Jambers - Burenruzies Neighbours from Hell part 2.

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In Zepperen lives Jose Priemen.
Her neighbour, Jose de Graaf, accuses her of dropping an anonymous defamation letter in her mailbox.
To strengthen that impeachment, Jose de Graaf writes an angry letter back an Jose Priemen.
She also sends a copy of that letter to the neighbours.
Mrs. Priemen is desperate.
You have to see this, she calls me a gossip cunt.
So she wrote a long letter, 10 pages, with gossip?
You've to see the end of the letter.
This is a death threat, you see?
So she send you a letter with death threats, and she also spread that letter to all neighbours? - yes.
And with the priest of our village, and all teachers and other respected people, they all have this letter.
Since that day, that she accused me, I had a lot of friends.
But now a lot of them I now don't see anymore.
Why is that, you think?
Because they believe her.
So the neighbours choose the side of... - the neighbours who live the closest to her, 5 or 6 houses on this side.
...they suspect me, I see that when I greet them, they turn around ignoring me.
I'm sick of that.
Well, we better then pay her a visit, to hear her side of the story.
That is ok with us.
You better do that. - And when we come back to you.
You come back here? - Just to tell what her side of the story is.
If you are able to come back to us, that is. - Why would I not be able to come back?
Personally I would not like to be in your shoes. - Why not?
It is my impression of that lady.
But she will not attack us, or....? - I can not assure you that she'll not do that.
So you think it is dangerous of us to go there? - Yes, I think so.
As far as I know that lady, and as I saw her a few weeks ago in Sint-Truiden on the market....
I would not put my hand in the fire that she will not....
Sir? - Hello.
I'm looking for Mrs. De Graaf.
Is she here? - yes.
Is it ok if I ask her a few questions?
Mrs. De Graaf, good day. - good day.
Can I ask you a few questions?
What about?
I have here a letter that you've written, to Mrs. Priemen.
Oh my God, that's something for the paper. Piss off.
Can I ask you a few questions about that? - No, I'm not involved in that.
One moment, one moment, you are accused of a few things, if you don't respond it will not be in your favour.
You are accused, that you spread that letters over the neighbours, and that there is a lot of gossip in it about Mrs. De Graaf....
Did you really do that?
Yes, I sure did that.
And why did you do that?
Because they gossip about me, but there is no truth in what they say.
But it is about a anonymous letter who you would have received at the start of it? - No, I did not get a letter.
Now you have a chance to tell your side of the story.
I'm not involved in that.