How to Use Adobe Photoshop : Adding Background Effects in Adobe Photoshop

Uploaded by expertvillage on 27.04.2007

Hi! this is Kyle with Expert Village and I am going to give you some tips on layers with
photo shop. Now, when we check the background out against it, it looks good, now the reason
it looks good is I went through again the layers, the style and I blended it and I will
make sure that it was well blended, on this one, it was hard light because I have checked
the other ones, nothing else and it doesn’t look good. So, the only one that really works
is the hard light. So I am going to leave it on that. Now, basically view, fit on screen
if you hit this or hit control and zero and it will go to that, this shows you the full
picture, that way you can step back and take a look. Now, let us go up the layers again,
as we go up different layers, what was this one, this layer it was simply stars, stars
you can find a picture of stars, or you can just go down, take your little paint brush
tool, go to brush and then hit, instead of black, right click it, go to really light
white. I didn’t want to go to white since there is sky, the Hollywood sign and stuff
so I went to more of a little bit of yellowish, now if you want to match the color, you just
go over to the actual color and you try to click right on what you want to match. Say,
if I want to match this blue, see it goes right to it. If I want to match the color
of the Hollywood sign letters, it goes right to it. So, what I want to do is only match
this. So, what I do now if you are going to make a star way too big, you want a little
tiny star. So, you go down to that and let us just go with white so that way it stands
out a little bit. There you go, little tiny stars, little white stars all around and you
may or may not, the longer you hold it down, say if you go like this, it makes you don’t
want that, but hit it, undo, but as you hit just the button, boom! makes it a tiny little
star or you can hold it down for a second and then it will make a little bit deeper
star. Now, if you want some variation this is size six, may be let us try out the size
like 11, little bigger stars. If you want to scatter little bit varier these almost
look like they are big dipper here. So, we have that layer, now let us go back up the