Crackòvia: David Villa [ENGLISH SUBTITLES]

Uploaded by totalBarca on 08.06.2011

David Villa, a player with talent
I'm moving in slow motion
Yes, yes, but can you start shooting now?
Ok, ok, marvelous, look at this,
player concentrates on improving his accuracy in front of goal
before Champions Leauge final
Now I will try a little bit closer
Player from Asturia has both extraordinary physical strengh and mathematical precision
which help him to shoot the ball.. somewhere
In complicated situation, Villa proves that he is an inteligent footballer
Given the parabola, I calculate the vertex
the focus and a corresponding line, only thing to do is to kick the ball...
and score another great goal...
Striker dicide to practice one of his specialty, a penalty kick
Now I will score!
David Villa decide to practice his another specialty, a random kick
this is very dificult, but this time I will score for sure, come on David!
f***, it's not my day,
...nor a season, but Villa is great signing
club paid only 40 mln euros
hey, scoring goals is not easy!
translation and subtitles: doris86pl for