Metal Shaping with Lazze: Using a Skateboard Wheel for Metal Shaping on the Bead Roller

Uploaded by lazzemetalshaping on 19.12.2008

Hi my name is Lazze and I'm teaching people in metal shaping. And I have done that for
over 12 years. And about six month ago a student gave me a great idea and the idea is so good
and I haven't had so much fun the last ten years. So I really like to share that with
you. Here is the great idea. It's a skateboard wheel and we use that in the bead roller.
And who thought about to have a skateboard wheel for metal shaping? But this wheel open
up a new world with profiles for bead roller we probably can have hundreds of new profiles
together with the other steel dies that we using. So what I do I turn this skateboard
wheel down in the lower die there. So it go into the die there, and then I push the sheet
into the wheel, and run it one time like that and what we got here is a V shape but it's
a concave shape on the sides here. And then I run it one more time, but I go a little
away from that.
And here we can see that skateboard wheel allow the beads to go into each other.
So we can doesn't destroy the first bead and with two solid wheels we couldn't do that
but with a skateboard wheel we can do it. If you would like to know all my secrets in
metal shaping you can go to my website and there I will going to show you step by step
how to control the sheet. What you can do; you can cut, you can bend, you can shrink,
you can stretch those four elements is all you can do. When you understand what happen
when you do that you can create anything you want. If it's a motorcycle fender, motorcycle
tank, car body, art stuff, or airplane stuff you can do it.