Nonna Maria and The Phone Call from Down Under (feat. Joe Avati)

Uploaded by mindofchester on 21.09.2012

Ah, this is the life
this is my life
washing these lemons
with his water
Do you want to get the phone?
Pick up the phone
I'm washing these lemons here.
Davie take the phone before it doesn't ring anymore
Take the...
Take the pho--
Oh, you got it.
I really want to
give you a slap
in the face
Who is it Davie? I'm washing these lemons...
... maybe they can call back.
Joe Avati?
Joe Avati called me...
Hold on...
This is good.
This is good here.
Let me adjust this here...
My apron is a little dirty...
Ciao Joe, how are you?
(Imitating Joe) Hey, I'm here, I'm just...
I'm fixing myself up..
You know everything, eh?
Ma, give me this phone you!
Ciao Joe! How are you?
Something else?
What do you mean something else?
It's a cantina, it's not something else.
Oh special?!
Of course it's special!
There's the Quebecquek Prosciutto
There's Tostitos
There's Luigi's sausage
There's Luigi's vinegar
It's very special! Yes!
Of course not!
Here's it's 8pm on Wednesday
What time is it there in Australia?
You're in the future?!?
Oh yeah?!?
Well can you tell me the lottery numbers for tonight?
Oh yeah, it's true it's true
It's like the sun in Canada is different from the sun in Italy
The one in Italy burns a little hotter
It's much stronger
You know?
How is the weather in Australia?
And how do you know I'm waching lemons (lavare i limone)
You're really from the future!
What package?
I didn't get anything.
Davie, what is in that package?
Joe, what is this vegemite that you sent?
We try this Vegemite?
This 'Australian Nutella'?
It's true that in Australia there's all these
Kangaroos, snakes, spiders
and all these dangerous animals?
I see it on that thing there
that idiot there
the hunter of crocodiles
Crocodile Hunter
Rest in Peace
Rest in Peace? What?
He died?
Ma no!
I saw him on television last week!
Oh no, it's true? he died?
In the name of the father, son, holy spirit
Poor guy
And what do you want?
You're always catching these crocodiles and snakes
For sure Joe!
of course!
And when you come to Canada
you have to come by here
I'll make you a nice lasagna!
Name of the father, son, holy spirit
He was too young
First Zio Mario
and now the crocodile hunter
the sting ray got him
but what's a sting ray?
a bacala?
Tonight I can make bacala.
Tonight I can make bacala.