Russian Ibiza - Kazantip(eng subs)

Uploaded by lohmag on 30.10.2010

Loved people! Kazantip is super!
Papas and Mamas, could you send us some cocain, please!
And LSD we needs too!
I'm crying, send it
I love Kazantip and LSD I love too. I love cocain!
Loved people!Don't look sidewise just send!
Yeah Yeah ooo OK YO MA tha a
Fuck! What channel is this at all?
M1 channel... TRIP...
Yeaaah! Noooo! Yeaaah! Noooo! Yeaaah! Fuck youuu!
...Foreign language...
I've came here for the first time I've been on Ibiza and everywhere
But Fuck this is such a place! I loved it for true since third day here
And today when I' ve been staying and kissing with guy for 5 minutes on the sunset and I understand that nothing around existed...
Energy Love Fun
I find out I should come back here I love Kazantip!
And you too... ...Kissing...
With what a desease you come here for treatment?
You better ask under what is she! We just now take some amphetamines!
Mama! Mama hello! Lena is here!
No we doesn't need beer or we get wasted!
Guys what is a treatment for pioneer here? Pioneers cured with pills!
Ask, what questions? mmm i'm getting cool here
I'm here for the second time. Last year was my first, I was dreaming about Kazantip all time
And saving money all along, max money, more money you have then better holiday it be
You don't need any limit. You should vac, dance here
Where are you from? I'm from Kursk region, there is Kurhatov town
Nuclear station be there, town is cool too!
...plate says "Fuck off husband''...
There is no music on the Kazantip! Kazantip has no music! Where is good music?
Do you know why? Listen for her... Becouse only pop here! All!