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See... for you, this work suits you perfectly.
All of the things you brought today,
the design is pretty, the fabric is good, and they fit well.
You made some great selections.
If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have been able to get any of these sponsored.
They were all so cold.
The business cards given by that rude bastard were of no help at all.
I'll do it.
Ah, it's okay. It's okay.
He hasn't bought anything at all in the past several years.
He kept wearing his old clothes again and again.
Or he kept rejecting everything saying that it itches.
Then, why did he give me his business cards?
Excuse me, Man Ok.
Doesn't Tae Ik give you a hard time or something like that?
He should be jumping up and down because he knows we deceived him.
That is why I haven't even gone near the annex for days.
What can he do? We even got it certified.
He wouldn't fire me now.
That we wouldn't know.
Because you could leave on your own two feet.
That will never happen.
Then we will have to wait and see.
you both seem very friendly.
Did you know each other from before?
Won Kang Hwi, why don't you explain?
Well, that is...
I'm late for my vocal lessons.
Man Ok, Fighting!
Where are you going?
Stay put there?
Excuse me.
Could you get these...?
Are you crazy?
You do your work!
“I do it well even on my own!” Don’t you know that?
Ah! Oh! That rude bastard!
Oh, so heavy...
Episode 3 Part 2 Aigoo.
Sense, sense, no sense.
Your choice of clothes!
Still you aren’t feeling itchy wearing any of these.
I only picked 100%s...
That's the basic.
Just looking at it, it should look cool and nice.
Shouldn't it?
I really didn't want to say this, but
even if you wear anything randomly, it is still cool and trendy.
First, your height, looks and body are superior, I guess.
What’s the point of being superior over others?
The problem is that I can't randomly wear anything.
So pay particular attention, Stylist Jang.
Hyung! Tae Ik huyng!
Where are you?
The President wants you to come to the company.
All right. Wait a sec.
What was the third one I tried on earlier?
The third one, that's the best.
Third...? Which was it again...?
I... can't really remember it.
Are you a bird?
A chicken?
Think carefully and prepare the third one.
And clean up everything.
All right.
Fine, I'll hold it for just 3 months.
As it is a really expensive watch, we usually don’t give sponsorship.
But since the President specially requested it, we are doing it for you.
Please be extra careful with it.
Be sure to bring them back immediately when the fan meeting has ended.
Yes. Don't worry.
Thank you.
Shirt, suit, leader jacket...
Dress shoes... Sneakers...
Tie, scarf, fedora...
and I also got the wrist watches...
So... I'm finished!
This is...
for Kang Hwi.
This one..
for rude bastard.
In ready position!
Yes, Grandfather.
Jang Man Ok...
Are you doing well? When there is a will…
There is a way!
It’s training time, but why are the shouts so small?
Is the training already over?
What do you mean finished?
They are new students..
Their shouts are a little quiet...
Come on, Come on, large gestures! Yab!
Don’t just teach them with your mouth, check their movements. Hurry and go.
I'm sorry, Grandfather.
--Hel.. --Where are you?
Weren't we going to try on the outfits?
If you are not here in 30 minutes, I'm just going to sleep.
I’m going, I’m going! I said I’m going!
Are you coming in now?
Good job.
You can’t come back more quickly?!
We need to wake up early tomorrow, but
it looks like we will have to go to the fan meeting with rough skin.
Then you can use a face mask like I do.
Who’s the one who declined even when I gave you one?
Am I like you?
Randomly sticking and putting products on my face?
You are the best....
You must be so happy because your body is so luxurious.

Oh! Oh! Please stop it.
This is all because of you, Stylist Jang!
Why did you come late?
I'm sorry.
I had to drop by the studio…
Why? Did something happen?
Grandfather always call the studio at that hour..
So that he can check if I am teaching the students well.
Are you stupid?
You can use the connected server for the phone.
What is that?
You can forward home phone calls to ring to your cell phone, in order to answer them right away.
You just have to apply for it. It’s really simple.
Those things exist?
Why didn't I know about it?
Because you are stupid.
Who's stupid? You could've told me earlier!
Then, I wouldn't have suffered so much.
Are you crazy?
Why is it my fault?
Man Ok, let's go look at the clothes. We have to try them on also.
Oooh, so cool.
How'd you know I like leopard patterns?
Why are all the clothes like this?
They look great..
What do you not like again?
It's too old..
These styles are the latest fashion trends.
Oh, give it to me! I want to wear it!
Oh and these, too, I want to wear them!
You can't.
Why? He said he doesn't like them! I like them..
Put this on.
If you also don’t wear their clothes this time,
they said that they will never again sponsor clothes for you.
Still, I don't want to.
You're not a kid. Why do you not like it?
I checked all the fabric, so there is no irritation.
I fixed all the mistakes you pointed out last time. So what now?
Stop picking on it without reason,
just wear it!
If you're not going to wear the clothes in this room, then just go out naked!
Oh! Oh! Man Ok, you are coming on strong.
You're doing great! Go Man Ok!
Hey Man Ok,
aren’t there anything else other than these clothes for me?
That jerk’s clothes are so much prettier.
Of course, I prepared for you, Kang Hwi.
Wow, this is great, it's totally my style!
Where did you get those from? Where did you get it sponsored from?
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Oh, it's finally done!
What time is it now?
If you don’t have stamina of steel, you can’t do this job either.
Aigoo! Aigoo! Let's go. Let's go.
Oh my!
Ah, seriously!
Do you know what time it is now?
Why did you wake up someone who was asleep?
Were you asleep?
Of course.
Because it's the middle of the night.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You had the lights on.
Ah, here. I got it from a sponsor. Why don't you try it?
If you get allergies again, it will be a problem.
What is it, Tae Ik?
Dad, can’t I try on that watch once?
Why can’t you? You can…
Here! Tae Ik, try it once.
Wow! It’s nice!
It’s nice!
Dad, thank you.
You needn’t be thankful, fellow.
Are you okay?
It isn't itchy?
I’m okay.
Ah! They said that is really expensive.
People like us wouldn't even see it once in our lifetime, so wear it carefully.
This… For this brand, it isn’t even in the luxury ranks.
A commoner like you, Stylist Jang, could have not known.
You speak so nicely!
Aish! I just won’t do it for you.
What is that?
To do a cucumber pack, it is more effective to use it ground up like this.
If you mix in some flour and honey, it doesn’t even drip down.
Lie down.
Who said I’m doing something like that?
Why is this here?
Lie down.
And don’t blame me for your skin getting rough.
You have to look all nice for your fans tomorrow.
I am naturally handsome.
Ah, seriously! Please lie down.
I’ll be going. Wash it off after 15 minutes.
What? He already fell asleep in that short of a time?
It’s really nice when he isn’t talking.
Wow! Look how long he is!
His looks are really… fantastic.
I don’t know why he talks so rudely with that good-looking face.
Hi! Kang Hwi’s Wife.
Ah, seriously! You shouldn’t call me like that here.
Pardon! (Sorry!)
And how can you come dressed like that?
Are you publicizing that you are a fake? What’s with the way you're dressed?
We are reporters.
Reporters, so what?
I only have clothes like these.
I don’t know. If we get caught, it is all because of you, Nora.
No! I’m really good at acting.
And that person said that this is the correct place.
Whatever. From now on, Nora, don't say a word.
And just follow behind me, alright?
- Don't say that word. - Oui.
Geez! Follow me.
Just a moment.
We are Reporter Han Ga Ryeong and Reporter Song Nora from Weekly Entertainment.
Reporter Han Ga Ryeong from Weekly Entertainment...
I'm Song Nora.
and Reporter Song Nora.
Just a moment.
Please stay still!
We may go in, right?
You said Weekly Entertainment, right?
They said it's been a long time since it went out of business.
We are having a headache because of fans who trespass with fake press cards.
Where did you get these?
It went out of business? Really?
Just a moment.
- Nora, just a moment. - Why?
Let's have a talk.
Listen to me...
From now, when I say "1, 2, 3,"
- we're running without saying a word, alright? - Why?
1,2,3... Run! Quickly, quickly, quickly!
Wow! What is all this?
The fans are donating them in both hyungs' names.
That's great!
How many are there? One, two...
They put this separately for us to eat, right?
Yes, it looks like it.
It's a good thing. We were out of rice.
- Take care of it well, Baek Go Dong. - Yes.
He is indeed happy! As if you're not an idol earning a living.
We are so-called Hallyu Stars. Do you absolutely have to take this? Huh? It's so not cool!
Baek Go Dong!
Kang Hwi says he doesn't want to because it doesn't look cool.
Take all of these and keep them in my house.
No, you can't do that.
Baek Go Dong, divide these exactly in half. We have a weighing scale at home, right?
No, no! Just donate all of it. So that Lee Tae Ik, this jerk, can't take any.
How dare you! I will definitely take it with me!
Baek Go Dong, pack them well.
Fine, fine, do that then. Donate all of mine.
I'm not a petty person like somebody.
What? Petty person?
Please, please stop it. The fan meeting will start soon.
They are our guys, but whenever I look at them, they are the best!
But they are even more cool today.
Stylist Jang, you're pretty good!
Right! You know that you have to expose the watches often, right?
You have to touch your face and pull your hair back once in awhile,
so that it gets caught properly on camera, alright?
Don't worry, I'll make this get sold out.
Uhm! Kang Hwi, you are the best!
It's time for the fan meeting talk show. If you are ready, let's go back up.
Ah! Just a moment.
All done! Go!
Yes! There are a lot of presents that came for the two of you.
Among them, I have chosen the most unique present.
It's this present. It's really long!
I will reveal it.
What could be in it?
The whole thing is covered with jewels. It is a standing mic.
Are these real jewels?
Both of you look like you would like this to be your present.
Let's bring her on stage to see who sent this present? Please greet her with a round of applause.
A baby-faced girl has come up.
Please introduce yourself.
Hello. I am Chun Chun who came from Hangzhou and loves Kang Hwi oppa, .
Yes, Chun Chun says she is a fan of Kang Hwi.
Since you have come up here, you may make a request to Kang Hwi oppa if you have one.
I would like to take a photo together.
You would like to take a photo? Fine, let's take a photo.
Give me the camera. Take the present.
Your wish!
She is extremely happy.
Here, I will give it a shot.
A nice expression! Here... taking it!
Look at the camera! I'm taking it. One, two, three...
Yes. I will reveal the next present.
Earlier, I was extremely curious as to what is in this heart-shaped box.
This present is Tae Ik's present. That's right.
It's written here, "Tae Ik oppa, I love you."
I would be grateful if Tae Ik personally opens this present.
Yes, should I?
Please, open it!
I wonder what present is inside.
Wow! It is cat pajamas with fur on it.
It is really cute!
Let's get the person on stage to see who presented this to him. Please come up!
Glad to see you! Now... did you personally make these pajamas?
Yes, I spent a month making this while thinking of Tae Ik sama.
I wanted to give a one-of-a-kind present filled with devotion.
- It is a personally-made cat pajama filled with devotion.
- Thank you very much.
Since you have come up, if there is a wish you have for Tae Ik...
I would like to see Tae Ik sama wear this outfit.
Oh! He mustn't. If he does, there will be a huge problem.
Everybody, wouldn't Tae Ik be really cute if he wears this?
Put it on! Put it on! Put it on! Put it on!
Yes, Tae Ik personally put on the pajamas and came out.
We will take a commemoration picture with the fan.
I'm taking it! One, two, three...
Yes, it came out well and really cute.
Thank you.
Oh! Something broke out on Tae Ik's arm.
That's right.
Our Tae Ik is very sensitive and he has fur allergies.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know that.
I'm really sorry.
Take it off.
I'm fine. It's a joke.
I hit it like this, and that is why it became like this.
- Ah!
- Kang Hwi played a joke.
Ah! Everybody, it is because we played a joke.
Everybody, this suits Tae Ik really well, right?
Shall we tell him to keep wearing it?
On my way in, I saw rice wreathes placed there magnificently.
I heard that the fans are donating these in Take One's name, is that true?
Yes. That's right.
Making a donation has become a trend that shows a mature fan culture.
I am always grateful to everyone in Give N.
So, specially I would like to donate some of the presents I received today.
Wow! Really? But among the presents, there are some really expensive ones, too.
Wouldn't you begrudge it?
So, only some of them.
- Ah! So only some of them. - Yes.
I... will donate them all.
- All of these? - Yes.
- All of these? - Yes. - Wow!
- Of course! - Wow!
What is with just "some of it?" If you are going to do it, you should donate them all.
Kang Hwi will also donate everything he received today.
Everybody in Give N, it's alright, isn't it?
Yes. Oppa! You are cool!
You made a huge decision. Kang Hwi, are you...
Ha! Of course! I also will do this .
But this jewel mike is too precious, so except this.
Hey! How could you do that?
If you are going to do it, then you should donate them all, isn't that so, everybody?
Yes. Oppa, you guys are cool!
Excuse me, please take away all the presents.
He is asking for the presents to be removed.
But, can't Tae Ik have these cat pajamas?
It was made with such a lot of devotion.
He would like to wear it as pajamas.
We will definitely put up a commemoration photo.
Kang Hwi, this jerk! I can't let him go.
Hey! What medicine are you applying?
It is the same medicine that Lee Tae Ik applies. Don't worry and stay still.
Hey! Lee Tae Ik!
How can you just donate everything as you wish?
You did it on purpose, right?
Because you got jealous that I received the jewel mike, right?
I really liked it.
Who started it first?
You know that I'm allergic to fur. You did that purposely, didn't you?
I don't know, I don't know. Still, how could you take away my jewel mic?
All the things that you received today won't add up to my jewel mike. My jewel mic!
Please stop it, both of you!
If you keep doing what you're doing, I will record all of this and put it on the Internet.
You can't.
So, let's fight later. Give me the watches first.
Excuse me, can't I just wear it for one day, just one more day and then return it?
No, you can't.
I promised that I would return it today.
Eyy, come on just for one day.
Just one day!
Ah! Really, you can't.
Kang Hwi.
You have to hurry and leave. It will take some time to get to the airport.
Are you okay being alone?
This is not my first or second time. I can do this.
It's the first time for Stylist Jang, so she'll have a hard time.
So, pack the guys' stuff and send them off first.
And... till the interview is over, you must stay by their side and guard them.
Put your worries aside.
You'll be late, hurry and go.
Go safely.
Stylist Jang, are you almost done?
Where did everyone go?
Excuse me.
We have to load the donation goods onto the truck.
We were wondering if there is anything here, too.
You can take all the wrapped objects over there.
Excuse me, what about this one?
That one, just leave it there.
Ah, seriously! They aren't even kids!
I thought I'd put it here.
Go Dong!
By any chance, have you seen the watch?
I haven't seen it. What's the matter?
One of them is lost. I searched everywhere inside, but I can't find it.
Ah! Just awhile back, they took out all the donation goods. Maybe there...?
Where? Where did they go?
Ahjussi! Ahjussi! Wait a second!
Ahjussi! Ahjussi! Ahjussi!
Seoul Children Welfare Center
We searched for it with a fine-tooth comb,
but we still can't find it.
What are we to do?
Yes... Somehow, I don't think it is here.
Could it have gotten mixed up and gone somewhere else?
Since you were in the waiting room, there must have been other objects there, too.
Oh, no! They've cleaned up everything.
Go Dong, this is Stylist Jang.
Where did you put all the outfits and props that were in the waiting room?
Ah, those... they sent them ahead to the lodging.
Because I thought you wouldn't be able to take care of them.
Did you find the watch?
No, not yet. I will call you again later.
Did someone come?
Ah, most probably Stylist Jang.
Ah, I couldn't see her from before. Did she come ahead?
Man Ok. We're home!!
Man Ok!
Ah, has she not found it yet.
What is it? What happened?
It's... that is...
Man Ok. Man Ok. Where are you...
Man Ok, what is all this?
Man Ok.
What's the matter with you? Huh?
What should I do?
It's not here.
No matter how much I looked for it. I can't find it.
By the way...
What is it?
What disappeared?
Don't cry. Don't cry and tell me.
Oh, what should I do...?
It's okay.
Hey, Jang Man Ok, are you crazy...?
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I'm going to just take one picture.
Do you even know how much it is?
Be quiet...
Just a moment!
If you don't find the watch, you have to compensate for it. Do you have the money?
So, this wouldn't have happened if you left when I told you to.
Hey! What's this?!
You don't know this. You look just like someone I used to like.
What's this? Are they dating?