Bamse's Turbo Underpants Part 3 - Start Up

Uploaded by eetzi1 on 03.05.2012

”I hear my turbo whistle so nicely”
”The sound that makes my day every time”
”Whining like a violent wind storm”
Crankshaft pulley
First 60Nm and then 60 degrees
And then 60 degrees
Biltemas stand
Now it's 200Nm
Like that
It won't fit there Yes it will
No it won't It will
No it won't It fits
It fits perfectly sent me this breather thing
Looks good to me
1,5 weeks to the exhibition
If we drive to Tampere on Friday evening and the exhibition starts on saturday we still have the whole night to get everything together.
Yeah, but we have one problem. I kinda booked a dyno session.
And it's 9AM on Friday at Tampere.
9AM, are you kidding me?
That was the only time they had so I said to them "Winner takes it all"
Isn't much sense to drive there in the morning. How come?
There's less traffic in the evening But there isn't life in Tampere...I mean traffic...
Edit this out, it was a joke!
Anyway we need to get this on its wheels and this goes by driving to Tampere.
So the engine is still here and there isn't much stuff in place yet
The interior needs to be painted, rear brakes don't work yet, front brakes needs bleeding...
Steering angles needs to be adjusted.
We are starting to be.... a hurry Yes.
So the engine found its place.
Today is Sunday 22. and after five days this car have to be in Tampere.
Yesterday I came here 10AM and I left 4AM this morning.
We worked 16 hours with two of my friends and here's the result. The monster is in its place.
Spanx, do you have something to say?
Not much. It should run already! It should run already.
We can start it almost as it is. I just need to hook some wires and the fuel pump and the engine management
I got my finest clothes on and now I have to go under the car again
Many people have wondered why I do this with such good clothes on.... I have to keep my style because I'm from Helsinki
No. Just joking.
The jack doesn't fit.
The funny thing is that the car has to be in Tampere Friday morning for adjusting
We've got five days This hasn't been running with the current setup
We have bigger compression ratio and everything. And I have to drive this to Tampere
We'll see if we even get to Tampere alive
The engine management is a Tatech T6 Pro with DLI and direct injection. And of course booze in the fuel tank.
The fuel goes through teflon based braided lines. Thanks for HyFlex for good service.
Now I can drive!
Sinks like to an old granny...Okey, enough with these jokes!
I forgot this is a family program. Now you have to edit this out.
This is my style
This isn't so serious Or is it? No it's not.
Henkka here is the remote wire.
I have changed the routings of these about three times and everytime I try to figure out what I thought last time.
How is that so short Who farted?!
Normally. You farted normally. Ok.
Does it bother you? No, not at all.
But you can't change the circulation direction Yes I can, it works both ways.
Now I know how this goes. I just didn't remember how it was last year.
It's hard to be demented. Really! I have huge problems because I always forget what I have done a week ago to this.
Now I have to open this again.
No problem. It will run in a little while.
Use the carrot! It doesn't work!
How come? It's dull too!
No it't not. Yes it is.
It isn't. It is.
No no. You have drilled sand or something with it!
And chips fly! See some BRE factory drills
Bamse approved. Meets all safety regulations.
The fuel tank is a Jaz. Third year with original foams. Fuel pump is a FueLab
Everything else is pretty much Nuke products. Fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator, vacuum station and filters.
WTF?? There's folk here like in the market square in the middle of the night!
Are you kidding me? I'm pouring wrong oil here!
Just kidding. Some old frying fat.
It hit sparks underneath Oh yeah?
Some sensor may be fucked Something hits to ground
Yes, some sensor may be fucked now
New try.
Yeah. Doesn't spit sparks anymore
I can smell alcohol
1.75 .... 2 .... 2.5 .... 3!
Hey stop. It's leaking somewhere.
Power off!
Here is the other one. It doesn't leak there.
I think this is our problem.
What is? All ground wires are hangin here.
I don't think the engine management needs ground
Klick, that was a fuse.
At least we have that out of count. These were all together so I thinks this was the problem
Now it didn't burn anything
This can't be this stuck!
A moment ago it turned easily. You have fuel in there now.
It can't be anything else So we have very fucking much fuel there now?
Turn it backwards until you feel the compression.
Is it just full of fuel? I think it is because it purls
And it smells like ethanol Yeah.
It's stiff backwards also! Hear that!
There's just so much fuel. It hasn't ignited. You have something wrong with the ignition.
Yeah I know but...
But if it's a mechanical failure?
No problem here. Friday is the exhibion day and I have to drive there 6AM.
It's now Wednesday-Thursday night and the car is in that shape.
No worries!