Black Jack TV - Full Episode 60 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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An encounter of love and missed opportunities.
Lost memories reunite the couple who once lost each other.
I can't remember my name or anything.
She has amnesia.
I'll take care of you until you get your memory back.
Where am I ?
Come back!
Are you still with Ms. Sachi?
A man changes in five years.
"Sachi", like happiness.
Black Jack, Today's Karte - Encounter of the Couple Who Share a Past.
I'm going to fly to where you are.
I know I can spread my wings when I want to see you.
Nobody knows
when a miracle might occur,
but it feels like my wish is finally coming true.
Because there's only one place I want to go,
I gather my feelings whose color never fade,
and now it seems I'm dreaming.
I'm living for your sake.
I will be your strength,
no matter how far apart we are.
So Freedom. So Freedom.
I will send you
the beautiful blossom of this flower.
So let's look for shooting stars.
So Freedom. So Freedom.
Crap! Keep driving!
Walk, Largo!
Hey! Largo! Stop!
What happened to her?
She was lying on the road.
She's badly hurt.
Is there a hospital nearby?
Aye, there is!
Encounter of the Couple Who Share a Past
Originally "Accident" by Tezuka Osamu
Four fractures,
eight internal hemorrhages,
and a concussion too.
Can you save her, Doctor?
Pinoko, we'll start the operation now.
There's is an internal hemorrhage under here.
That's a Meckel's diverticulum.
It should be removed, but I can't right now.
We'll use a temporary treatment.
Pinoko, give me the centesis needle.
Operation complete.
How is she, Doctor?
The operation went well.
Repairing so many injuries... You're amazing!
There's still one thing that concerns me.
She has a Meckel's diverticulum.
It's a disorder where a part of the intestine swells up and bleeds.
We can leave it there for now,
but we should extract it if she starts to feel pain.
And why are you telling me?
Good point.
Shoot, I need to get back to work.
Oh, that reminds me.
Here, it's a good luck charm I carry.
So she'll get well soon.
I'll leave it near her bed.
I'll stop by again after work.
Come in.
You're awake?
I'll go get Doc.
My name is Tachibana Toru.
I drove by and found you lying in the road.
You were injured, but the doctor here treated you.
What's your name?
My name?
We need to call your family.
Good, you're awake.
I don't know...
I can't remember my name or anything.
Oh, my goodness!
She has amnesia.
That's troublesome.
If we can't locate her family,
who'll be paying the fees for the surgery and stay?
Her belongings haven't been recovered, and she has no clues on her.
So you haven't identified who she is?
Oh, man...
But I can't ignore her.
Take your time.
Mr. Toru.
I thought you might need some stuff.
Did you remember anything?
I'm sorry for causing you trouble.
It's no trouble at all!
I feel lonely, so...
Don't worry.
I'm sure you'll remember someday.
You know what, I'll take care of you until you remember.
So don't worry about a thing.
Leave it all to me!
Here we are.
It's not a pretty place.
I'll be staying at the office, so use this place as you like.
But that's...
Don't worry about it.
Buy anything you need with this.
I'll stop by again after work.
I have such a pretty girl at my place.
All right! I'll pay off her doctor fees in no time!
Hey, can someone make a run to Port Town?
I'll go!
Enthusiastic, aren't we?
Send all after-hour and holiday deliveries my way too!
It's so clean; it's nothing like my room.
I had nothing else to do.
I did the laundry and cooked dinner too.
It's so good!
Nothing beats home cooking!
Is your mother far from here?
I don't have one.
Both of my parents died already.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry about it.
You must have parents.
I don't know...
I'm sure you do!
Anyway, I'll get going.
Thanks for dinner.
I'll have dinner ready again tomorrow.
Toru, it's payday, so let's go out after work.
Sorry, but I'm in a hurry.
You haven't hung out with us lately.
I thought it might look good on you.
Mr. Toru...
Why are you so kind to me?
W-Well, b-because...
Can I give you a name?
What is it?
"Sachi", like happiness.
Here's the doctor's fee.
Sachi, let's go visit the doctor tomorrow.
Toru, but...
Don't worry about it!
But hey, I'm starving.
Does it hurt?
It's not serious.
Doctor, can you treat her Meckel's diverticulum next?
I think she's been feeling a lot of pain recently.
I can, but I'll ask for my regular price this time.
It's ¥ 10,000,000 .
¥ 10,000,000 ?!
Toru, that's so much.
It's OK.
Can you take a look at this, Doctor?
I really want you to treat her, so I came with a contract.
I don't have the money yet, but will you treat her when I do?
Do you really need this?
Just in case you get amnesia, Doctor.
It's a promise, Doctor.
I'll really come back with the money.
I think I've never felt so peaceful before.
Me too.
But I sometimes get scared
that you might get your memory back, and disappear from my life.
That won't happen.
Even if my memories come back, I know my love for you won't change.
Then will you stay with me forever?
The savings are growing so much.
Don't push yourself too hard.
Don't worry about a thing.
It's the anniversary of the day we first met.
Let's celebrate tonight.
I'll have a big dinner ready.
Where am I ?
What am I doing here?
I'm scared.
Why am I here?
I better go home.
Where to?
Are you all right?
Can you tell me where we are?
Never mind.
Go please.
I'm going to...
Hey Sachi, I brought home a bottle of wine.
Has she gone shopping?
Did she...
Sachi! Sachi!
Maybe she'll be home now.
She must be.
She's gone.
You disappeared so suddenly!
Sachi! Come back!
You're drinking a lot, lad.
Did your girlfriend run off on you?
None of your business.
Whoa, that was it?
Then wanna go have fun and get your mind off of her?
You're good at this.
I'll bet the whole thing this time.
Never come back again.
Got it?
He tried to accuse me of something, so I taught him a lesson.
Once an honest truck driver, now a bouncer at an underground casino, huh?
You've changed so much.
A man changes in five years.
What happened to Ms. Sachi?
Her memories came back and she disappeared from my life.
My life's been going wrong ever since.
There's something I've been wanting to give you.
What's this?
Is that the contract and the surgical fee?
What kind of idiot am I, keeping these for the woman who disappeared on me?
But Doctor, keep these for me.
And, if you happen to run into her, operate on her.
All this money is clean.
I worked my ass off to earn this.
Do you still think about Ms. Sachi?
It happened so long ago.
I don't.
It's a sting!
Run for it!
Doctor, you better get out.
It's the police.
This way!
Operation of an illegal casino and infliction of bodily injury have been reported.
Do you admit to all charges?
The judge is young, but very strict.
Be careful with your attitude.
All rise!
Defendant Tachibana Toru, step up to the witness stand.
Defendant, comply with my order.
Can you...
Your honor, please look at my face carefully.
You may not speak until asked to do so, defendant.
Do you remember me at all?
Do you not even have a faint memory of me?
You'll be held in contempt if you don't stop laughing!
Of course not.
We're total strangers.
So you were a jurist.
The defendant has already admitted to all charges.
We will move immediately to-
Objection, Your Honor.
I would like to call a critical witness to the stand.
Go ahead.
You will want to make allowances for his circumstances upon learning how he ended up in his current position.
He once saved a woman after she suffered from an accident.
After that, they lived together and promised to share their futures together.
But that woman had another ailment.
He wanted to cure that too, so he worked hard to save for the operation.
But the woman disappeared suddenly,
and his life started going wrong.
Get to your point.
I came here to see that patient since he paid me for the operation.
You have a period of time for which you have no memories, do you not?
This has nothing to do with this case.
It very much does.
The woman he saved had amnesia.
There's no one who knows his true personality better than you.
That woman was you, Your Honor.
Any further mockery will-
If you study this contract, you will find your signature.
This is proof.
Court is adjourned for today.
This signature is mine.
I do have a period of time I can't remember.
But even if you tell me that I was living with him during that time...
But that's the truth.
During that time, you loved that man.
I sometimes have a recurring dream.
A happy dream that I'm living with someone.
In that dream, I'm very happy.
But in reality, I don't remember a thing.
What do you want me to do now?
You might remember something if you have this operation.
She's awake.
A verdict has been reached.
Defendant Tachibana Toru is sentenced to 15 months in prison.
There is room for allowances for the circumstances leading to his crimes,
but serving this term in atonement to all the victims involved will be best for...
Case closed.
Wait, Toru.
You recognized me?
I remember everything.
I'm sorry for what I've done to you.
I even had to sentence you today.
No, you were very just.
Now it's my turn to wait for your return.
You'll still wait for me?
Of course I will.
I still love you the way I did before.
I'll never let you go.
We'll be together forever.
Doc, if I lose my memories, please make them come back.
Three Pinoko Specials would solve that.
Oh, excuse me!
There's no romance in that at all !
Four, then?
Hey, now!
I'm joking.
As you look at the ground uncertainly,
I genlty pull your hair closer to me.
You didn't speak, but only sighed,
and wet my chest with your tears.
You longed to hear it, even if it was a lie.
but I couldn't give you the answer you wanted.
If I gave you that answer, despite my cowardice,
would we still be together?
That irregular breath my body was accustomed to,
I want to feel it one more time.
The breath of surprise when I lost everything,
and the pain that binds me every time I feel regret.
This girl is exactly like Pinoko.
But the girl we met at a seaside village had a shocking story.
I want to see Pinoko.
The disease-causing material?
This is zeta metal poisoning.
When will I get better?
This factory supports the village, which has no other industry.
You want me to falsify the document?!
This is the end for you!
I won't let her die!
Black Jack, Next Karte - The Two Pinokos.
I thought it might look good on you.