Tomas Tomecek - Shamrock 2009 (Rallye du Maroc) | HD

Uploaded by ACEgraphx on 17.11.2009

We’re near Zagora on a dune called Sahara-Sky.
We’ve had six days of a great drive.
We’ve tested our Tatra which is just behind us.
We tested it before the Dakar.
The test came out well, at least I think, and the car ran smoothly, which was very positive.
There were a few problems which we would sort out and get the car ready for Argentina.
Demanding, stony, very damaged track.
We had two punctures, really a typical African race.
We’ve had two nice dune days, great dunes, big dunes, even 30 kilometres with no break.
Amazing, beautiful.
It’s pity that the Dakar has moved out of Africa, real loss. Let’s go for the Dakar!
Don’t forget to say how we finished.
Yeah, I’ve almost forgotten.
You did well so we finished…
As Vojta, our navigator, says I have driven well, I haven’t ruined the car as before,
we came 1st out of 5 trucks and even 9th in overall ranking, really perfect outcome.
Yeah, 60 vehicles meant a good competition.
Peterhansel won and we came 9th in a car-truck classification, which is a big success.
It’s a half Dakar.
Well, 2,500 kilometres of specials, …a third, a larger third of Dakar, uh?
But some stages were more difficult than in the Dakar.
Yeah, it was only two of us, no assistance, everything at the back, plus you - three rally fans
The only truck, in fact as 6th in overall, that finished the first dune stage was yours.
What was the problem?
I think they didn’t feel like continuing.
They just got stuck in the dunes and made it only with hard struggle.
With one more lap ahead, they simply gave up or thought it was not worth going there.
They might have been exhausted or had technical problems… I guess.
Both stages took seven hours.
We finished the second lap at dusk and having arrived to Zagora, it was dark.
So for them it must have been a risk being two hours behind us.
During the Dakar, those who stay in dunes until dark also usually stay overnight and continue next morning.
I would commend NPO company for organizing a low-cost competition in great environment.
I’d call it a new rally model
It may not be so low-cost for the organizers
But for the racers it’s comfortable as you’re in one place
and the stages star-like around the rally centre. No long connections, short returns…
It’s a shamrock – turning still around the centre point. That’s why it carries this name.
Technically, the competition was good. Nice racing.
And I’m happy to say it. The truck is on its four wheels, no cabin destroyed,
nobody bruised but safe and sound,… and we have the Trophy.
We are the champions!