Jon Danzig directs: 'A 5 Minute Video On Why Your Company Needs A 5 Minute Video'

Uploaded by JonDanzig on 24.10.2010

"A 5 minute video on why your company needs a 5 minute video"
A picture is worth a thousand words.
But a moving picture, with sound, must be worth a lot more.
The powerful and exciting medium of video
is all about moving pictures.
Moving pictures to demonstrate products and services.
To train and educate.
"Starting from the top..."
To advertise and sell.
"Mrs Peek's..."
In the past,
television was the exclusive domain of ITV and BBC.
The closest most people got to being on the telly,
was sitting on it!
Now, new technology and realistic prices
mean that the medium of television is available to us all.
If you've got something to say, sell, show, sing or shout about,
it can be shot on video and played back on television.
In your home or your customer's home.
In your office or your customer's office.
At exhibitions.
At shops.
At conferences.
Within 5 minutes
a video about your business
can tell your potential customers
far more about your products and services
than 5 minutes of listening to a sales rep
or reading a sales brochure.
What other communicative tool has
moving pictures,
lifelike pictures,
colour pictures,
"I should be having my dinner now..."
and special effects?
Professionally scripted, shot and edited
a video can relay a message about your business
that's inspiring, convincing and accurate.
It can be relied upon to tell the right story
whether it's a Monday morning or a Friday afternoon.
What can be shown?
Just about anything.
Companies are using the medium of video
to demonstrate products..
"Oh knock out! Absolutely brill... the colours are changing!"
"How's on earth it do that then?" advertise services..
"I can make arrangements for your trip"
"offering attractive concessions on travel and hotels..." explain manufacturing processes..
"To me, at this stage, it rather looks like Technicolor porridge.." train staff..
"Why not try one just for size?"
"Look, I said I was just looking!"
"Well, I was just trying to help you..." promote corporate image..
♪ DRG - The Paper People.. ♫
..and one of the most powerful inclusions
in a company video
are testimonies from customers..
"We're pleased with the Flexiform product"
"it seems to be very robust.."
"They're never late in delivering,"
"we get very good back up service.."
"So will you be coming back next year?"
"Well, we've booked space!"
Showing your company video couldn't be simpler.
New portable units enable sales reps
to take the video out on the road.
The same units can be used to
automatically play the tape
over and over again
at shops, conferences and exhibitions.
Videos can also be posted direct to customers
both in this country and abroad..
And with the advent of cable and satellite television
there are going to be many outlets available
to cost effectively broadcast company videos
across Europe and the world.
Look-Hear are professional movie makers.
They specialise in scripting, shooting and editing
high quality sales films, corporate films
and training films for business and industry,
as these clips indicate..
♪ Rocking around the Christmas tree... ♫
"Nabisco's Top 40 Christmas hits"
"are all specially composed"
"to be this year's Chart Toppers.."
"This is Interior Design International"
"I.D.I. - Britain's biggest, brightest.."
"The paper making machine is enormous"
"the length of 20 buses.."
"Cologne - 1977"
"Fire rips through a warehouse"
"causing £120 million worth of damage.."
What do Look-Hear's customers think?
"We can do nothing but highly recommend Look-Hear"
"as a company who know what they're doing"
"and have the very latest equipment to shoot and to edit."
"We commissioned a video film from Look-Hear Productions"
"and I can say quite categorically"
"that even before we open our next exhibition"
"in a fortnight's time"
"there is concrete evidence that the film has worked for us"
"and has been extremely cost effective"
"Look-Hear Productions gave us a great deal of help"
"with the scripting and"
"in editing down the ideas to get to the nub of the issue"
"and to give it that kind of impact"
"that we're all familiar with as consumers on TV."
The power of video.
Can your company afford to miss it?