bet!
I'm in!
Nobody else?
Then we'll open!
You're in?
We'll open.. Aigoo, I'm sorry!
And this one... ta da!
50 thousand won, two times?
If it's ten times.. three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!
Aish! Nothing for me!
Ok! Now! Start!
One or the another! 1 or 2!
Al... right!
I bet for number 1!
Ai, what are you doing? Hurry!
No one else?

20 times!!
If you get it, 20 times!
Ah, there's nothing for me.
Open it, open it!

You're betting?
This people.. you all bet for number one.
Ai.. I'm going home with nothing.
Ok, now.. I'll open.
Aii, there's nothing..
Oh, sir. I'm so sorry.. Ouch, what is this?
What's wrong with you?
This is weird..
Why is the ball here when its supposed to be in the cup?
You've worked hard to keep the mood up.
You guys are the ones right? Decoys, one, two, three, four.
What on earth are you, you brat?
From now on, don't do this kind of thing.
Even if the heavens fall,
a person like you can never earn money.
He was a gamer.
My father.
Excuse me but...
who are you?
I'm Kang Ma Ru.
You haven't eaten yet, right?
That money...
if I had lost it...
I was thinking of hanging myself.
Thanks to you..
Thank you.
That's why...
why would you actually bet money you got from private lenders?
I thought I could get some money for my interest.
Because my wife is very sick,
just the medicine is around 200, 300 a month.
how did you know I used private loan?
And stop gambling when you'll lose right now. Ok?
Why do you go to Houses every night?
Everything is planned, didn't you know about it?
Who are you?
Right now, I'm going to tell you a very-hard-to-reject offer.
Do you want to hear it?
You even know my name?
Who on earth are you?
Who the hell are you?
I don't think that's important right now..
The disease of Madame....
I know a little bit.
From now on you'll need more and more money.
You have to pay off your bank loans and debts...
And you have to send your kids to college..
Who sent you?
I don't think that is very important right now either.
Your exploitation in the laboratory,
If you give me that,
I'll make sure you live the rest of your life without any money problems.
I don't know what rival company ordered this...
You do this to them and..
how much did you get?
A lot!
A whole lot.
I heard you didn't eat all day.
I warmed up some milk. At least drink this.
I don't need it.
Hey kid!
She brought that because she cared about you!
If my brother comes back, I will ask him for once.
I think there's a misunderstanding.
My oppa is certainly not this kind of person.
I swear.
Do you want to bet 10 thousand won?
This student said that you scammed his father.
He even tried to commit suicide so now he is at the hospital.
You didn't do it right? Right?
Who is your father?
He is the one that had honorary retirement.
He suffered an investment foundation fraud and he lost all the money.
And few days ago, in the bathhouse...
This has nothing to do with you, right Oppa?
How can you just go?
Before you go, tell him that this has nothing to do with you, hm?
Why are you complaining to me about
how stupid and weak your father is?
Just because you get scammed once, do you die?
Who told you to be fooled?
Why do you trust people?
When did you ever see me to trust me?
If you know me, how much do you know me to trust me?
Your father who trusted me is stupid.
what are you planning to do with this weak fist?
Then go strengthen yourself first and come back here.
If you want to take revenge,
then get enough power and then come back here.
Are you done?
It was better when you flirted with girls.
Flirting with girls, playing with them, and bribing money from them...
I prefer that over this, Kang Maru.
Are you sleeping?
Choco says it seems as though there's someone else living in your body.
After that car accident.
The Kang Ma Ru we knew died,
and she says it seems like a different, strange person is living in your body.
She also said that you to go to an exorcist and have you be exorcised.
The truth is that you, also, were surprised, right?
Because of you, someone almost died.
You were actually really shocked too, right?
want to die quickly?
Not caring about the ways!
You say you will not do this work again after saving enough money to pay for Choco's hospital bills for her lifetime.
You say you don't know anything and..
without regrets..
you will die, right?
When I look at you these days, I think of a lifeless desert.
Without will to live,
Choco and whatever, you don't have any will for the world!
You seem you want to die already, so..!
I am so nervous..
I'm scared to death right now.
Don't be like that Ma Ru.
The last time when Jae Hee left you,
you stayed strong.
To me, the world left me...
but like a miracle you strongly survived.
After overcoming all those hardships, how can you be like this now?
Don't do that.
Don't do that.
Don't do that, Ma Ru.
Jae Hee.
Go. But leave the car.
How do they train ahjummas here?
The Madam's brother came, but doesn't open the doors.
I waited for 5 hours.
I believe you decided to not come back after I gave you the money.
There are only two of us in this world as siblings.
I am a little upset.
Let's go inside.
Here, my sister's house.
Did you gamble again?
Did you already lose all that money?
So you came here to find me like this like a beggar's son?
Beggar's son?
Try to hit me.
I'll let you rot for 20 years in jail.
Try to hit me.
What would I do beating you up?
I can't give you 10 won, so
get lost.
Yes, President.
I'm thirsty. Get a cup of water ready.
After becoming Chairman Seo's second wife, you seem to walk around with pride. But I think you're mistaken.
You're like a dog guarding this empty house.You're not the owner of the house, right?
Ajummah, come to Seo Eun Gi's room right now!
Yes, President.
Since I am going to make this room into Eun Seok's play room,
call people tomorrow and clean up this room.
Excuse me?
- If Director comes back... -Come back? Who?
Do you believe that Director Seo will come back?
Are you waiting for her return?
If she was going to come back she should've already.
It's been almost a year since she's been missing from the hospital.
For the whole year, how crazily hard did we look for her...
Using so much money, ordering so many people to look for her. All over the world, we searched for her everywhere!
There is not one place we haven't searched. But we couldn't find her.
But she is no where in the world!
Tomorrow, the moment you open your eyes,
clear all of Eun Gi's stuff out.
The award is 300 million won.
Because of the guy named Kang Maru...
waking up....breathing....
I liked them for the first time.
My only wish now is...
seeing you everyday
saying "I love you" every day...
hearing "I love you" every day...
dream the same dream every day...
giving birth to kids....
raising kids and ...
growing old together like that.
Is that possible?
Tell me adequately, Kang Maru.
Why did you lie?
The Kang Ma Ru I observed,
The Kang Maru I know is...
at least he wasn't this evil.
That's why I threw away everything and came to you like a crazy woman.
Hello, Representative Jo.
Why is the management here so messy?
Is it a place where anything like dogs and cows are allowed?
Call the Manager.
Before calling the manager, it will be nice if you look at this picture.
It is our president's picture.
What is this? What's wrong?
How about this picture?
Go out.
Why did you meet our president?
As Representative Cho refused the offer of guidance encouragement,
I asked President Park instead.
In ten minutes since I called, he came running like a dog to where I am.
I said I wanted to meet him later.
This bitch..!
Even though I don't want to admit it, I guess I am a little like that.
There was no man that didn't want me,
when I really attempted for them to want me.
according to your attitude and volition,
I'll plan until how far I should go.
What will you do?
For me, pushing someone like you outside the house and become the owner, is low class and boring work.
This bitch, you are going too far with what you say..!
Let go of this. You can't let go of this?
Tempting President Seo, who is much more solid than your husband,
giving birth to his son,
I came to be a representative of Taesan Group.
I, Han Jae Hee, did.
Tempting someone like your husband,
don't you think it is possible with your common sense?
What is it that you want?
One: The public bidding of the duty-free store, hand it over to me neatly.
Two: Taking out our Taesan company's name in Mirae department store,
stop that childish revenge.
The humilation you gave me last time,
kneel down and apologize.
Have a good day.
If you want to pee, you should tell me, Choco.
You're four and still peeing in your pants?
So embarrassing, Miss.
You looked after me well.
Coco, what are you doing? You aren't cleaning?
My father passed away.
I am sadder than I thought, but
even so, I am holding it in and laughing now.
So, you, also, stop being mad and
If we have conviction and believe, Maru will come back again.
Yes, Director Jeong. Have you thought about it yet?
You thought well.
First, where should we meet?
Not there.
Today, I want to treat you to a drink at a nice place for once.
Ah, seriously, I can die.
Ah...I forgot to take out the car key.
Since I will be back right away, stay here without wandering around.
Please let me use the restroom.
Ah, little snot...
Please let me use the restroom!
This kid, why did you come out so slow?
Kang Ru...
Kang Ru Ma? What is Kang Ru Ma?
It isn't Kang Ru Ma. It is Kang Ma Ru.
How is this Kang Maru? It should be Kang Ruma.
I guess this Unni doesn't know Korean.
This Noona seems like an idiot.
Yea, this Noona. I know Hangul too.
I know how to write. So do I.
Who taught you? Mom did.
Then, this is right? Kang Maru. ( She spelled it as Ru Kang Ma)
Daebak, this Noona really is stupid.
How could she not know korean alphabets?
Who is that Oppa?
Oh, that's my crayon.
Kang M...
Jae Geo and Joo Eun, let's eat.
Ah, I remember this word, Kang Ma Ru.
I knew.
You know me, right?
Right. You are Kang Ma Ru.
I...lost my memory.
I was told that I was in a car accident.
So I don't remember anything at all.
There is no one in this camera except Kang Ma Ru...
The Unni who takes care of me
told me that the person in the pictures is Kang Ma Ru so I came here to find you.
Until earlier, who Kang Maru was.
Who the person is in these pictures...
I didn't remember at all.
Now that I've seen your face, I remember.
Who you are...I remember now.
loved each other.
Like yesterday, I smile once again.
As if nothing happened, I hide it.
someone to death?
Just once... Just once, please...
look back at me. I cry and call out to you,
but my cries don't seem to reach you.
I love you, I love you... I repeat those words to myself when I'm alone.
Please state your input regarding the dismissal of Taesan's Executive Director, Seo Eun Gi...
Why is it me?
You are the only person the Director believed and loved.
People who loved each other, who? Us?
My heart remembers you.
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