Faculty Perspectives: Dr. Reed Benedict, Sociology & Anthropology

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Hi, my name is Reed Benedict.
I'm a criminologist in the Department of Sociology
and Anthropology, and I'm honored to have been
named the 2009 Faculty Laureate.
I joined Eastern fifteen years ago with the intention of
staying for a few years and then moving on.
I'm still here, and I'm still here for a reason.
Eastern is a great institution.
Every person who works here, from the building service
workers to the staff, faculty, and administration,
we are all here to ensure that every student
receives an exceptional, comprehensive education.
I am proud of our students, as they work hard and
take advantage of the many opportunities afforded them.
For me, academics is not simply a matter of earning
a high grade point average.
Rather, it is about teaching our students to think critically,
communicate clearly, and become responsible
citizens and leaders.
The students in our college are learning these skills
that are necessary to excel in the careers of their choosing.
While learning in the classroom is imperative, learning
outside the classroom is also invaluable.
Dean Hanner and I have been members of the
Triad Faculty Fellows Team for the past three years.
The Triad Team assists students with moving into their dorms.
We often meet their parents and participate
in a variety of programs.
One notable example is the program where students
from different cultures make a dish from their respective
country, and their class or dormmates have to answer
a question about that country before they can try the dish.
The Fellows program also facilitates
dining with our students.
It's amazing to me how often conversations over a meal
turn to what students learned in class, their service and
internships, or they're asking questions about career choices.
This services allows us to directly interact with
our students, and more importantly, it gives us
the opportunity to bring academics into their dorms.
The College of Sciences has always been supportive of
study abroad programs, and I am fortunate to be teaching
my fifth class in the Netherlands in May of 2010.
I am teaching this class with my collegue, Mike Havey in the
Psychology Department, and most of our students
are recruited from the college.
It was life changing the first time I taught in Maastricht,
and every time I go back I continue to learn and grow
as an individual and a professor.
To observe my students in the College personally experience
another culture and to mature and learn is precisely what is
most important to me as I continue to teach these classes.
In sum, I am fortunate to be a faculty member at Eastern and
I thank you for your service to our exceptional College.
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