How Remote Viewing Works 2: Dr. Simeon Hein

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--where does it all begin?
It begins
with us,
and our shape.
Shapes have energy,
sacred geometry,
uh, sacred sites,
crop circles.
the most fascinating thing about the Phi Ratio,
the Golden Section
is that our body is built around
the Golden Mean, the Golden Section.
Leonardo da Vinci
in this
drawing of his,
'Measure of Man,'
he found that if you basically go from the top of the head
to the navel,
that's -- if that's the unit of one,
then from the navel down to your feet is 1.6.
It also works throughout your body
with your bone structure.
If the first digit of your finger is the unit one,
the second bone
in your finger,
will be 1.6 times the length of the first digit
and the third bone will be 1.6 times the length of the
second digit,
throughout your entire body.
This is called the Phi Ratio,
the Golden Section.
It seems to suggest
that we have
an inner
a function that somehow
in our
the ratio of 1.618,
uh roughly,
is a function around which biological systems
are built
and it
possibly may suggest that we are like an antenna structure,
that can receive
etheric information,
uh like a crystal,
which I'll go into in a second,
but basically we can receive information because
we're built like an antenna structure.
you can also see this
in different types of
next slide please.
The Phi Ratio,
if you build
series of nested
uh boxes in the ratio of 1.6 to 1,
here it would be 1.6
to 1.
You connect the dots. You get the Golden Mean Spiral.
Many aspects of biological structures are built around
the Golden Spiral,
including our inner ear
the heart muscle
and also other various structures
we heard yesterday about how
in our body
flows in a spiral, twisting form and it's partly because
the -- the
morphology of our -- our body is built around Golden
Mean Spirals
and Golden Sections.
Many other things are also built around
the Golden Section,
the nodular shell,
whirlpools and cabbage
and of course uh
are built around these spirals and in some cases Golden
Mean Spirals. So we know that this spiral is a kind of a
-- a motif, an archetype
that permeates our Universe and it seems to be one key
to why
and energy can move through different types of systems in
the way that it does.
Now an important aspect of the morphology of spirals is
the type of science that most of us learned
in High School and Elementary School,
was built around a mechanistic model.
The mechanistic model likes to take the Universe
and divide it
and then use a causal linear chain of explanation to
describe the effect of 'a' on 'b' on 'c. '
This is the
the technique invented by
Descartes and Newton
and -- and people from the scientific revolution.
It's a very powerful system.
It can get people to the Moon and to Mars
it really doesn't describe
the World below the sub -- the atomic level.
It doesn't describe subatomic
and it doesn't describe the way a lot of energy
The other type of energy that we have in the Universe,
the other type of scientific model that we are getting
from 'Subtle Energy Science,' is, that below the surface of
is a field of energy information
that is naturally coherent.
It's naturally coherent because if you leave it alone,
it will naturally form patterns.
Now, this is an example of it.
These are patterns of sand that are made by a device
that was called a Harmonograph,
that people used to play with in Victoria, England,
after dinner.
Before the days of the Internet and television
people would find interesting things, games to play after
things to do, they would play with this Harmonograph.
Now, I just enjoy these pictures because
not only do they look like, things, like crop circles
but, they show us that nature has
an inherent order,
an inherent coherency
that is underneath the surface and if you just create a
device that swings back and forth,
lo and behold!
It will create coherent shapes.
Some of them have a spiral
type of appearance to them
and they are just beautiful to look at but it shows us
that nature has,
in contrast to this type of war against -- of all against all,
paradigm that we've had in economics and in our
scientific paradigms,
that nature is conflict,
uh that it's a 'zero sum game,'
there's not enough
to go around, for everybody, so you have to scramble to
the top
to get enough.
There's another paradigm, suggest that, nature is
orderly -- inherently orderly,
it creates planets, it creates solar systems, it creates
spiraling galaxies
and it also creates patterns.
Those patterns, I believe, are at work when we do viewing.
The brain naturally has the ability to entrain
RV signal
and naturally create a coherent description of the
The only effort is to actually get past your ego mind,
which wants to prevent you from doing this, for whatever
agenda it has
but the process of viewing itself,
when the information comes through, it's fairly effortless.
Now, fractal geometry is just another important aspect of
our shape.
Fractal shapes are those that are densely packed with
You may have seen these pictures in calendars
or in different settings
but basically the essence -- essence of a fractal
is that,
the more you magnify it,
the more information you see.
This is very different than the type of linear geometry that
we've been brought up with,
that breaks everything down and resolves it to straight
like calculus does
but what fractal geometry
shows us
and it was discovered about a hundred years ago
uh but they were so hor -- horrified by it, they said it
was like a mathematical monster
and it was relegated to the closet
because it was not orderly
of course nowadays fractal geometry is used for satellite,
-- compression,
and jpeg images and all sorts of wonderful
information compression technologies.
The thing about fractals is, that our bodies are built
around fractals.
If you look at something like your cardiovascular system,
a branching structure.
It starts with your lungs and breaks off into arteries
and smaller capillaries.
You have about 50,000 miles of arteries and capillaries in
your body.
How does nature do that?
It's using a branching type structure,
just like a fractal.
Fractal type structures
are capable,
in a finite space,
of having a lot of energy transfer.
cardiovascular system needs to have a lot of oxygen
transferred to all of the
trillion of cells in your body.
It does this using a fractal branching structure.
You can also find fractal structures in trees
and in mountain ranges
and many other types of living systems
where you need a lot of ener -- energy information flow.
I would also like to suggest here,
that fractal geometry
helps us
with subtle etheric energies too.
Fractal geometry also creates very many
natural looking structures
and objects
and um,
so fractal geometry is a more of a natural type of math
than the traditional type of math that we have all been
brought up, with.
Now another aspect of the theory about why this works,
We've long had the theory,
with the crop circles,
that the crop circles were acting like crystals
but we know
pervade our planet, the crust of our planet,
that we have a uh
liquid crystals
in our blood,
in our bodies
and I would like to suggest that human beings are in fact
liquid -- living liquid crystals.
Crystals have the ability to change,
into shapes,
vibrations, like a phonograph needle,
into an electrical signal
or vice versa.
You could put an electrical signal into them like a quartz
watch and get a very even
mechanical motion
from a crystal.
So what crystals have the ability to do
is, to transform
one type of energy into another type of energy.
When we receive the etheric
RV signal,
from wherever it comes from, a nonlocal
quantum source,
however it actually works,
our bodies somehow
naturally knows how to take that signal and turn it into
feelings, into words, onto
words on your page.
It's quite possible that the crystallinity of the human
allows us to
do that.
this is not a
and this is the perfect example, by the way, of
a liquid crystal
and a spiral forming in a liquid crystal.
crystals when they are in a liquid form also form
coherent patterns, naturally.
Cymatics, is another area
that we heard about yesterday
and cymatics is
this phenomenon that the Swiss scientist Hans Jenny
the ability
of sounds to create shapes.
This is simply
on water
and when you broadcast a specific sound
into the water, through cymatics,
as Freddy Silva
told us about,
it creates these shapes.
The shapes themselves
again, are naturally coherent.
It works the other way too.
Every object that exists,
is creating a subtle type of infra-sound
and people suspected perhaps that the crop circles are
generating infra-sound too
but nonetheless,
sound can become a shape
and shapes can become sound
and this is again why
your body is able to decode the signal line of the RV
everything that exists, creates its own,
sort of,
quantum sound
and that signal
is coherent
and you can pick it up and perceive it
and turn it into a coherent shape on your page.
This is just simply a person singing
uh -- uh a steel plate,
uh a device that's hooked up to a steel plate
and look how -- in the sand,
naturally forms coherent patterns.
It's very beautiful to look at.
It's very symmetrical
and it's resonant.
And this is what light looks like,
at a subatomic level,
again, very crystalline,
very orderly
and very coherent.