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Announcer: On today's Daily Dose, Jillian gets real about what you don't know about milk.
Jillian: You really buy in to that load of crap.
Go ahead.
Janice: Okay.
Are you going to keep doing that? Jillian: I'm ready to go.
Janice: Okay.
We are .
. . Jillian: Tapping on my . . . what is that? Janice:
So it is time for our time segment,
which means that Jillian is timed to speak.
The best part of my day is timing her.
These are current topics that are going on in the news today and what I
do is I feed her one of the topics,
she's got 60 seconds to talk about it, then I . . . No,
this is yours.
Jillian: Oh.
Janice: And then I get 15 seconds to rebuttal,
and then we go on to the next one.
Jillian: Okay.
Janice: So, you ready? Jillian: I was born ready.
Janice: I know.
The first topic is there are convenient cupcake dispensers.
Like they're making, like, soft drink dispensers, they're making it for cupcakes.
Is this dangerous for dieters? Jillian: Oh gosh.
Well, all vending machines are dangerous for dieters, so I would just simply say . . . Look,
you know temptation's out there, it's around every corner,
in front of your face at all times.
So bring healthy snacks, make sure you eat at regular intervals - so,
every four hours - so you don't get hungry,
you don't give in to temptation and .
. . What is it? Failing to plan is planning to fail,
so prepare for these things, arm yourself appropriately, and you'll do just fine.
I keep buzzing myself.
That's me being like, "I'm done." Buzz.
But I'm done.
It's Janice's turn.
Janice: Yeah.
So, this is just so George Jetson to me.
You remember when George Jetson . . . oh,
this is going to be so before your time .
. . Jillian: No, I remember the Jetsons.
Do you? Remember how they would bring their space car up and open up and
there would be food and pies and stuff.
To me it's very, it's just getting beyond things,
but I do agree we'll always have temptations.
There's chocolate bars in dispensers.
Okay, next topic.
Chocolate milk makers are now targeting grown-up athletes, so they're doing away - right? -
they're doing away with the milk .
. . Jillian: Milk mustache.
Janice: . . . that's, like, a thing of the past,
which was a huge success for them, right? So . . . quiet Janice.
Jillian: Okay.
I mean really, I get pissed when they go after kids,
but if we as adults are stupid enough to believe that chocolate milk is an
athletic recovery drink or a performance drink then you know what? You deserve to get
overweight and sick from chocolate milk.
If you really buy in to that load of crap.
Chocolate milk is loaded with sugar and calories.
If it's not organic you know that it has hormones and antibiotics.
You know what a great recovery drink is? Coconut water.
It's 50 calories and it's got all the electrolytes and,
the truth of the matter is, eat a meal when you're done working out.
You don't need a recovery anything.
Are you a bodybuilder trying to put on a million pounds? Eat real food.
That's the . . . Is my . . . Are you buzzing? This is
the buzz .
. . Janice: Oh, yeah.
Jillian: I'm ready to buzz myself.
I'm done with it.
Janice: No . . . and the only thing I'll say is that,
what you just said.
Eat a sandwich.
Jillian: Yeah.
Janice: Eat a sandwich if you want something for recovery.
Next topic.
There's new worries about sleeping pills.
60 million sleeping pill prescriptions in the last year.
Jillian: 60 million? Janice: 60 million.
Jillian: Worldwide? Janice: 60 million .
. . Woman: U.S.
Jillian: U.S.? There's only 330 million of us, that's 20% of our population.
Janice: Yeah, it's big time.
Americans filled 60 million prescriptions in the last year.
Jillian: Okay.
Janice: Up from 47 million in 2006, so that's a huge jump.
Jillian: Whoa.
And I'm supposed to comment on that? Oh, I . . . gosh.
I mean I'm not a doctor,
so I actually don't know much about the ramifications of that.
I would simply say, like, please do your research on this.
Check the side effects of these drugs that you're taking.
I mean, I would talk to your doctor about natural sleep aides.
For me personally, I like a little product called Calm.
It's just calcium and magnesium.
It's a natural muscle relaxer, puts me to sleep.
I listen to books on tape.
I make to-do lists when I feel anxious.
I find it very dangerous to get yourself chemically addicted to any sort of sleep
But again, like I said, I'm not a doctor, so .
. . Janice: A quick thing I have on this is, it's true.
Because I did a little bit of reading on it,
and they say that definitely don't, if you are on sleeping pills,
don't just go cold turkey, because you can't just .
. . Jillian: Oh, really? Janice: Yeah, you have to be very careful,
so definitely talk to your doctor about it.
Jillian: Wow.
Janice: I don't know all the reasons why,
but it's not good to just automatically go off.
Jillian: Okay.
Janice: But, we're over-stimulied, right? And that's why we're not sleeping, I think.
I mean .
. . Jillian: That you're not supposed to watch your TV .
. . Janice: TV, the computer, you know.
And I think we multitask when we go to sleep.
Like, I think, "Oh I'm going to go lie down,
and then I'm going to plan what I'm going to do." It's like, no,
just lie down and go to bed.
You know what I mean? We're over-stimulied.
So we're not sleeping.
Finally, favorite thing, favorite thing! Jillian: My favorite thing? Okay.
I recently saw this.
Man: Aren't you going to hit the timer? Jillian: Oh.
Favorite thing.
We have to do our buzzer.
Janice: I know.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Jillian: No, I already did Ciao Bella.
You missed my Ciao Bella segment.
It's not Ciao Bella this week.
It's, my favorite thing is actually a movie that's out right now.
I love it.
It was called Friends with Kids.
Janice: I've seen the trailers.
Jillian: So, so good.
And it just deals a lot with nuclear families are becoming a thing of the
past and sort of . . . It's just very interesting.
It talks about loving one another and how do you define family and romance and
I just loved it.
I thought it was heartfelt and hilarious and I cried and I laughed and I
went with all my buddies and we loved it.
So go see it.
Janice: The one thing I found . . . I haven't seen it yet,
but I'm intrigued by the trailer, is it has reunited some of the Bridesmaids cast,
right? There's... Jillian: Yes! Janice: ... Maya Rudolph, Kristin Wiig .
. . Jillian: Kristin Wiig.
Janice: . . . Jon Hamm.
And what I love is the fact that,
aren't . . . I think his name is Jon Hamm.
Jillian: John Hamm.
Janice: They're a couple.
Like they kind of were in Bridesmaids, remember? Jillian:
They are a couple in the movie, yes.
But Jon Hamm's long-time partner wrote the movie and she stars in the movie.
Janice: That's Jennifer Westfeldt.
Oh, okay.
Jillian: Yes.
And she did Kissing Jessica Stein.
Janice: I think so.
Jillian: Something.
But, yeah.
She's . . . Okay, there we go.
Go see it.
Janice: Okay.
Jillian: That's it.
Janice: That's it.
Jillian: All right.
Well, let us know what you think about these topics in your comments below.
We'd love to hear all about it.
See you later.
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