3 Ways to Repel Fruit Flies | At Home With P. Allen Smith

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Hey, let me show you how to keep fruit flies on the run and out of your life. I really
find fruit flies annoying. If you keep fruit around, they just show up. They just -- out
of nowhere, seemingly. But, you know, there's some ways you can repel them. One thing to
do is just take eucalyptus -- it's one of several herbs that they do not like. You can
take the leaves of eucalyptus and just drop it down in your fruit bowl in the bottom,
and it'll repel them. You can use oregano, thyme, spearmint. And lavender works just
as well, or you can mix them all together and really confuse them and send them on the
run. Of course, the first thing you ought to do is remove any rotted fruit. They really
go for the stuff that's getting mushy, so you don't want it around. But one way to take
care of getting rid of them is to just take a bottle of wine, if you have a little bit
left. They seem to go for like pinot noir this year. Just set it out like that, and
what happens is the little devils do a kamikaze dive right into the wine. They can't find
their way back out, and they die a very blissful death. You can see them swimming around doing
the backstroke, and then, beep, they're gone. And then once they're all out of your house,
throw away the bottle and don't bring anymore soft, rotten fruit in the house. Now another
way, which is similar to this catch and drown in wine technique, is just to take some apple
cider vinegar and pour it in a low bowl, just one cup, and take some Saran Wrap, just take
a plastic food wrap, and stretch it across where it's tight like a drum. Once you have
the cellophane across the top, and it's tight like this, air tight all the way around, just
take a tooth pick and puncture some holes like this. All you need are about six or seven.
And the fruit flies will smell the apple cider vinegar, and they'll crawl down in there,
go for the vinegar and try to get back out. Usually, they drown in the vinegar, and they'll
never find their way out of one of those little holes. So with these techniques, you shouldn't
have any more fruit flies in your house. Give them a try. Hey, I'm all about making your
life easier. If you like these little tips, tell a friend about them. And make sure you
subscribe to eHow Home. Oh, I'm gonna catch a bunch of fruit flies in this one.