Beethoven virus, 8회, EP08, #03

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Right this way.
Wow, so many variety of wine.
It varies depending on the grape, weather, and soil.
Is this the most expensive German wine?
- How much is it? - $145.
I see…
How much is this?
That’s $135.
Is this not it?
How much is this?
It’s $95. Would you like to buy that?
It’s not it. It must be this one.
How much is this?
If you’re looking for cheap wine, I have $8 wines over there.
- Oh, really? - Come take a look.
- Excuse me? - Yes.
I’ll just take that.
- The $145 one? - Yes.
Are you buying it for someone important?
Yes, please gift wrap it for me.
I’ll have to take care of him and learn from him for the rest of my life.
- Should I divide it into 12 payments? - No.
Yum. Did you make this?
Wow, I can’t believe you made soup for me.
Not bad to fall into the water.
Were you always so stupid?
How can you jump in out of rage?
Didn’t it occur to you that you could die?
Didn’t you say to jump in?
If I didn’t, you would’ve given me a hard time about it.
How could you think I was being serious? I was just warning you…
Why did you warn me?
Why should you care whether a mere orchestra member goes deaf or not?
You usually could care less.
Are you done?
What were you thinking when I didn’t surface?
You looked for someone, huh?
So you could run away if there weren’t any witnesses.
You panicked when someone showed up, huh?
You were scared to get arrested for assisted suicide.
Were you thinking of my requiem by any chance?
I should conduct a beautiful funeral march during the funeral.
Then I could be absolved of my sins.
Am I right?
I thought I couldn’t see you again.
It means I had fun making fun of you, but I can’t do that anymore.
Why do you look so tense?
I see.
Isn’t it warm in here? I’ve been sweating…
Why don’t you take a shower?
Pardon? Shower?
You jumped in crap water.
The smell is permeating throughout the whole house. Wash up.
What should I do? My clothes are wet.
It’s big.
What are you doing here?
I took a shower, and my clothes were wet…
Shower? Here? Why?
Um, I fell into the water...
...and I lost my keys, so Conductor Kang lent me his clothes…
There was a car accident.
Don’t let him take it the wrong way. Shut your mouth.
Oh, that’s right, accident.
I went to go pick Conductor Kang up and suddenly…
There was a car in back, and didn’t you say you couldn’t hear again?
Oh, yes.
I couldn’t hear cuz of the ringing in my ear, and the other car hit me.
Did you get hurt?
No, I didn’t get hurt but…
She was thrown into the water.
That’s right. I got wet cuz I fell in the water…
Isn’t your car parked outside? It looks fine to me.
Well, um…
She borrowed her friend’s car, and that’s the car that got hit.
What’s with the questions? Are you saying we’re lying to you?
Oh no. I was just concerned.
- What happened to you? - Sorry?
Why did you come back?
Myunghwan already kicked you out?
This is the cost for tuition.
Of course, this is nothing, but I want to learn from you.
Did you hear something?
Yes, Conductor Jung told me.
Why that jerk.
That you badmouthed me.
You said I’m pompous not knowing heaven’s wrath.
You told him to teach me a lesson since I’m cocky.
I came back because of my determination.
I wanted to show you I’m not that kind of person.
I’m going to learn all your conducting techniques by staying right next to you.
I’m even going to make you confess, “Gunwoo’s a pretty good kid”.
So watch out.
Why must I do that?
I’m going to study to go to college while being an interim orchestra member.
I’m going to debut as a conductor, receive awards, and get recognition.
Who said I wanted to hear your plans? Nothing good will come out of it for me.
After becoming a wonderful conductor, I’m going to go see Conductor Jung...
...and say you’re the one who taught me for who I am.
If it weren’t for you, I would be nobody.
The world best conductor isn’t Conductor Myunghwan Jung…
But it’s Maestro Gunwoo Kang.
I’m going to tell the whole world.
Don’t smile.
Should we celebrate? I’ll bring the wine glasses.
You can’t start drinking from the morning! Forget it!
My oldest brother is as old as you.
I just wanted to call you that.
I have an older sister. I’m the only son. I don’t have any younger siblings.
I’ll forever assist you. Rock-steady�