Om Namah Shivaya Part 7

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Om Namah Shivaya
"Sister, when did you come?- Only ask me why I have come."
Then tell me why you have come -I have come to ask you...
...for something- What do l have that I can give you?
You have & I have come to ask you to sacrifice something
I can give my life for you -What will be left after...
" give your life, I want only your body"
"You want to sacrifice it to the Devatas-No, for me only"
"Tell clearly, what is the matter -To give peace to me you have..."
" marry my husband, as that is only way for having a child..."
" the family. If you don't agree, I will sacrifice my life."
"Don't cry, for your happiness, I will agree to whatever you say"
Please bless me so that I can fulfil all your expectations.
You have all my blessings. May you always be happy.
Om Namah Shivaya
"Bushma, where has she gone."
Om Namah Shivaya
"Lord, if I have worshipped you with true heart and total..."
"...submission, please fulfil the wishes of my sister and my..."
...husband. I don't need anything for myself. I just wish that... sister & husband are ever happy. Please grant my wish.
"Bushma, I am blessed to have you as my wife- Swami!"
Initially I was scared how Sudeha will adjust with you.
But you are very good and now l am sure my family's future...
" very bright- Don't praise your servant so much, swami"
"Whether a daughter or son is born, he or she should be..."
...the one who will brighten our family's future.
"Don't cry my son, & my family's lamp"
My own...
"Son Shivgan, please come to your mother."
"My mother is the best, l love her very much."
Your mother also loves you a lot.
Om Namah Shivaya
"Shivdan, don't know where he has gone"
"Bushma, Swami, Shivdan is not there.-Where can he go?"
"Why you are asking me? Go and search him, my son...."
Shivdan! Shivdan!
Om Namah Shivaya
"Shivdan! -What happened, where is Shivdan?"
"Don't know, he is not in the cot, in the house or anywhere here"
"Where would he gave gone, let us go & search him"
Sudharma and his wife tried maximum to search their son
How will they get Shivdan who had become the culprit of...
"...his step mother's jealousy, cruely and bad thoughts."
She had only cremated him in water.
"Shivdan, Where have you gone, my son?- My son...."
"Lord Shiv, if you had to make me suffer for my son like this..."
...why did you give a son at all? Why do you make me burn... his separation. You are the ocean of kindness. You remove...
...your devotee's problems. Listen to my cry and return my son.
Om Namah Shivaya
"Mother, Father -Shivdan, my son"
You devotion and dedication has given new life to your son.
Your sister Sudeha had killed Shivdan out of jealousy for you...
...and immersed him into water. She deserves to be punished...
for this sin- Please forgive this unfortunate who lost her mind.
"You had sacrificed for the family before, I forgive on that basis"
But you have to ask forgivance from Bhusma and Sudharma
They can only forgive you.
"Bushma, your devotion has pleased me. You deserve a boon"
Tell me what you wish for.
"Lord, if you are very pleased, for the welfare of people,..." establish yourself forever here in the form of Jyotirlinga
As you wish
I will be called Bhushmeshwar here. Whoever worships me...
" with dedication, his serious illness will get cured."
And even can come back to life from death bed
Whenever Shiv's distress called him in distress...
...He has come there in the form of Jyotirling
Unconquerable and lmmortal Shiv Shankar
A brahmin called Sudharma lived near Devgiri mountain.
He used to worship Shiv along with wives Sudeha & Bushma
Only Bushma became a mother and Sudeha was jealous of her
She killed and threw the son into the ocean from where appeared...
...Bushmeshwar along with Shivdan. He forgave Sudeha
Whoever worships this linga will get peace and comforts.
Like this Bushma got her wishes fulfilled by worshipping Shiv
"Same way, Parvati's wishes will also be fulfilled by worship"
After hearing the story of Bushmeshwar Jyotirling...
...Devraj lndra had full belief that only Lord Shiv can do...
"...welfare for all Devatas, Dhanavs and human in the world."
"But after Kamdev's decimation, he could not gather the..."
...courage to go to Lord Shiv. He was also scared that...
...Tarkasur should not catch the Devatas and imprison them
Nobody can be seen for a long distance here-See properly
Saw properly only- If we go back Tarkasur's palace without...
...catching any Devata he will get wild- Will get punished too
"That will be horrid- When nobody is seen, how to catch?"
"You asked here, but don't ask this question in front of Mahabali"
Your life will be a question mark then?-Why are you telling...
...this to me. We five are equally guilty of not catching Devatas
"No use fighting, we should try to search and catch the Devatas"
"Devraj, luckily we saw the Tarkasur's soldiers first..."
"...and escaped- If they had seen, it would have been bad."
"ls this less bad, inspite of being heaven's king, we are running..." and there like cowards. -We have gone to Brahmadev...
...& Mahadev to help us-But we are always advised to wait.
Catch them and take them
Om Namaha Shivaya
"Devraj, seeing Parvati's penance, it looks like it will succeed."
"Yes, Agnidev, it will succeed, but that time is unknown."
"Maybe, but seeing the strength of her penance, it seems near only."
These expectations are baseless. Till something concrete happens...
"...there is no peace. Till Tarkasur is destroyed, there is no hope."
"Devraj, you have caught hold of disappointments & vice-versa"
Now your problems and disappointments have increased
The situation is only like that -When Brahmadev has assured...
" that Parvati's penance will be successful, why you worry?"
"But when, Devarishi, Lord Shiv's deep meditation does not break..."
" all, and Parvati has been doing penance for so long"
Now Lord Shiv is the examiner and Parvati is the student.
"The tests will be very very strong without doubt, but..."
...on success the student will get maximum fruits.
What to do now?- What else can you do except worship
For whom and whom should we worship- I should tell that...
...also. Your disappointment is very deep now.
"You only think. When someone gives an exam, don't his..."
...friends and relatives pray humbly for his success.
Our good is in Parvati's success. So should we not pray...
"...for the success of her penance. Go to Lord Shiv, Devraj"
"No, I don't want to go near Shiv. After seeing his anger while..."
"...decimating Kamdev, that fear makes me shudder to go near."
"Lord Shiv, you have gone into deep meditatio after Kamdev."
"This place has been lonely. After seeing your anger, Devraj..."
...Indra and other Devatas are scared to come here.
And Devi Parvati also does not come for daily worship.
The responsibility of worship for you lies only with me now.
The solitude you wanted is there now. But now also Devi Parvati...
" doing strong penance. Please fulfil her wishes, Lord."
"Salutations, Devrishi -Bless you"
"Tell, Nandi, Is everything good & auspicious."
What to say now? -Tell what is happening
"lf I say yes, it will be untrue and saying no is also false"
"Lord Shiv got his solitude, that seems very good on one side"
"But He is always in meditation, Devi Parvati's penance has..."
"...become too severe, and devatas problems have increased"
So nothing is good- Nandi you are speaking like a scholar
I keep listening to sweet talks of great sages like you...
"...that should have some effect -Very great, Nandi, you have..."
...also become a speaker along with a scholar
"Now tell, when Lord Shiv's meditation will break"
That Lord also does'nt know. How can I tell? You go and ask
"So you want to make me the scapegoat-Not at all, Devishi"
Have to think of everything after Lord Shiv decimated Kamdev
"Who will know all these, as to when Lord Shiv's meditation,..."
...and when Parvati's penance will succeed etc.-Only Lord Brahma...
...Shri Hari will know the proper answer to these questions.
"Surprising, Lord Brahma is not in forest or here. Where is He?"
"First he left for the forest, because of our frequent calls..."
...for help and now has gone somewhere else.
All the ways for our help are closed now.
Will we always get disappointed like this
Have to think if there is any way left for our survival.
"l feel if Brahmadev is not in the forest, he must be around here."
We should call Him -Brahmadev
"Creator God, have mercy on us and give us an appearance."
"Devraj, Devgan, don't be sad, have some patience."
Tarkasur's attrocities have taken away our bravery and patience.
"He drove us away from heaven, Not satisfied, even after that..."
"...he is troubling us. Is there any place, where we can stay..."
...without fear- What do you all expect from Brahmadev?
We came to request Him to save us from Tarkasur.
He is misusing Brahma's boons. -ls his bag of good virtues...
...not over even after doing so many attrocities on us.
We want Him to punish & remove Tarkasur from heaven
I will convey your message to Brahmadev
Please permit us to go to Him. We will tell ourselves
He is not here - Where is he? -Has gone for important work
Please be patient. Your problems will be solved soon.
"lf you can, please tell us where he has gone?- He has gone to..."
...discuss on Parvati's penance with Saptarishis in Nakshatralok
"Brahmadev, you here, why take this trouble, if you..."
"...had ordered, we would've all come to Brahmalok"
"No, lndra & other Devatas come there often, and the matter..."
...which I wanted to discuss with you is not possible there.
"What is that problem, which made you come here."
Devatas keep coming for help in Brahmalok fearing Tarkasur
But how long this will be there? -That is why I have come here.
What is the order?- You also must be aware that Parvati... doing severe penance for obtaining Shiv - Yes
What should we do for that? -You all have to go to...
...Lord Shiv to request him to accept Parvati's wishes.
"But after Kamdev's decimation, Lord Shiv has become more..."
"...severely ascetic, will he fulfil Parvati's wishes."
"l can foresee Shiv-Parvati's wedding, so it will happen."
"At present, Shiv & Shakti in their worldly forms are running..."
"...a life which will be a moral for future, which is their Leela"
We also have to do some part in this Leela of Shiv-Shakti
Then we have to go to Shiv -Kamdev also went with a...
"...special purpose only, but became a victim "
There is difference in yours and Kamdev's purpose
He went to wake up a desire in the mind of Shiv whereas... will go to request Him. Though the purpose was good...
"...Kamdev's work was not done in the proper way, but you will..."
"...request humbly.- As per your order, we will request Shiv"
"But if Lord Shiv refuses our request, it might insult you."
"Don't worry about my respect, the question is Devatas' welfare"
"Till Tarkasur is destroyed, Devatas will be unsafe."
And Shiv's son can only destroy Tarkasur which is possible...
...only through Shiv-Parvati's marriage
For that Shiv's acceptance is also required.
That is what I am requesting you to do- We will certainly go.
Hope that he will accept it. -Devatas' welfare lies with Him.
Let me leave now
Now I will have to go to heaven and see what attrocities Taraka... doing against the Apsaras
"l have not called you to look at me, but to see your dance."
We won't dance in front of you -lt is not our duty to dance in...
...front of demons-We will dance only in front of Devraj lndra
You won't dance?- No -Even lndra did'nt dare to...
...answer me like this- This is not our daring but our courage
You have only dared to enter Heaven and snatched the throne
Take these apsaras who are not obeying & tie them around fire
Let their youth & beauty burn by that fire
Hail Mahabali Tarkasur
So you caught some Devatas
You have done an appreciable task
"See, first you were caught and one by one all the Devatas..."
...are being caught. One day lndra will also be in my grasp...
...and immediately killed. Then all drama will be finished.
"Where did you catch them? -ln the skyway, they were..."
...hiding and running to trouble us. We went behind them...
...for a long distance and heard them hatching a conspiracy...
...against you. We surrounded them & caught some.
"Some ran away -Ran away, if I hear this..."
" the future, then you lose your life's fortune."
These wicked were planning a conspiracy against me.
Let me finish them and their conspiracy too
"Tarkasur -Brahmadev, the boon giver"
I am very happy to see the one who gave me boons in my heaven
"This is not your heaven, you have taken this by force. "
You have no right to cause suffering to anyone here
Hail Parampita Brahmaji Hail Devraj lndra
"For what reason, have you come into my heaven"
"Again you called heaven yours, it is actually Devtas's"
"Now I am the king of heaven, If lndra had the power..."
...he would have been the king. I have defeated lndra.
This is the wrong you did -What is wrong? Whoever...
"...has the strength, also has the rights"
Only due to the acquisition of power through strength...
"...acts of injustice, terror & violence are spread in world."
"What is that principle through which peace, love, and..."
...justice can be established in the world.
When a person with quality and humanity is invested with the...
"...rights of the world, then peace, love & justice will prevail."
That is not possible - The reason is demons like you...
"...who are lost in darkness of selfishness, comforts & power..."
...& don't think about other's welfare are ruling the world now
That does not mean there will be no peace in the future.
On what basis do you believe there will be peace in the world
On the basis of humanity and divine growth & values.
But demons like you keep on doing unjust acts without...
...caring for the consequences. But time will come when...
...the nature's truth will also be accepted.
"Then the nature also has some truth, tell me that?"
People who have values and can see far ahead accept this truth.
You also listen to this truth now. - Tell me
"Whoever does injustice, sins against the laws of nature..."
"...humanity and other good values, he ultimately meets with.."
...a worse situation and has to face disastrous consquences.
This is the simple truth which scholars realize and stay...
...away from sins and also diastrous consequences in future.
The world's beings will adapt this truth in the future and...
"...establish peace. - Brahmaji, U too dream, that too day-dreams"
"Even after this arrogance of yours, I would advise you to..."
...Ieave heaven and go to earth.
Beings are always anxious to come to heaven from earth.
You are giving me the opposite advice
Earth beings want to come that heaven whose king is lndra
But the place is hell where you are. Who wants to come here.
"Enough, I heard your speech because U have given me boons."
And I will never leave heaven -This will not result in Ur good
"lf I had thought of consequences, I could not have reached heaven."
"The basis of your sins and thoughtless is your boon, the..."
...end of which is coming near. You will be removed from...
...heaven. All these Devatas and Apsaras will again establish...
...themselves in heaven- No
"All have run away. Challenging Demon king Tarkasur, No!"
"Wicked, your challenge will be answered by Shiv's son."
Om Namah Bhagvate Rudraya
All Saptarishis's offer their salutations to Lord Shiv
"Welcome, Brahmadev understood my mind and have requested..."
...all of you to come to me.
"You know all, Lord, we agree, you had inspired Brahmadev..." come to us out of your kindness and love for Parvati.
We are grateful for this gesture and kindness of yours.
"Sage Vashisht, you are mistaken. I have not called you after..."
"...being pleased with Parvati's penance, the truth is the reverse"
"What, you are not pleased? -Yes, I had chosen this place..."
...wishing for solitude. Parvati started disturbing my meditation.
"Who will explain this to her, so I inspired Brahmadev to call you."
Now I inspire you to go and explain to Parvati that she...
...should not suffer in vain and should go back to her...
...palace and marry someone suitable to her and live happily
"To stop her from penance, if you have to abuse me also..."
...I give you permission for that. But somehow stop her penance
Om Namah Shivaya
Om Namah Shivaya
"Parvatraj's daughter Parvati, wake up"
"Muniraj's daughter Girija, wake up- Uma, please wake up"
"Parvati, Me Arundhati, and other Saptarishis want to talk to you"
"Why interrupt my penance, don't you know this nullifies the..."
...effect of penance I have undertaken till now.
Who gave you the right to disrupt my penance?
We have come to tell you something for your good only.
"l know very well, what is good and bad for me "
All of you just leave from here. and let me do my penance
"We will go, but want to warn you about something."
"The graveyard dweller Shiv, whom you are trying to please..." not pleased with you at all. -What is your problem in that?
"You will only have problem, who has snakes all over his body..."
"...and nearby, how can you be happy with Him."
"Whoever has snakes around Him, he has no problem, why will l..."
...have a problem living with Him. -You will definitely have problem
"Shiv drinks and withstands the poison of snakes, but will..."
" be able to do that.- Think again, you are a delicate..."
...princess brought up in a royal atmosphere and where is that...
"...ghost's friend, ugly Shiv -Enough, I can't hear any more..."
"...abuse against Shiv. All of you go from here, or I will go away"
Om Namah Shivaya
Now I will do more severe and hard penance.
Om Namah Shivaya
Parvati! Parvati!
Om Namah Shivaya
Parvati- what happened! -lt looks as if she is on fire
"Because of her severe penance, the whole atmosphere is in fire"
There is too much heat here. -We should warn her
"Definitely, if she herself melts in this fire, how will we answer..."
...the king & the queen.-Shall l wake her-Yes- Parvati!
"She is herself like a stove -Look at her face, & her body"
"They are red due to the heat.-Jaya, I am scared now."
"Wait, I will see.-God! -What happened!"
"She is not chanting, but "Om Nama Shivaya"is coming from her"
I think we should inform Queen & the Klng
"My dear Parvati, if something happens to her, I will also..."
"...sacrifice my life- No, queen if something happens to a..."
"...girl doing such severe penance, the creator will be ashamed."
"Please keep patience, dear Our Parvati's intentions are..."
...strong and definitely she will succeed.
"You are just consoling, but my mind cannot accept this."
How can you understand a mother's feeling.
I can't bear to see my delicate daughter to fade away.
"l will go there immediately, and get her back."
"l give my oath, you should not go there."
We should not do the sin of disrupting Parvati's worship
"Mother, why are you crying? -ln daughter's separation,..."
...mother's heart will be only like that. But all will end well.
"Lieutenant, where is this fire coming from?-From earth"
It looks like some magic net of a Devata
Break that net- How can we? We can't see the net at all
Tell the net to show itself -What has happened to Mahabali
Looks like Mahabali's strength has been finished-No
"lt is not possible, Is there anyone!"
Nobody is there! -Who is there and then not there
The boon's strength was there which got finished.
"No, my power can't finish and who are you?"
The same one who gave you the boon. The boon's...
"...effect is over, as your good virtues & penance have finished "
Your good is only in leaving the heaven
"Tarkasur, you are warned the last time to leave the heaven"
All of you leave the heaven. I am also going. Go to your place
Due to fire which arose from Parvati's severe penance...
...Tarkasur had to leave heaven along with all his demons
Because of the divine power of Panchakshri Mantra...
...heaven got back its peaceful atmosphere again.
But Devraj lndra and Devatas were unaware of this good truth
I think this place is very safe. I think Tarkasur's demons can't...
"...reach here- Yes, can't see any demon for a long distance"
"But see there, in Himgiri peak"
Parvati is deep in penance.
"Yes, but I saw Devi Arundhati & Saptarishis going to Parvati."
And requested her to leave her penance- But Parvati did not...
"...agree to this at all, her penance is only getting more..."
...severe. Only the creator knows the result of this.
I can't decide whether all this will favour us or not.
"Meaning- Varundev, this is a dilemma. If Parvati's penance..."
"...does not succeed, and Shiv doesn't marry her, where will..."
"...Shiv's son come from. Then, Tarkasur's destruction will..."
...become impossible -So our problems will remain as they are
"Can't say anything, as the situation is not under our control"
"lf Parvati's penance gets severe day by day, then there will be..."
...destruction in the creation -But it is also possible that...
"...Parvati's penance may succeed, and Tarkasur will be killed."
Our problems can't vanish due to unforeseen possibilities.
"Why are'nt Shiv, Brahma, Vishnu not looking towards Parvati's..."
"...severe penance. -We also think the same, Tarkasur is doing..."
...attrocities from heaven and Tridevs are peacefully sitting... their places -Now he is terrorizing the earth and... troubling all of us & Apsaras now
"You here, Devarishi- I don't have definite time for going anywhere"
But why are you all surprised on seeing me.
But I am surprised seeing you all here- But why?
"First you tell me your worry -You know all, Tarkasur..."
" ruling our heaven- You won't like it, but I am also compelled"
"What is that matter, Devarishi -Reason is, the persons doing..."
"...sin is also weak, and hence always scared and with worry."
"You are also worried, Devraj -Devarishi!"
"Truth is bitter, but if accepted the fruits can be very sweet."
"ls there any happy truth after this bitter truth-Yes, Suryadev"
The cause of your worry has finished.- How?
"Due to the fire from Parvati's severe penance, that demon..."
...Tarkasur has left heaven long time back.
"Heaven's throne is empty -Devarishi, thanks a lot..."
...for this good news.-I can come to heaven and take thanks
Now you go quickly to heaven
"Hail Brahmadev, Hail Vishnu and hail Mahadev"
Hail Devraj lndra
"Congrats, Devraj lndra for getting the heaven's throne again"
Heaven is made for you and you are made for the heaven
May you always be the king of heaven-Bless you
"Sage, the credit for all this goes to Devi Parvati"
"Only due to her severe penance, we have got the fortune to..."
"...see this good day. -True, we are all grateful..."
" Devi Parvati, but we should not forget Brahmadev's help"
Hail Devi Parvati Hail Parampita Brahmadev
My eyes are blessed to have seen both of you together
Don't twist with words. Tell the reason of your visit.
The reason is clear. Saptarishis and Devi Arundhati went to...
...Devi Parvati and abused Lord Shiv in many ways but still...
...Devi Parvati did not leave her penance. What is the reason?
"lf Parvati's penance becomes more & more severe, then... "
"This word "then" has no answer now or likely to have in future."
You just understand that Shiv- Shakti's Leela has not been...
"...understood even by me, then how U, my son can understand"
"Narad, you don't need to get astonished or afraid. Even..."
...destruction can't come before time. Parvati's severe penance...
...will succeed and will bring only auspicion in the world
What will be the limit of this penance and Leela?
Worldly Parvati's penance is linked with Divine Shakti's power
Meaning- Now Lord Shiv is testing Devi Parvati
This test will end in a climax. That is when Shiv-Parvati's...
" will happen without problem, this Leela will finish."
The situation is not common but has become universal.
Devraj lndra & his group have gone to heaven and again...
...are enjoying themselves in music and dance.
"This is not ordinary, but Devatas have to give more tests Narad."
"Surprising, after getting out of such difficult situations, do..."
"...the Devatas have to more tests? Mother, they have got..."
...their comforts after long time Is the time of comfort so limited
Comforts if enjoyed in self- interest can be very limited &...
"....Iies inside our sorrow. But, if the comforts are diverted..."
"...towards human welfare, then its time limit increases."
"ls this also because of Shiv- Shakti Leela, mother?"
"You can call it Shiv-Shakti Leela or the Law of Nature, but it..."
...happens like this only. Devatas will realize this truth in time.
Om Namah Shivay
Om Namah Shivay
"Saptarishis & Devi Arundhati, all of you have returned back."
"We came back without succeeding, Lord Shiv"
We abused you a lot in front of Devi Parvati- But had no effect
She could'nt bear to hear abuses about you
Her expressions became severe after hearing those abuses
We could'nt create hatred for you in her mind.
But now she has feelings of hatred towards us
"ln truth, she did not believe us at all-She will not leave doing..."
"...penance, her intentions are very strong and will not get diverted."
We feel sad that we could not complete the work for which...
...we had to do the sin of abusing you.
We feel guilty for having abused you
"Don't worry, Brahmarishi..."
"...Vashisht, I had only started this work of self-abuse"
You were only acting to abuse me.-We all request you to...
...grant Devi Parvati's wishes and make her penance a success.
Devi Arundhati means that you should accept for the marriage.
"lf all of you feel like that, l will surely accept that."
I will myself go and inform Devi Parvati about this decision.
You will please Devi Parvati by informing her this decision.
But her parents are worried about her long & severe penance.
"You have to do something for removing their worry too, Lord"
I handover this work & responsibility to you
You go to Himalay King & Queen and talk about my proposal
"Now our going to Devi Parvati has become fruitful, Lord Shiv"
Now only we will go to meet them
When will Shiv agree? When will Parvati's penance end?
"Till then,do I have to suffer like this for daughter's separation."
What is the use of this penance which is paining her mother?
Did'nt you tell her about my anxiety?-Told her lot of times
She is not ready to leave her stubbornness at all.
If she can't leave her stubbornness for her mother... stubbornness is stronger than my daughter's.
I will also be stubborn & will'nt let her marry ascetic Shiv at all
"lf one had the power to control the happenings, this world will..."
...disintegrate. This power is in the hands of laws of nature.
"l said, I will'nt allow Queen Maina to get angry because..."
I am blessed that your sacred steps have entered Himalay...
...palace. Please accept my humble salutations.-Bless you
Please come and have a seat
"l feel, you have all come with a very auspicious purpose."
"Definitely, you are right."
Where is Queen Maina? Call her
"Yes, but till she comes, you give me the auspicious message."
"Your anxiety is right. But traditionally, good news should..."
" conveyed to the couple together, & not to husband alone"
"How great our traditions are? Swarna, please tell your..."
...queen that Devi Arundhuti and Saptarishis have come.
She should come and see them.
"King, we can see rays of worry behind your smile."
"You are right, both of us are worried- The reason for worry!"
Reason is our daughter Parvati -She is deep in penance... can she be the cause of worry- That is the cause.
She is stubborn and not ready to leave her penance at all.
Why do you want that she should leave her penance...
"...which makes the path of life easy, simple & comfortable."
Lays foundations for bright future- But if Lord Shiv does...
"...not get pleased with Parvati's penance, then her condition!"
"The result of penance will always be auspicious, King."
Then has our Parvati's penance succeeded. -Yes
By Lord Shiv's grace it has succeeded.
Please accept my salutations Devi Arundhati & Saptarishis
We have brought the proposal of marriage between Lord Shiv...
...and your daughter Parvati. Please tell your opinion.
It will not be right for me to say anything in this matter
You think about this and discuss this with Devi Parvati
"lf you accept this proposal, that means Lord Shiv has agreed too."
"Reason is, everything happens in this world as per Shiv's wish."
His wishes are always meant for welfare only
"Queen, now you can tell your opinion which you could'nt..." when they were present.-You know my opinion
"But after this proposal by Lord Shiv, your opinion should have..."
...changed a little - Where & why there should be a change...
...of opinion. I know that Parvati can never be happy with Shiv
"There are many things we accept, but which are not the..."
"...truth, & there are many truths unknown & unacceptable to us."
"Swami, I don't understand your opinion, but I only know that..."
...a princess's marriage with an ascetic can never be happy.
Where is Parvati brought up in a royal atmosphere and where... that Shiv who roams in the graveyard.
"Queen, you can't ignore Narad's forecast that Parvati's marriage..."
...will take place only with Lord Shiv Shankar
"Regarding her comforts, no parents in the world can..."
...write only lines of comfort in the life of their children.
But we can try and assure that the children have a...
...comfortable and happy future with our blessings.
"We are doing that, but Narad's forecast, the arrival of..."
...Devi Arundhati & Saptarishis point towards this marriage.
So it will be proper for us to go Lord Shiv and be...
...grateful enough to accept this marriage proposal. Come
Om Namah Shivay
"Please come Himalay King, and Queen."
"Nandi, Lord is in meditation -There is no surprise in this"
It is surprising only when he is awake.
When that state will come -Nobody knows about that
"There must be some possibility -No, nobody can say when..."
...Lord Shiv's meditation will break. You only try & see.
"Lord Shiv, please give wisdom to my daughter and show..."
"...her the way. Please advise her and end her penance, Lord."
Om Namah Shivay
Queen Maina requested Shiv to show way to Parvati and...
"...end her penance, but Lord Shiv did not answer her at all as..."
...he knew well that Parvati will not leave her penance at all.
The demon race was very scared about Parvati's severe penance
As her success would mean destruction of Tarakasur and...
...their entire race. Tarkasur's lieutenant also comes to...
...Tarkasur with this problem. -Hail demon king Tarkasur
Brahma ordered us to leave heaven and we left because of... of penance. Till we win heaven and all the 3 worlds...
"...again, what is the use of this unnecessary hail & praise."
The dream of heaven is over now.-Why are you increasing... worry?- I am only telling whatever I saw and heard.
Parvati's penance has become so severe that Bholenath can...
...get pleased and give his acceptance for marriage any time
"No, this should not happen, I will not allow this to happen"
"lf Shiv-Parvati's marriage takes place, my death i.e. Shiv's son..."
...can be born. I will not allow Shiv & Parvati to be united.
You go and take Parvati from place of penance and finish her
"What happened, lieutenant? What is this fear in your face"
Why you lost your breath? -Heard Parvati is Shakti's...
"...incarnate.-You keep hearing something, don't see at all."
Heard from ones who saw her If we do some harm to her...
...our whole race will be destroyed- This also you heard... have'nt seen. Don't be foolish and see with open eyes.
The Parvati who could'nt get Shiv even after doing severe...
"...penance, what power she will have to destroy demon's race."
You go with the strong men in the army and finish her.
"l will obey your order, but please think over again."
Parvati is Shakti's incarnate. Due to the fire from her...
"...penance, we had to leave from heaven and come here."
"lf we do any harm to her again, where will we run from here."
"Come, let us kill her."
"Demon King, great mishap has occured."
Why is your voice trembling? Tell the news calmly & sweetly
The soldiers & your lieutenant you had sent for killing Parvati...
"Yes, I sent them- Now they will not return at all"
"What, why they won't come? -They are all burnt by the..."
" of Parvati's penance -Wicked, you are telling this..."
...bad news in a sweet voice.
Conquering the three worlds has become very necessary now
This travel towards...
"...winning the three worlds, will be started from heaven."
"First win heaven, and then the other worlds."
The possibility of Shiv-Parvati's marriage will end with our...
...success over the three worlds. Then which enemy will be... left against us. Nobody will survive against us.
"After getting heaven again, lndra forgetting his main objective,..." lost in music & dance again.
Anklets are making sounds
The bangles are also making sounds
They are singing the song of youth
"Swami, see there, Devarishi came and is returning too."
"Devarishi, why are you returning just after coming. Welcome here"
"l had come to congratulate lndra, but he is lost in music & dance."
"Salutations, Devarishi"
"Comforts are the enemy of power, both can't be together"
"Do you mean that, if you enjoy dance, your power will be lost"
And you will become unfit to bestow your blessings.
"This truth is universal for all beings, Devraj. Comforts..."
"...take away your power, and one does not remain fit even..."
" wish for auspicion for himself, leave alone bless others."
"Great Truth- This is omnipresent truth, follow it and see yourself"
"How, Devarishi?-Learn from your past and think of the future"
You lost heaven in the past due to your enjoyments
"Demons conquered heaven, and you were wandering from forest.." forest and asked for help from Brahma or Shiv repeatedly
That they should save you from Tarkasur. By the strength...
"...of fire from Parvati's penance, Brahmadev drove away Tarkasur.."
"...from heaven, but remember that Tarkasur is still alive."
Your enjoyments will make him more strong and live longer.
He will attack heaven and become king of heaven again.
"Devarishi, you are our well wisher, why this bad wishes..."
"...for us then?- These are not my wishes, but a warning..." make you understand the true situation. If you also try... will benefit you only. -What should I do now?
"lf you can foresee the future, you can take efforts."
Let me start it. You can go ahead yourself in this effort.
"Firstly, you accept the fact that you have become the king..."
"...of heaven again- Not only me, the whole world knows that"
"Devraj, the world also knows that Tarkasur is still alive"
He will be attracted towards heaven again and come here.
"We also know that, the destroyer of Tarkasur,..."
"...Shiv's son, is not yet born & before that Demon King..."
"...Tarkasur may attack here any time...-No Devarishi, stop it"
"Devraj lndra has to put a full stop to this, he knows very..."
...well that only Shiv's son can kill Tarkasur
"We have suffered a lot outside heaven, we can't bear any more..."
...suffering. hence Tarkasur needs to be killed definitely.
"Ask lndra, as to how Tarkasur will be killed"
By Shiv's son only- After Shiv-Parvati's marriage only.
When will that marriage take place?
When Lord Shiv accepts the marriage proposal
"The prime question still remains, when will Lord Shiv accept?"
"Please tell us what should we do, Devrishi"
"Devraj, foresee yourself. Leave these comforts and look..."
"...for strength. Go to Lord Shiv, and request him to accept..."
...Parvati's penance and give his acceptance for the marriage
"Devarishi, now only we will go to Shivji under your leadership"
Definitely we will go
Har Har Mahadev
"Devarishi, Lord Shiv is not in his place"
Where will he go? Let us go & ask Nandi
"Salutations Devrishi, Devraj lndra and the other Devatas"
"Bless you- Nandi, where is Bholenath?"
"Don't know, just now I saw him in meditation, he suddenly..."
...disappeared. -But when will He come back.
Can't tell anything about this rightfully- Tell tell without right
"You are teasing me, Devarishi -But not doing injustice, Nandi"
"What will happen now, Devarishi -Whatever is destined by..."
...Law of Nature- What is the Law of nature?
"lf we knew, nothing will be left. The respect for law and..."
...regulation will only go off -Should we wait for Lord Shiv
For how long? When will he return? I could'nt see Him
We also were deprived of the opportunity to see him
"Hence he disappeared, as he did'nt want to see us."
"lf I had come alone, I could have seen him, but lost the chance."
"Then Lord Shiv is angry with us -Yes, his disappearance shows it"
But what might be the reason -lf I have to tell you all...
"...the reasoning, what will you do. It will be better if you give..."
...the throne of heaven to me and take this dress & Veena
"Lord Shiv is already angry with me, if you also get angry..."
... what will happen to us?- l am not angry but unhappy.
Don't you know the reason for Bholenath's anger?
"Don't you remember, you had sent Kamdev to Lord Shiv."
"His disappearance shows, he still has'nt forgotten that..."
...sad incident. He is very angry with you because of that
"What to do now?- You have to be very careful about heaven,..."
"...about yourself, and you have to protect all the Devatas"
"For that Tarkasur's death is needed, and this is possible..."
...when Lord Shiv can be made happy and God becomes happy...
"...through his devotee's good virtues, feelings and behaviour"
"l will definitely benefit from your advice, Devarishi"
"Your good lies in that only. Then tell "Om Namah Shivay"
"Without doubt, Panchakshri Mantra brings welfare only"
King Dharma's sons Nar & Narayan who were chanting...
...this Shiv Mantra had only one goal in mind.
To be blessed with the appearance of Shiv.
Nar & Narayan were so lost in the prayer of Shiv that...
"...they were unaware whether it was day or night, cold or warm."
Every moment we are calling you Our every breath is calling U.
Om Namah Shivay
This sacred Panchakshri Mantra brings knowledge
Takes time under its control and brings changes in a moment
Om Namah Shivay
This Mantra can reach you to Shiv & remove all problems.
Its greatness has no comparison in all the three worlds
Om Namah Shivay
This Mantra makes the atmosphere full of Shiv
Makes our intentions strong and definite
Can give salvation to us and makes us fearless.
Om Namah Shivay
Om Namah Shivay
"Salutations, father, when did you come here?"
"Now only, why are you two surprised. I should be surprised..."
...that being the father I am enjoying comforts of royal life
You two are doing devotion here -The happiness of Shiv worship..
" the ultimate one, father -Sons, in my age, there can..." happiness in devotion. But at your young age when you...
"...have to enjoy, you are lost in Shiv Devotion. How is this?"
"Can't define the happiness in Shiv devotion, father."
But our soul and mind like this only- You two are dear to me
And our citizens are dear to me. I want that you should also...
...Iove the citizens and the citizens should like you.
"Son Narayan, I mean that I want to take rest now. I have..."
...ruled and served the citizens to the maximum possible extent.
"Now you rule the country, I will undertake devotion now."
"Me, and rule, I am not fit for that, father. If you handover..."
"...the throne to younger Nar, it will be more befitting."
"Big brother, when you are not fit, I am younger than you..." can I be suitable to become the king?
"Father, Brother Narayan is most suitable to be the king."
"Nar, why do you want me to deprive me away from Shiv..."
..devotion and go towards the path of sin.
"Sons, you two started arguing without listening to what I said"
"Father, you told elder Narayan who has the right over the..."
...throne to take up ruling. But due to his Shiv devotion...
...he is pushing me towards the greed for rule and worldly joy.
"So I only stated the tradition, and did not argue at all."
"Be in your limits, Nar, you are advising us about ancestral..."
"...tradition, why me and father are unaware of it or what?"
Father wants to take rest and I want to do Shiv devotion
"Hence, you were told to take over the rule. This is our order."
"No, this is not father's order, but your wish."
You can sacrifice your kingdom if you wish to.
But why are you taking me away from Shiv worship
"Prince Narayan, you should foresee good of citizens & act"
You should take over the rule and state administration.
"This is also what this time demands, prince"
"No, without Shiv devotion, my life is incomplete."
"Son Nar, if Narayan does not want to become the king, you..."
...take this responsibility and run the country.
"Father, if the elder brother can't be away from Shiv devotion..."
", his delicate young brother, how can I sacrifice Shiv devotion"
"Forgive me, father- What sons are you, who can't obey their..."
"...father's command? But listen, my decision will not change now."
I am going to forest after sacrificing the kingdom.
"lf anything happens in this kingdom now, you are responsible"
...for that and you will be answerable to the citizens.
"Please don't get angry, as scholars say anger can only..."
"...worsen the situation, not correct it. Even if I sit..."
"...on the throne, I can't concentrate on the rule, as..." mind is full of Shiv devotion only. What is the use?
"Then, what should I do? You two can't leave devotion."
I can't rule anymore. What will happen to the citizens then?
Who will take care of them? -Give them the chance to rule...
"...themselves, father, they can take care of all the work."
What did you say?- You make the citizens' representatives...
...rule the country and start the new tradition of democracy.
Then the citizens will be free from the problems of a king.
"What, the people suffer due to the king? No, God is proof..."
...of the fact that I have always strived for the welfare of people
I have tried to keep away all sorrow from the citizens.
"You are talking about yourself only, father. But between you..."
"...and the citizens, there are lot of officers involved in ruling"
"They don't consider the citizens as their own, and all the..."
...blame for the mistakes committed by them come on you
"When people's representatives rule, the responsibility also..."
...Iies with the people only.
This seems to be Shiv's wish
Om Namah Shivay
We want to meet the princes
We will definitely meet them -Let us go
Please be calm- Princes are deep in worship now
You can't meet them now
"Why not, we will definitely meet them"
"What is happening, brother? -People's movement, we had..."
"...convinced father on democracy, but these citizens..."
Hail prince Narayan
None of us have been declared as the prince yet
"lf it is not done, we citizens will declare it now"
But what is the necessity for that?
The king had already taken the decision of democracy.
Citizens' representatives will run the administration of the...
" What has not happened till today,how is it possible now"
Dedication to royal family is in our blood. In this situation.... can we tolerate anyone else's rule except royal family's
"So, you two only have to do this work, prince."
"Understand the situation, now both of us are immersed in..."
...Shiv devotion now and can't be bound by worldly feelings
"Like being princes, you don't want any worldly attachments..."
"...we being loyal to the king, can't accept democracy."
"Hence, you have to accept our request and come to rule"
That is not possible- Then our going away from here is also...
"...not possible. -Till you accept our request, we will not go."
"We will not have water or food -Don't compel us, friends."
You give us one day to think. We will act according to...
...Lord Shiv's orders only. -Definitely
Om Namah Shivay
"What to do now, brother -My brain is not working"
"lf the being's brain is not with you, what else will support us?"
"Why have started arguing at this crisis, think of some idea."
God has given the responsibility of thinking to elders.
"So you do that- I think, we should go to the higher peaks..."
"...of Himalaya, where nobody will think of coming- That is great"
"l just wrote a message, was wondering whether it will work"
But now I think it will work -Where is the message &...
...what is it? -Have written on the leaf on God Shiv's name
"Dear citizens, Shiv is Lord of all Gods. We can't be away..."
...from Him. You also take Lord Shiv's orders and start...
...administration of the country as per democracy.
Lord Shiv will protect you - Nar & Narayan
"Nar, you said elders have the responsibility of thinking."
Today this truth has become the opposite. Now the modern...
...truth is younger ones are adept in getting out of difficulties
"Now, let us hurry -What is the hurry, now"
"After such a wise work, why this ignorance, Nar"
"lt is night time, we have already written the message also."
Let us quietly move towards our goal-That idea is great
Then we should delay executing the great idea.
Keep this message near Shiv's feet. They will receive this...
...message in the morning. Om Namah Shivay
"Lord, give wisdom to our citizens -Give them strength & cleverness"
Please make them understand the meaning of people's rule
Give them the wisdom so that democratic rule can bring them...
"...happiness, good rule and welfare to the people."
Please forgive us for going away secretly like this
I wish that princes Nar & Narayan would have decided... our favour only- There is no other alternative also.
"A king can only rule the country, how can the citizens do that"
Nobody is here- Where have the two princes gone?
They told us that they will get Shiv's order and inform us
They have deceived us
All of you bow at Lord Shiv's feet and rule the country...
...on the basis of democracy.
"See, there are people in this world who love God more..."
...than the comforts of royal rule and throne.
Nar & Narayan's sacrifice is great-Let God protect them
Om Namah Shivay
Om Namah Shivay
Om Namah Shivay
Om Namah Shivay
"Gurudev, are your hearing this sound of Panchakshri Mantra"
I heard that Mantra and the sight even before you
Then tell us who is making this sound and from where?
This sound is not ordinary but Panchakshri Mantra
It is very necessary to mention it with respect and dedicatedness.
This Mantra is coming from Himgiri mountain where... Shiv devotees Nar and Narayan are deep in worship.
"Nar & Narayan! -Yes, King Dharmaraj's sons."
They have sacrificed the comforts of their royal life...
...and are worshipping Shiv only to have a glimpse of Him.
"They are doing severe penance, & the reverberation of the Mantra..."
"...can be heard here also, Gurudev."
"Yes, and they will succeed in woship. Till today..." has never happened that someone...
...has called Lord Shiv with dedication and devotion...
...and his wishes were not fulfilled.
"Wishes & fulfilment! What can be their wish, only to see Shiv?"
No!-What other wish devotees will have except to see Shiv?
"lt is not so clear, but both are doing hard penance only to..."
"...conquer the throne of heaven -What will happen now, Lord?"
I have to do some idea and make them leave the worship
"Devraj, why not send the best Apsaras from heaven to..."
...disrupt the worship of Nar & Narayan- Great idea
"Varundev, arrange for sending Menaka & Ramba to earth..."
...immediately and disrupt those two's worship
Om Namah Shivay
"Surprising, you are not in meditation and roaming happily"
"lf I stay in meditation, how will I give appearance to you"
"Tell me, how you have come -You are always doing Leela..."
...due to which there is always some confusion which causes...
" to roam here & there, and I come across some..."
...characters which become news for me.
"Very beautiful, now you have started giving lectures too."
"What to do, I can't do Leela (games) like you?"
I just try to give lectures
"Narad, All the three worlds are impressed by your Leela."
"And you say, you don't do any Leela."
I am in no state to argue with you. Just tell me about the...
"...Leela, you have started with Nar and Narayan."
"Who!- I know Lord, you want to hear everything from my mouth"
"Then, I will tell. Devraj has sent Menaka & Ramba for disrupting..."
... the worship of your prime devotees Nar and Narayan
Why are they doing this? What is their purpose?
"Narad, in this world whoever does bad or good deeds, there..."
" always a hidden purpose. -Lord, why are giving me..."
...knowledge I already possess. Tell me the truth about what...
"...I do not know. I want to know the consequences, if Devraj..."
"...tries to disturb Nar & Narayan -Where Narad is involved, the..."
...consequences will be good only -Why are you using my name...
" your place, Lord?- You are laughing, and I am worried..."
"...about Nar & Narayan. -No need to worry, they are the same..."
...Narayan who are always in your mind and mouth.
But what will be the effect of the dance of Menaka & Ramba
"There will be some effect, Narad -But what will happen?"
"See Varundev, Nar & Narayan are getting attracted by Ramba..."
... and Menaka's dance- Who can escape from their attraction?
Let us see how long they can withstand this attraction.
"Brother Narayan, Devraj lndra has made arrangements for..."
...breaking our Shiv worship. We should also make some...
...suitable arrangements for protecting ourselves.
"Forgive us, Shiv devotees Forgive our mistake"
Culprits should be punished and not forgiven.
"Brother, let us hear first, for what mistake he asks forgivance"
Your devotional sound made me feel scared that you are...
"...after the throne of heaven. -lndra, you are always scared..."
...of one who is more powerful than you about your throne.
And it is now proved that we are more powerful than you.
"lnspite of our strength, we have sacrificed our emotions,..."
"...royal life, luxuries etc. just for worshipping Lord Shiv."
"To disrupt that, you sent two best Apsaras from the heaven."
"You saw lndra, there might be great Apsaras in your heaven."
"But in our every nerve, exists an Apsara, lying calm & quiet."
How can these two apsaras have capacity to disrupt our penance.
"lndra, you have not done a mistake but a great sin."
"There is only one way now, that we should curse you and send..." somewhere and go and sit on the lndra's throne
"Don't do this injustice -This is not injustice, but justice"
For how long will you keep doing sins and ask for forgivance.
"This has become your habit. By my curse,... "
...I will salvage you permanently.
-We all Devatas request you to forgive Devraj
Your lndra is not fit to be called the king of Devatas
"Why so, devotees?-Ask this question to yourself, Varundev"
"This weak, coward, comfort loving, selfish and one..."
"...who harms others for his own good, is he fit to be the Devraj."
"Under him, the Devatas will also become Demons."
Then what will be the state of ordinary people.
"Being heaven's king, did'nt feel ashamed to awaken..."
...feelings in the mind of Gautam Sage's wife by going in the...
...disguise of Gautam sage.
"Your whole life story is one of cunningness, comfort and..."
"...enjoyment, injustice and many sins, & you are Devraj"
"For world's welfare, it will be befitting to curse you to..."
"...become a stone. -Wait, don't give such a big..."
"...punishment for a small mistake, Shiv devotees."
The amount of punishment is not decided by the culprit.
"Even If I make you an animal like rat, cow etc., then also..." will only harm the weak animals. So it is only...
...better for you to become a Yan stone. So I curse you to....
"Forgive me, Devotee - Beautiful lady, you have..."
"...come from my hair, so you are Urvashi."
To teach a lesson to lndra and prove you are greater than...
"...Ramba & Menaka only, you were formed. "
Then why do you ask that Devraj be forgiven.
"Devotee, he is not only Devraj but a great Art lover and..."
...protector- He & Lover & protector of Art. He came...
...down to such levels to prove himself supreme.
I request both of you to forgive Devraj
"Brother, don't waste your power of penance by cursing Him."
"Urvashi, who has come from us is the proof of our strength."
Accept her request. - I accept my brother's order.
"Now what is the order for me, I have come from you."
"Now where should I go? -Urvashi, we are sages."
Your marriage with us is not possible. You are an excellent...
"...dancer. In heaven, art is given respect and protection"
So we hand you over to lndra. That place will suit you.
"Devotees, we have all got your mercy and blessings."
Please accept our dedicated salutations! -Come
Om Namah Shivay
"Devotee Nar, and dear Narayan, open your eyes."
Lord!- Get up devotees -Where will we go after...
"...getting up- Our place is in your feet, Lord. Our life..."
...has succeeded.-Life has been blessed to have seen you.
"This success is due to your dedicated, humble devotion only"
I am pleased with you. Ask for whatever boon you want
"What else do we need to ask for, after your presence."
"All things have no value after having seen you, Lord Shiv"
"lf we ask for something else, we will be called fools only"
We don't have any wish to lose the extreme delight...
"...we have got after seeing your supreme form, Lord."
We have not been chanting your name for getting any boons.
We just wanted to see you and that we have got.
Now what do we ask for. We have no other wish.
"l am more pleased with your dedicated, humble devotion now."
You have shown the right path of Shiv devotion and...
...started the tradition of democracy in the world.
So you deserve a boon. Ask for anything you wish for.
"Lord, we never gave thought about asking for something."
"When Lord wishes you to ask for boons, ask something"
We never thought of anything -Your thoughts show your...
...true devotion. The human model you have showed...
...will be model for the future generations.
Now tell whatever is your wish. It will be fulfilled.
We ask you only from yourself.
You establish yourself at this place as Jyotirling here.
This will benefit the religious sages who come to Himalaya
As you wish
Your wish for world's welfare has pleased me.
"Whether you ask or not, I will give you a boon."
"Whatever you have given me is enough, Lord."
I forecast that you both will be born as Arjun & Krishna in...
"...Dwapur Age. Nar as Arjun, & Narayan as Vishnu's incarnate"
"Whenever Shiv's devotees called Him, he appeared as a..."
"...Jyotirlinga. Eternal, Unconquerable Shiv Shankar"
Nar & Narayan made Shivlinga and worshipped Lord Shiv
They dedicated their entire life for Shiv worship
Shiv Shankar appeared for them and told them to ask for a boon
Both of them asked him to establish himself there only
"Hearing this wish, Shiv Shankar smiled."
He was called Kedareshwar Jyotirlinga in Himalayas itself
Whoever sees this Nar Narayan's Kedareeshwar...
...they achieve their goals. Hail Kedar Shiv!
We have to accept the truth that that is immense strength in...
"...devotion & dedication. On the basis of this, Nar & Narayan..."
...established Jyotirlinga in Kedareeshwar.
Parvati is also worshipping Shiv without a pause.
I don't know why Lord Shiv is stubborn and not coming at all
Our Parvati has not seen day or night and fire or water.
She has done the most severe penances for Him.
Don't know when this will end.
When will God Bholenath get pleased.
See there one Yogi Maharaj -Yogi Maharaj here!
Salutations Yogi Maharaj -Long live!
Who is this strange woman? - She is our friend Parvati.
She is doing penance with stubbornness.
With stubbornness-She has decided to marry Lord Shiv only
For that she has done very hard penance.
We and the queen are worried that Parvati's delicate body...
...should not suffer due to this-She should not fall sick
So we have come here to take her back to the queen.
But the question is how to awaken her and take her back
"One thing can be done. -Parvati, open your eyes."
"Guest has come, Guest is like God."
He is sage Yogiraj
Salutations Yogiraj -Bless you
"But lady, why this severe penance, I was going for..."
"...sacred travel. I was going this side, when I felt surprised..." see a delicate woman like you doing such severe penance.
But what are you going to get by this hard penance.
"l told you, sage, Parvati wants to get Shiv as her husband"
That Shiv Shankar. Very sad.
I heard that Himalaya king's daughter is very intelligent... & learned. But what l see & hear makes me feel...
"...that she has lost her mind -What is your opinion, sage?"
"Very clear. Any God like Brahma, Vishnu & lndra will wish to..."
"...marry you, but you left all of them and wish to marry that..."
...graveyard dweller and ugly Shiv Shankar and doing...
...penance for that is clearly foolishness. What is the...
...necessity for doing penance for that beggar. He can become...
...your slave just by one indication from you.
"Yogiraj, nobody has asked for your advice or opinion."
Please leave this place immediately
"l will go, as there is no good or bad for me in this."
But it will be good for you to return to your parents.
"l already told you, I don't need your advice"
To think whether you need my advice or not is not my work
"As a sage, my duty is to do welfare and good for everyone"
"Whoever has gone the wrong way, it is my duty to show..."
...them the right path -I told you to go away
"How can I go away, I can't bear to see the life of a delicate..."
...Iady like yours to go waste. You will get lot of suitable...
...alliances without any effort. Why are you wasting your...
...whole life for that snake bearer. Go back to your...
...parents and leave the thought of marrying that beggar.
You have done the sin of Shiv abuse. I would have definitely...
"...punished you, but your age has controlled my anger."
To do Shiv abuse and to hear it is also a sin. I will not...
"...become a party to that sin. Hence, before my anger..."
"...explodes, you go away. -You are driving me away."
"But don't forget that the Shiv, whom you want to marry is..."
" ugly, dangerous & proud that Daksha Prajapati..."
...had banned Him from his yagna. And you are banning...
", the one who is telling you the truth. No! No!"
"You are intelligent, you should act with wisdom."
"Yogiraj, when Parvati does not like to hear abuse of Shiv..."
...why are you going on talking like a flood due to rains
"No lady, it is not my intention to abuse Shiv, I am only telling..."
"...the truth. But truth is bitter, and this truth is also like that."
"l am compelled, what to do! I had to reveal this for the..."
...good of the daughter of king of Himalayas
"But Yogiraj, our friend does not want to hear any kind of truth"
"Let her not hear, but who can stop me from telling it."
Is it not true that graveyard dweller has snakes on his body
And that ghosts are his friends and helpers.
Is this Shiv suitable in the form of a husband
"Oh my mother, why did I not die before hearing abuse of Shiv"
Why did I not get sacrified in the fire like Sati.
"Why to tell such inauspicious things, have you taken..."
...oath to carry out foolish acts always?
"You are calling me foolish, but your mind is rotten, ignorant"
Your body & mind are polluted. You don't even know that...
" this universe nobody, is more supreme than Lord Shiv"
The form you were debating about is just his Leela.
This creation is existing and surviving only due to Him.
An ignorant like you can't understand his ascetic form.
"Only due to Shiv's mercy, Vishnu has Vishnutva and..."
...Brahma has Brahmatva with them i.e. their essence.
"Parvati, you have surrendered to Lord Shiv, and dedicated to Him."
I am happy with your strong intentions and dedication.
I was only testing you -Lord - Get up Parvati
You have done dedicated worship and shown a model for a woman
And also did Shiv Mahima fast and pleased me.
From now on that fast will be called Gauri fast and ladies...
...who perform that fast will get the husbands they wish for.
The world will always remember your dedication.
I will request Himalaya king for fulfilling your wish.