A holiday message from Mizzou

Uploaded by TheMizzouTube on 25.11.2009

I'm University of Missouri Chancellor Brady Deaton ...
And I'm Anne Deaton ...
We live here in the Residence on Francis Quadrangle where we daily enjoy the presence of our students
and the beauty of our campus. MU is truly a global university with faculty, programs,
activities, students and alumni spread around the world. But for all of us in the Mizzou
family, this special place near the Columns is really home. As the familiar refrain goes,
you can leave Mizzou, but it will never leave you.
Fall really is a beautiful and an exciting time at MU. We've welcomed a record number
of students, we've celebrated a tremendous Homecoming with wonderful alumni, and we take
pride in the many path-breaking accomplishments of our university community.
This is also the season of the year when we say thank you in a special way to all of you
who support Missouri's great flagship university. Now, we would like you to meet some of our
outstanding students who will tell you why they are proud to be Mizzou Tigers ...
When I got here, I got the first-hand opportunity to see how well our research is and how well
we collaborate with different professionals throughout the campus. In the end I want to
get an MD/PhD in chemistry and also become a physician, so hopefully I get to help patients
and also do research.
He just spent last summer at Johns Hopkins on a fellowship, competitive thing, which
is very, very prestigious and good for him and good for MU and good for Johns Hopkins.
I would like someday to see Calvin to become a member of the National Academy of Sciences.
I think Mizzou offers just a world-class education. We're one of the top public research universities
in the country, but then we also have such a small, close-knit community in our campus.
We have over 500 student organizations that a student can be a part of.
I really feel that Mizzou is a big family here, and you just walk down campus and you
just see someone you automatically know and they just brighten up your day, even if it's
cloudy like today. You know, it's just those smiles, those people. So definitely I think
that Mizzou offers not just only myself but also other students that foundation of educational
excellence but also with that spirit of just ingenuity and that you can be the person you
want to be here.
Well, just look around you. I mean, look at the people that you meet here and the beautiful
campus that you're at. Why wouldn't you want to come to Mizzou?
Yeah, the Botanic Garden played a significant part in my decision to come to Mizzou. I mean,
I'm from the country. I'm from southern Missouri, so I like being around plants. So the fact
that I could come to a school and still be able to have a beautiful place to walk around
in really factored in heavily. I work for Mizzou, too, as a landscaper, so I get to
go and take care of this landscape and be out in all the leaves and all the colors.
Like, I was blowing leaves yesterday, and colors were going everywhere. It was very
much- I was very happy and appreciative to be working here and going to school here at
the same time. I'm a musician, too. I like to write music, and just being out in nature
and seeing all these colors just really inspires me to make and create, and it really gives
you like a good calming basis to your psyche too.
I come from a small town, and it was like, "Oh my gosh, this is really happening: Big
12 championship my freshman year. That, it was - it was a dream come true.
Our coaches at our beginning-of-the-year meeting always say that academics is number one and
you gotta get it done in the classroom before you can get it done on the field, and so that's
kind of the motto we go by, and we take our academics very seriously. When someone brings
in an A+ paper it's a huge thing, and when someone performs on the field it's a huge
thing. It's all of those things combined.
The academic center is right across the hall from the weight room, so as soon as weights
are over you go right into study hall and get your academics conquered and get your
tutors done and spend your time studying. I think that the balance between studying
and athletics really helps make us the school that we are.
And I think that this university presented a set of circumstances and group of people
that were formative in my development both academically, personally and professionally.
And I'm not quite sure that what happened to me here could have happened anywhere else.
Mizzou is really, I think, the crossroads of cultures and ideas and people. That's kind
of a rarity in our geographic location. A lot of people don't appreciate that, but it's
true. The people that I've met, the professors that I've had, the friends that I've made
and the things that I've worked on in Columbia at this university transcend this state and
they transcend this country, and I think that it's safe to say that a lot of people who
are students like myself feel the same way in regards to their experience at this university.
Everyone has a niche in that there are incredible opportunities whether you're interested in
public service or business at this university. So I'm proud to be, I guess, one tile in the
tapestry that is the University of Missouri.