Chanakya - Episode 44

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Chandragupt goes to the consultation room to see Acharya Chandragupt.
Where is my mother?
Where is my uncle?
They are safe!
chandragupt asks Sharangav about his mother's whereabouts.
Sharangav, you know where my mother is.
Have you ever disobeyed the orders of Acharya?
At the drama theatre of Pataliputra...
...the scene of Draupadi's Chirharan is being rehearsed.
Shame on you, O Ruling Dynasty!
Shame on the progress of men!
Pauravraj was lost in the scene...
...when Chandragupt's room in the palace is set on fire.
Acharya Vishnugupt gives the responsibility of investigating the arson to Bhagurayan.
I want the consiparators, who tried to kill the Prince, behind bars.
How much time do you need?
Minister Rakshas and Bhagurayan...
...believe that the fire was set by Vishnugupt himself.
Acharya Vishnugupt!
The people who were killed in the fire were our men!
Vishnugupt tries to convince Queen Mahishi to marry her daughter with Chandragupt.
I want to see the entire Nand Clan happy!
So I'm giving you the troubIe of being part of Princess Dharini's wedding.
Acharya sends a message to Dharini through Shonotra...
...that he will no more force Dharini to marry Chandragupt.
There is no wicked or uIterior motive in what I have said.
Where will Acharya be at this time?
PossibIy he is at Acharya Ajay's home.
Shonotra! I want to go to Acharya Ajay's home.
Forgive me, Prince. You can't Ieave the paIace.
It is Acharya's order.
Shonotra, I want to see Acharya!
Forgive me, Prince. You'II have to wait for his return.
Shonotra, I can't wait for Acharya.
I'm heIpIess, Prince.
Acharya is in the Conference Room.
Greetings, Acharya! - May you Iive Iong!
Acharya, you!... - Prince!
I've made a decision.
From now on you are free.
You aren't bound to foIIow my orders.
In fact, I don't even have any right to order you!
I never had this right.
After you've taken over the administration, I wiII Ieave.
Acharya! Why are you saying that?
Go, Prince! Go! I want to be aIone.
'Roll my roller! Roll my roller!'
'Roll forward, roll backwards!'
Yeah!...Yes, sir!
A IittIe patience is necessary to enjoy the royaI bath.
After a few days you wiII have to wait everyday.
Stop taIking. Hurry up!
Yeah, here you go, sir!
I'm sorry. I made a mistake.
Take this.
What are you doing, Susidharthak!? - Now what?
I'm sorry. I made a mistake again.
For a moment, I was distracted by thoughts of your weIfare.
By thoughts of my weIfare?
I'm sorry. I erred again.
Susidharthak! CompIete your sentence. It's an order.
Forgive me, Lord. I'm an uneducated fooI.
How I can think of your weIfare?
Last night I drank some wine so I've Iost controI over my mind.
It was a sIip of the tongue. KindIy forgive me.
Susidharthak! You are my favorite. I enjoy Iistening to your views.
Do you want to deprive me of your enjoyabIe thoughts.
How can I, a fooIish and wicked man think about your weIfare?
No, Susidharthak!
I know that you are a cIever, far- sighted, righteous and Iearned man.
So speak your heart out without hesitation.
My fooIish taIk might upset you.
Don't waste time. I'm eager to hear whatever you want to say.
NobIeman! PIease Ieave my hand.
Okay. Say it now.
I was wondering, lord!
...why has that eviI man postponed Dharini's marriage with the Prince.
Do you aIso know that?
Everybody in the paIace knows that.
But...what were you thinking?
I was thinking how this couId benefit that conniving man.
And what did you concIude?
That's what I can't understand.
You're an idiot. If you can't understand then why do you think about it?
Maybe I am an idiot.
But if his decision doesn't harm him, then who eIse wiII it harm?
Meaning? - That is what I've been thinking.
Why has he suddenIy stopped insisting upon Princess Dharini's marriage?
But why are you thinking about aII this?
Lord, I am a mere servant, so I must think about my interest.
What is your interest?
Nobleman! I've been the topmost gambIer.
I can predict weII who wiII stake and how much wiII he stake.
I was mereIy a gambIer. OnIy thing I used to stake was money.
You're a poIitician, so you wiII stake a kingdom.
I was thinking that between you, that wicked man and the Minister Rakshas...
who wiII stake what in this gambIe?
Susidharthak, you!...
Don't be surprised. It's in my nature to think.
If my guess is correct, you are struggling for the throne.
and that wicked man is an obstruction for you.
For gaining controI of PataIiputra you'II need Minister Rakshas' heIp.
But why shouId he heIp you?
Even if he helps you now, will he support you in the future?
UntiI yesterday one thing was cIear, Minister wiII oppose Dharini's marriage.
But now that wicked man has Ieft no ground for opposition.
What's your guess now, Susidharthak?
Prince Chandragupt can't be stabIe without the Minister's heIp.
And to stabiIize yourseIf, you'II have to win over the Minister.
And winning the Minister isn't so easy.
Why has he stopped insisting on marriage is a puzzIe that I can't soIve.
But with that you have Iost the chance to win over the Minister.
Meaning? Don't be surprised.
I'm seeing the symptoms of Prince's murder.
But that won't impIicate the Minister.
You're not being expIicit, Susidharthak.
This is onIy my guess.
You wouId have won, if it had happened.
What shouId have happened that I couId have won?
If Prince was murdered after Dharini's marriage, you'd have won over Minister.
Go on, I'm Iistening.
The Minister wants the Prince dead. You too might want that.
With canceIIation of Dharini's marriage Minister won't waver to kiII the Prince
If he succeeds aIone, then why shouId he handover the power to you?
After the marriage, the Minister couId change his opinion about the Prince.
If Prince is kiIIed with your joint efforts after the marriage then...
Prince wiII be out, and the Minister wiII share the sin of murder...
thus Nand famiIy wiII be against him!
You can easiIy overpower the guiIt-ridden Minister.
If Prince is removed before his marriage how wouId it change the scenario?
With the Prince gone, why wiII the Minister and Magadha accept you?
You too are an invader.
You commit murder what difference wiII that make to the Minister's future?
By destroying the invaders, Minister's prestige wiII be enhanced.
And the Minister can coronate any Magadhan.
If the Prince dies after his marriage.
you can convince Magadhans that Nands had Dharini married to Prince wiIIingIy.
In the absence of the Prince you wiII be the naturaI inheritor of the throne.
And if necessary, you can even bIame the Minister for the murder.
If Minister heIps you then you may do whatever is in your best interest.
Even in that situation ñ you wiII be the winner.
'Make the hiIIs and rocks as fIat as the pIains'
'RoII my roIIer... RoII...roII and roII...'
'RoII my roIIer... RoII...roII and roII...'
'RoII forward and RoII backwards'
So what have you decided, Nobleman?
I was your friend, nobIeman.
After your having thought so far, Ieaving you aIive isn't in my interest.
You were an ordinary gambIer you shouId have thought about ordinary matters.
You were crossing your Iimits.
After knowing so much, you shouId not remain aIive.
Think over it, nobIeman.
I'm a gambIer. I staked and I won.
But you haven't Iost anything yet.
Consider me as your friend.
What is your interest in heIping me?
My job is to heIp you. You'II decide my reward.
A gambIer doesn't aspire for the kingdom.
I'm greedy about money.
A fistfuI from the RoyaI treasury wiII be sufficient for me.
And you'II favor me in future too.
Decision is in your hands.
You are not onIy shrewd but you're very practicaI too.
I want to meet Minister Rakshas soon.
Consider your work done, nobIeman.
[It won't be safe for anyone if you Iive too Iong, Susidharthak.]
Susidharthak, has your master arrived? Yes. Has your master come, Sidharthak?
Yes. My master is present in this room.
My master has conveys his regards to your master.
My master too conveys his regards to your master.
My master wants to know the purpose of his visit.
My master wants heIp from your master. - What kind of heIp does he want?
My master wants poIiticaI heIp from your master.
In what form?
My master wants to get rid of his enemies.
Who are his enemies?
My master wants to speak to your master directIy.
UnIess he knows the gravity of the task my master wiII not present himseIf.
My master can't reveaI the secret untiI he personaIIy meets your master.
My master accepts his proposaI. But your master shouId come aIone.
My master too doesn't want the presence of anyone eIse.
Susidharthak, you Ieave your master aIone and I'II Ieave my master aIone.
AIright, Sidharthak. I'm Ieaving. You too do the same.
Minister! - Pauravraj!
Greetings, Minister. - Greetings, Pauravraj.
Sidharthak must have toId you everything about me.
Yes. Pauravraj.
Minister, I shaII not waste your time and get down to my proposaI.
I want to get rid of Prince Chandragupt.
Getting rid of the Prince! But you are his coIIaborator.
You're wasting my time and your time, Minister.
What is your seIfish motive in getting rid of the Prince?
Magadha's throne.
But why are you trusting me?
Because Acharya Vishnugupt isn't trusting you.
You're his enemy and he is my enemy.
Isn't an enemy's foe considered a friend by his enemy, Minister?
Aren't you keen on destroying those who have destroyed your master?
You too had supported him in the destruction of my master.
If I had the capabiIity to destroy Nand, then why wouId I seek your heIp?
Then, why shouId I heIp the weak?
Because, without this weakIing's heIp, you can't destroy your enemy.
Minister, I know that I am a traitor and weak.
But I'm in a stronger position.
I'm against the Prince.
And I aIso know you want to be in cIose proximity of the Prince to destroy him.
Am I wrong?
In what way can you heIp me? - Just try me.
You guarantee my safety, I'II guarantee to consign Prince directIy to heaven.
Why do you fear me?
Can anyone in Magadha be safe without your support?
What if I refuse to heIp you? -Opportunities don't knock everyday!
Suppose I die tomorrow. I'II have no kingdom and you wiII have no other way.
You have to take the decision, Minister.
What wiII I have to do to heIp you?
Firstly, You wiII have to arrange Dharini's marriage with Chandragupt.
Secondly, seIect a courtesan to kiII Prince. I'II take her up to the Prince.
Before kiIIing the Prince Chandragupt, why do you want to get him married?
You know weII that onIy after Prince's marriage...
Nand supporters wiII accept the Prince as Nand's heir.
And after the Prince, I am his naturaI inheritor.
Is this process of transference of power wrong?
This is persecution, nobIeman!
Even kiIIing the Prince is persecution.
What's the difference between kiIIing the married and unmarried Prince?
Think it over. And if this proposaI is acceptabIe, just Iet me know.
May I Ieave, Minister. - Wait!
I accept your proposaI.
I am gIad, nobIeman.
But, so far, you haven't said what is in your mind, Minister.
I've an uIterior motive in getting rid of the Prince.
But what is your motive in getting rid of the Prince?
Vengeance for the King's murder!
Vengeance for Magadha's humiIiation!
Vengeance for the destruction of the King's famiIy!
Vengeance for kiIIing those innocents who died in an unjust war!
Vengeance for deceiving Magadha!
Aren't these reasons good enough for you?
Think it over again.
Dharini wiII greatIy suffer after the Prince's death.
Rather she wiII be fortunate.
Fortunate for aiding us in destroying the one who has destroyed Nand dynasty.
Pain of widowhood wiII be much Iess than pain of being Prince's sIave or queen.
Let me worry about her.
So when do you intend to make its auspicious beginning, Minister?
You wiII be kept informed, Pauravraj. AIIow me to Ieave now.
Sooner the better!
Go Minister. May you be victorious!
Pauravraj seeks permission to see you.
Escort him here.
Greetings, Acharya!
Pauravraj, you shouId taIk directIy with the Prince about your rights.
What are you saying, Acharya!
Who am I or the Prince to decide about rights?
And who is Prince to decide?
This is your prerogative, Acharya.
I've forsaken aII my rights. I'm now awaiting Prince's order.
Why do you say such things?
You have yet to get the Prince married, get Prince MaIayaketu married.
And you're taIking of renouncing the worId so earIy.
Are you angry with the Prince? - No.
Has he offended you? - No.
If you are not angry with the prince...
If you're not unhappy with me.
Why did you do this which has saddened the royal family and others?
What have I done, Pauravraj?
Why did you postpone Dharini's marriage to the Prince?
That is Prince's personaI decision.
What a fooI I am!
I was under the impression that you have an objection over the Prince's marriage.
The Prince is immature.
It is not his fauIt. it's your fauIt!
Can a student ever express his consent for marriage before his teacher?
In a way it is my fauIt too.
I'm eIdest in our famiIy and I forgot Prince has become of marriageabIe age.
AIIow me to Ieave, Acharya. I'm unabIe to controI my mind.
How do I express my happiness?
My Prince, who is Iike my son, is going to get married.
PataIiputra wiII rejoice and there wiII spring in my Iife again.
I am so fortunate to have a son Iike Chandragupt.
I have a request to make.
Don't deprive PataIiputra of happiness this time.
On occasion of Prince's marriage, Iift aII restrictions on ceIebrations.
I want to make this occasion a memorabIe one.
Don't stop me this time, Acharya! Don't stop me this time around!
It wiII be appropriate if the Prince decides it.
Acharya! Why have you become so harsh?
Pauravraj, I want to be Ieft aIone.
Why do you want to be aIone, Acharya?
You ought to be the happiest person. You're the Prince's Teacher.
AIright! I'II now come to you onIy after getting Prince's consent.
AIIow me to Ieave. Farewell!
What are you doing, father? -Shut up, you fooI.
Send a message to the Queen mother that I'm anxious to see her.
If you insist then I'II convey your message to the Queen Mother.
But how wiII this heIp Magadha?
This seems to me to be the onIy way to bring peace in Magadha.
I trust your aIIegiance towards Magadha.
That's why I aIways endorse you.
But I shouId reiterate, that your chosen path is not correct.
By getting Dharini married to the Prince, I intend to end this confIict.
Kathyayan! I am not a poIitician.
But I do know that if Dharini's marriage couId end this probIem... wouId have taken this proposaI personaIIy to Vishnugupt.
I won't ask what you intend to do.
But I must warn you to stop being obstinate!
Stop being obstinate!
Prince! Stop being obstinate! Stop being obstiate!
It's made me your Acharya, your friends, the whoIe paIace very unhappy.
How can you dispIease the one who has raised you since chiIdhood, Prince?
What right do you have to troubIe those who have supported you aII aIong...
and considered your words as the voice of the God?
What right do you have to troubIe your weII-wishers?
Shonotra, you too try to persuade him.
Prince, pIease give your consent! Please give your consent!
Think about the weIfare of Magadha.
PIease say something, Prince.
I am heIpIess, nobIeman.
If you're heIpIess who is capabIe, Prince?
PIease forgive me, nobIeman.
If I had seIfish interest, I wouId have forgiven you.
But how can I ignore the happiness of everyone?
You'II have to marry Princess Dharini.
Is there no vaIue of Princess Dharini's wishes?
You mean if she agrees then you are wiIIing to marry her?
NobIeman! - Thank you very much, Prince.
I've succeeded. Acharya Vishnugupt, I've succeeded!
Prince you're committed.
After conferring with Queen Mother I'II give you the good news.
AIIow me to Ieave tiII then. Thank you! Sooner the better!
Dharini! ProbabIy this is the onIy way out for the Nand famiIy.
It's my fortune, nobIeman, that you have come here today.
PIease have a seat.
I've very IittIe time and the matter is very important.
I wish to taIk with you in privacy.
What shall I serve you, nobIeman?
On behaIf of the King I had offered you titIe of RoyaI Danseuse many times.
And every time I had rejected the offer.
And I too had never forced you.
But today, once again, I've brought the same proposaI before you.
My answer is the same. I've no interest in this position.
Neither am I interested in your becoming a RoyaI Danseuse.
Then why are you proposing this?
Because now Magadha needs you.
I don't quite understand you, nobIeman!
Shweta! ProbabIy you may have to die.
You may have to escape from PataIiputra. ProbabIy you might be humiIiated.
Why don't you be expIicit, nobIeman?
You have to commit a murder.
Nobleman, this is an art worshippers' tempIe.
Not the market of murderers.
Perhaps you've Iost your way.
You can Ieave.
I respect you, nobIeman.
But your proposaI didn't deserve respect
So I beg forgiveness.
If I had the power to punish, I'd have certainIy punished you.
Has Magadha faIIen so Iow that men Iike you want to use women for vioIence?
Do I look like a beast to you, Shweta?
Or do you see a barbarian in me?
Wasn't it vioIence when Maghadha's foes merciIessIy kiIIed innocent Magdhans?
Wasn't it vioIence when Maghadha's foes were sIaying weII-wishers of Magadha?
I never Iacked the physicaI strength and courage.
And I had never cared for my Iife.
Then why did you need me?
If it were a war between warriors then I won't have knocked on your door.
But I've no other way except to fight the cunning men with cunningness.
But you haven't answered my question, Minister.
My answer couId prove disastrous for Magadha's future.
I am a woman, Minister. I deIiver Iife.
But for the future of Magadha, I can give my Iife too.
I can take the Iife too!
Shweta, the Nand famiIy is in the cIutches of Magadha's enemies.
They can be kiIIed any moment for poIiticaI reasons.
By arranging Dharini's marriage with Chandragupt that wicked man is...
...trying to estabIish his natural right over Magadha's throne.
As if that isn't enough, Chandragupt's aIIies, after his marriage to Dharini...
...want to murder him!
Is it true, Minister?
The face of truth wiII be even more terrifying, Shweta.
The invaders wiII fight amongst themseIves for the throne.
There wiII be fight within Magadha for the power.
There wiII be civiI war, destruction, kiIIings, and bIoodshed!
And what do you want, Minister?
The task of kiIIing the prince has been entrusted to me by his own aIIies.
Don't be shocked, Shweta. This is true.
After Chandragupt's murder they couId kiII the entire Nand famiIy too.
I want to protect Dharini and Nand famiIy.
How, Minister?
I want the Prince kiIIed before Dharini's marriage.
Is it necessary to kiII the Prince to protect Dharini?
If I don't kiII him, then they wiII kiII him and that too after Dharini's marriage.
But how wiII you benefit by kiIIing the Prince?
Freedom of Dharini!
Besides, Prince's murder wiII cause rift amongst Magadha's enemies.
And onIy a rift between them can protect Magadha, Shweta!
The enemies have surrounded Magadha.
OnIy their Ieader's death can destroy their moraIe.
I've to choose between one kiIIing and thousands of kiIIings.
ProbabIy, this is the onIy way.
Magadha wiII be indebted to you for this service.
Ask for any reward.
I can give it to you.
I need time to think, Minister.
AIright, Shweta. I wiII contact you again.
Princess Dharini wishes to meet you.
Bring her respectfuIIy.
WeIcome, Princess Dharini.
Is this how the daughters of defeated kings are punished, Acharya?
I didn't quite understand you, Princess!
Even Prince Chandragupt's mother had assured that I won't be married to him.
My mother too had suggested suicide as a way out.
Is that the onIy way out for me?
On the aItar of your poIiticaI ambition, must I suffer the punishment of...
...spending rest of my Iife with Prince Chandragupt?
May I ask you a question, Princess? - Yes, Acharya.
Each one of you have found the path of freedom for you.
But can you show me the path of freedom for this society?
Can you show me the path of freedom for this Iand?
You have to write the future of this Iand, Princess.
I am onIy presenting you with the pen and ink.
If my confidence that you can write the future of this Iand is wrong...
...then I pIead guiIty, Princess.
Bearing a chiId is painfuI, Mother.
BuiIding a nation is painfuI too.
To give the nectar to this earth, someone has to consume the poison.
This is the ruIe of nature, Princess.
Dharini, I am a teacher.
Death and saIvation are the same for me. Happiness and sorrow are the same too.
You wish for happiness. I seek sorrow.
Because it keeps me active.
FeeIing pain of masses doesn't give pIeasure.
We can't experience it physicaIIy.
One needs speciaI powers to digest poison.
You've to determine your strength on your own.
One more thing!
I had a seIfish motive behind your marriage.
Because, onIy you can protect the Prince
That's why I had sent Prince's mother as your maid so that she can win you over.
But she too opposed me.
Your mother opposed me. Prince opposed me.
But one fact that nobody couId see is that...
...for Nand's daughter there was no better match than Chandragupt in entire Iand.
I had punished your father, Dharini.
I have no right to punish you.
Chandragupt's marriage to a Nand's daughter was Chanakya's poIiticaI move.
But in Dharini's marriage to a cowherd was an innocent wish of a father.
TiII yesterday, I was guiIty.
But who wiII you bIame now?
I may be guiIty, but not the Prince.
How can you punish him for my crime?
And rest assured. Nothing wiII happen against your wish.
Dharini's marriage couId have been pIanned without Dharini's consent.
But not the actuaI marriage. That was my need.
But Vishnugupt wiII aIIow you to retrace untiI the seventh step of sacred vows.
That's Vishnugupt's promise.
Final will be your decision.
Go! May Mother India protect you!
Move back pIease! Move back!
Get back! Move aside, please!
Make a way, pIease! Move back, ladies!
Step aside! Make way for him!
Let go of his hand! Let go of it!
This way! Please come!
Make a way, pIease! Move back, ladies!
Ladies, please, move aside!
Make way for him!
Let go of his hand! Let go of it!
Let go of his hand!
Let go of his hand! You come, please!
This way, nobleman!
Come, please!
Come, please!
Step aside! Move!
CongratuIations, Minister.
The Queen Mother has given permission for Princess Dharini's marriage.
CongratuIations to you too, Pauravraj.
I have finaIized my pIan.
What is your pIan?
NobIeman Bhagurayan wiII... - Bhagurayan?
Don't be shocked, Pauravraj. He is my trusted man!
CompIete your sentence!
Bhagurayan wiII take danseuse Shweta... -Danseuse Shweta?
Yes. Danseuse Shweta.
She wiII reach the paIace to serve Prince Chandragupt.
And she wiII murder the Prince.
Who is this danseuse Shweta?
Even the King couId not win her over.
But is that woman so capable?
Her strength Iies in her beauty. - And?
Her strength Iies in her charm. -Is she so attractive?
You wiII reaIize that too.
WiII I get a taste of her beauty?
Our aim is to murder the Prince.
To murder Chandragupt!