Recipe - Green Gram Patties Soup Recipe With English Subtitles

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Green Gram Patties Soup
Ingredients required to cook Green Gram Patties Soup:
Chopped Tomatoes, Drumsticks, Black gram patties
Jaggery, Onions, Tamarind, Corriander leaves
Mixed spices, Salt, Green chillies, Curry leaves, Turmeric and oil
Firstly, Boil the chopped Tomatoes and Drumsticks
On the other side, heat some oil in a pan
Fry the Mixed spices and Red chillies in the heated oil...
Also fry some Curry leaves and chopped Onions..
Add the tamarind juice in the pan after the onions turn brown
NOTE: Green gram patties are made with soaked green grams paste
Make tiny balls with the batter, dry them in the hot sun and deep fry...
Now, add the boiled tomatoes and drumsticks in the pan
Add some green chillies
Add required amount of salt
Also add some jaggery and mix well
Then, add some turmeric powder and chilli powder
Now, add the green gram patties in the pan
Cook until the balls are softened..